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Love this book. Great plot and characters. Wonderful read.
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*** I voluntarily reviewed this book, I gained no monetary incentives nor was I specifically requested to review the book, these are my honest ramblings and I hope you enjoy reading them - kat***

OK, I actually put this book down for a while as I had a few moments when I really couldn't believe that the character was behaving the way she was. BUT I liked the way the author was telling the story so I did a bit of research myself then carried on.

The plot is based in College, Frat Parties and life on campus, which I think from watching a few hundred films and TV shows felt accurate. - Bringing into light the way that the world seems to be accepting a 'rape culture' and that its the 'woman's fault for tempting the poor male' and I understand this - I have seen enough horror stories on the news.

Whore. Slut. Tramp. - no, I wouldn't have called her any of those names but I could imagine that the stereotypical College Society girl would love to hurl abuse at any pretty girl that their dumb jock boyfriends looked at. - introverted, confused, out of her depth - I would call her all those, but the author makes you think about how Rose sees herself and how others in turn treat her.

I feel that the author put the Rose in too many similar situations that resulted in the same ending. Rose I know had a hell of a lot of issues, and as the story unfolds  I got more into how her psyche was evolving with the aftermath of her situation and I hoped that she would finally find her way forward.

I would have preferred that the story had featured more about the past subjection she lived with constantly in the 'God Fearing Community' where her abusive step-father and pastor held court over the poor lives of the women. - THIS would have made more impact, and brought up a subject for the reader to digest, as I know this is a reality for some unfortunate families in the world (not just the USA) - but hopefully, in Book 2 this may be elaborated.

Collin - well he seemed too good to be true, but heck I suppose there must be some nice guys left in the world (I have to hope for my granddaughter's sake!) He was patient beyond measure, and I had some serious 'sigh' moments when he was doing his volunteer work.

When he loses it, in the end, I felt that was more real, more how a boy his age would react. 
The story ends with a slight Cliffhanger for book 2 to carry on, but overall the story wraps up well enough to not leave you hanging.

my thoughts, in the end, are that I have read one or two other books where the characters are in a similar situation and I have based my result accordingly.  

I did not feel emotionally attached to Rose as I could have, I did not 'feel her pain' like I did those other characters. Also the cover is too bright for this book, the subject is a dark and emotional, the covers more like a, mills and boons cover, not a book that deals with the emotional baggage a rape victim has to live with. By the very end of the book you can relate to where the Author got the inspiration, but for me, the books 95% dealing with the reality of post-rape and the unfortunate lack of support victims have in our world.
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This book was amazing.  It was very difficult to read as it deals with physical and sexual abuse and response to that.  Rose is a very broken young woman who is not recovering from her abuse because she's not dealing with it at all, merely deciding to have random hookups in bathrooms to manage her demons.  Colin is the epitome of the good guy white knight AND he likes her and wants her, knowing she has something going on she's not sharing.  It's a story that is sad, but shows how one can recover and feel empowered.
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Colin and Rose's story is so heart wrenching  and gut pounding such a good story and Rose has had lots of things happen to her you don't know what but you do know a little bit about her story of a man that hurt her real bad and then Colion comes around and the music he play's gets to her soul and stars to change her and she is so scared of every thing and only thing is that she controls the sex and leaves is the only thing that helps her such an awesome story I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. Michelle
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excellent read
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this book wont be for everyone deals with a difficult subject matter.I  quite liked it it was well written and i loved Colin and Rose together their story was lovely but i did struggle at times with parts of this book.Would try more from this author.
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Tears, goosebumps and an incredible love story.

This book took me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. My heartbroke for Rose, it ached for Colin. This story will raise many triggers for some but it has been beautifully written.
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