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It was a slow read for me and I lost interest in it. I normally enjoy fantasy books but I felt like I just started in the middle of her journey and not at the start. I did like all of the different races, which is what kept me in this book. I didn't really connect with the main character like I hoped. It was a okay book and I recommend it to a younger target audience.
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Overall, I enjoyed this book, though there were several places that were a bit of a slow read. The world that Gullage created, the indepth character that grew as you read, and the interesting creatures made the book overall enjoyable. As the main character is 14, I had a little bit of a hard time relating to her yet watching her grow, change, and overcome her fears still made it fun to read.
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I am guessing that book is being re-released? The cover on Netgalley is was more intriguing that the boring one on Goodreads that I would probably never bothered to stop and the read blurb at seeing it. The cover is pretty much the reason I stopped scrolling the archives on NetGalley. I was excited to read this one but it was more like a “meh” by the end. 
Drinna is a Kunjel girl that finds herself all alone in the world of the Sea Grass with various other races. She quickly learns that friend or foe could look equally similar and could be just as deadly. All Drina wants is find her way out and make it home to the family that she loves.
The author did a great job of world-building and the storyline was easy to follow along with. There was just a lack of attachment to the characters and I just had not desire to continuously read. It took me quite a while to finish because it was a pretty run of the mill fantasy book. There was an air of over writing and going down the too descriptive rabbit hole that causes a snooze fest. Most of the time it felt like there was so much description that it was only there for word count and not to further the plot. 
This book would probably more enjoyable for those who like YA and will probably be edited for better enjoyment under that genre by the time it is released.
Thank you Netgalley and eTreasures Publishing, LLC for allowing to read this title.
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Thanks for sending me this book! I will be recommending to friends. I'm a huge fan of fantasy books, so this one was right up my alley. I hope there will be a second book!
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I enjoyed the story and the protagonist.  The created world appears interesting.  I had a bit of difficulty following some of the plot details as I did not know if I picked up in the middle of Drinna's journey or story.  Overall I liked this book and would continue to read following stories should they continue.  I think this character has potential.  I would have liked a little more information on the races and some of the abilities/civilizations of each to help follow easier.
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