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If you want to learn more about sleep and what is a well known myth about it and maybe find a few new ideas that could help you fall asleep and sleep easier this book is a great read for that.
It's short and easy to read chapters make it a very quick read and the summery at the end of each chapter makes it very easy to flip back to what you might want to look up again.
Is this book the solution to all sleep problems? No of course not but it never promised it be that either.
What is, is a very well done collection of good information about sleep that I found very interesting and in some cases even helpful.
Highly recommend this book!
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Couldn't get into this book, not what I thought it was going to be.
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This is a very helpful guide to better sleep with sensible solutions. The suggestions can be incorporated into any sleep routine. I found it a excellent guide and it improved my sleep.
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As a person that spends nights wandering around, reading, or resorting to medication, you would think that I'd heard it all. Nope, there were some great nuggets in this book set up with small, almost bite-sized, chapters. 

There were a couple that are indeed myths that I'm going to through back at those people that feel that they know "so much better" and enjoy it greatly. There was also a few things that I hadn't heard that I'll give a try to0.
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Sleep Better was a fun, quick read that highlights some of the misconceptions about sleep. (Contrary to what my husband tells me, snoring does not mean he is sleeping soundly!) The book is broken up into short chapters which makes it easy to read if you have 5 minutes here and there. There's a summary at the end of each chapter as well as a Top Tips section. Reading the book will not help with serious sleep disorders (and the authors do not purport to) but for the occasional insomniac, you will likely find some things to try that might help you sleep more soundly. I particularly liked the link to the sleep journal and the reassurance that everyone's sleep needs are different. I struggle with feeling lazy because I do best with 9-ish hours of sleep; Sleep Better gave me permission to feel ok with sleeping that much.
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I have insomnia and this book have me many tricks and tips and research to help me! Awesome book!
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This book is an interesting read. It contains tips and useful facts and figures about sleep, like do you really need eight hours sleep a night? How to measure your sleep patterns, learning healthy routines and more.

It has been written in an informal way but some parts of the book do read like a medical report or essay, which made the book hard to get through at times.

Overall though, it is an interesting guide, and will hopefully help you whether you have no sleep problems to mild or more severe ones.

Thanks to the authors and publisher for a review copy of this book via NetGalley.
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I read this book from cover to cover, but I love that it is designed as more of a reference book. There are 40 stand-alone chapters that don't need to be read in any particular order. Any references to a technique mentioned elsewhere in the book directs the reader to the specific chapter for review. This makes it easy, as the chapters are numbered and titled so it's accessible by subject, without being repetitive when reading cover to cover. If you have any problems with sleep, I recommend this book, as there is likely some information that will be helpful to your specific situation. Not all chapters will be of interest to everyone, as we all have individual challenges, and the authors are very aware that every person is different and there is no one answer to solve all sleep problems. This book helps you to cater your resolution to your particular needs, without overwhelming you with information you don't need or already know.

And, there probably will be some info in this book that you already know, but it's still useful ans often presented in an entertaining manner. Personally, I still find it helpful to be reminded of the important things, even if I have already heard them. Anyone who has struggled for a significant amount of time with a sleep disorder will understand the concept of sleep hygiene and that it's up to the individual to make efforts toward resolving the problem. It's easy to slip back into bad habits, so I find value in reminders of the biological and hormonal reasons why it is worth the efforts to find and utilize good sleep habits. 

I think this is a great resource and I'm glad I read it cover to cover and expect I will reference individual chapters from time to time. The biggest weakness, in my opinion is that some of the tips that the author reiterates, may not be practical to everyone's financial situation. For example, I lived for many years in a studio apartment in the city that was more expensive than most people pay for their mortgage and car payment combined. The author feels very strongly that the bedroom should be for sleeping, and should not be used for watching TV, working on your laptop, or other wakeful activities. He does not offer any options for those who have a one-room apartment and student loan debt haunting us in our sleep. I see other places where he tried to be inclusive and mentions problems associated with shift work, but for the most part, the recommendations are going to be most useful to the reader who has a middle class lifestyle with a separate room for sleeping and access to healthcare, for example. Or, maybe I'm just sensitive to his reminders that the bedroom is only for sleep and sex because now that I have a separate bedroom, I still don't get enough of either of those things to truly appreciate it. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher and authors for providing me with an advance copy for review.
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This is good.  I've read a few books on sleep so I don't feel I learned much that I didn't already know but I do think it will be helpful to those who are not quite as well versed on the topic.
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Great informative resource on sleeping, and how to sleep better. I admit that my sleeping schedule is usually a bit off, and I don't get the amount of sleep that I should be getting. It was great to read such a wealth of information from a sleep scientist and a psychologist. I would recommend this book.
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This is a really great book for those of us who have sleep issues.  The information is presented in a way that allows you to find what you need easily and gives tips as well as information for each issue.
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If you have lapses in your sleep, insomnia or chronic pain alike myself, this may be the book you need to read to help your sleep improve.

In modern day we all use technology and its always on our minds, in the book, we see it explained about how things like social media play on our minds, light from devices keeps us awake etc. 

There are also some really good points around the subject of snoring and sleep openia. I live with my parents, of which dad always snored but mum picked it up and is now progressively worse than dad. Thankfully I don't snore but am guilty of drinking too close to bed as the book rightly tells us to limit!

It really is useful to see simple tips and tricks and stages of getting yourself to bed laid out for example with leaving tech, drinks, meals to hours before bed time to allow you to shut down properly for sleep. I know being in a dark room helps aid sleepiness too as here we turn our living room light off after nine if we had it on at all that is.

A fascinatingly simple approach anyone can find useful and utilize!

Many thanks to the publishers for allowing me a copy to review!
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