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The Expansion

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Lance W. A, Educator

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In reading the Expansion I realized that I was delving into a debut novel about the Panama Canal and Central America, an area that I had very little knowledge of,  but was aware of the historical importance and the part the canal played in international politics in the 20th century. Getting into the book was a little slow as the characters were being developed. I was initially put off by the basic profanity wondering what effective part it played other than shock value, in the plot development. As I got into the lives of the characters, the book took off into a fascinating mixture action and intrigue. You get a bit of everything after a turn toward the CIA training and missions. The initial profanity now made sense.  
I couldn’t put it down. I was fully into the characters and the action of the story. This is not a good start, but a great start for a debut. I want more.

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