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Steamy and satisfying, a good m/m romance that was definitely worth the read.
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Not a Raging Feminist 

Honestly, I'm tired of PC crap. I don't know when we started censoring ourselves as a society and called it the right thing to do, but ... what? I can see other reviewers' points about some subliminal misogyny, but I really wasn't bothered by it. I don't read m/m romance for the freaking women forfuckssakes. Nor do I expect every book I read to stroke my gender-ego. How dumb. Granted there's a time and a place for everything, but we're talking about fiction here folks, not a Presidential Speech. If an author can't explore their own values, beliefs, and yes, biases through written expression, then what's the point? People aren't allowed to feel how they feel anymore? Or is it that they're just not allowed to say it out loud or put it in writing? Crock of shit either way. Do we really believe that there aren't gay men out there who are misogynistic? Whatever. I don't like playing ostrich.

If I disagree with ingrained beliefs that consistently seep into an author's work title after title, I just stop reading their books. I don't torture myself slogging through a book that makes me grit my teeth in disgust just to have an excuse to whine on the same subjective observations with each installment. But that's me. Stereotypes abound regardless of what side of the fence you're standing on. What about female authors who write all those useless, whiny, heroines who cut off their noses to spite their own faces? Or the ones who write characters who shoot themselves in the foot trying to prove how independent and tough they are, "I am Woman, hear me roar! I don't need no stinkin' man!" only to make things worse and just look stupid? 

Because we need to read about a miscommunicating, overreactive, damsel in distress heroine (note: sarcasm) as a foil to make us feel better about ourselves as women, right? Just like we all shout at the bimbo idiot that runs upstairs in the horror movies, eh? Because real women like us would never do that. Surely not. *Riiiiight*. Gods forbid an m/m romance author not be marching the streets like a suffragette. Ok, I'm done with that.

I guess this review makes me an outlier because I really enjoyed this story. There were some major editing snafus, but I was reading an ARC  so it's possible that corrections made it into the published version. It didn't affect my rating. I dislike poorly written accents, and there were a couple of eyerollers in this title, but it wasn't completely out of bounds. Declan and Sam connected quickly, but truthfully, they'd been speaking via email while planning the wedding and getting to know each other for a long time. I didn't find it hard to believe that adding in a physical, in-person attraction caused things to combust and move quickly.

I didn't mind that they weren't shouting anything from the rooftops. It was intense, but also new. Would you want to come out right after your brother's wedding to the sister of the man you just realized you were gay for? Not to mention the fact that your new guy and your new sister-in-law are your boss's kids. Yeah. Let's do that right after a wedding at a castle. I mean, come on now. And let's face it, Sam's dad is an assholio humongo. As much of a dick as he already is to Sam, I can just imagine the horrific scene that would occur if he found out right after the wedding that Sam and one of his most valuable employees were getting together. That would have been bad for everyone. Plus, these guys need time to find solid ground in the real world. Nothing wrong with that.

Regardless, Declan was at a crisis point where he was increasingly disillusioned with dating women and on the verge or in the midst of a serious depression. Maybe the extreme dissatisfaction was a trigger for Declan to look beyond the obvious. People get stuck in ruts, do things because they're easy, or expected, or habit. Most don't look or reach beyond low-hanging fruit as long as it satisfies. I think it's when the usual or the expected stops fulfilling a person's needs that people stop putting so many conditions on things. Declan craved a connection he had never found with anyone, woman or no. When the possibility of it zapped him with Sam, he grabbed on with both hands. Smart man.

The sex was pretty damned hot, and I am soooo glad the author didn't put Declan in some weird, angsty, homophobic headspace. It seemed he had less problem with the male-on-male attraction than he did with the fact that he was 32 and it had never happened before, at least not to the point of consciously registering. The old, "How can I be gay if I was never attracted to a man before now?" angst. The answer: Low hanging fruit *cough**boobs**cough* my man, low hanging fruit. 

I was glad this was barely an HFN, much less an HEA. That would have been too rushed and unrealistic. It wasn't exactly a cliffhanger either; it ended on a good note in a good place. As long as the author doesn't go too far with the cloak and dagger cliché, it could be really good. This title as a whole felt like it lacked a little bit of polish. I didn't even realize something about the flow bothered me until just now, but it was very, very subtle. I'm cautiously optimistic that this book may begin a series with decent relationship development and a tangible and believable connection between the MCs. Plus, come on, they have hot sex. Why not give the next one a shot?
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2,5 stars.

Declan and Samuel meet on a plane to Scotland, and neither is too impressed with the other. Little do they know that they already know each other. They have been emailing back and forth for about a year planning their best man duties for the wedding between Sam's sister and Declan's brother. The two spend a week in a fairytale castle by Loch Ness, and their attraction to each other sizzles even though Declan has never found another man attractive. 

I found Declan delightful and his accent was great. Sam didn't really do anything for me - I feel that so much was set up with his personality, but there was no real follow-through (at least not in this installment). The story was a little shallow, and most scenarios were brushed over without intricate details. Only the sex scenes were laid out in detail. I would have liked more build up between the two, and I would have liked more pining before the end. It all seemed a little too easy. The epilogue was sort of out of place - the events in that (and I guess the following installments) sorta came out of the blue. I'm intrigued to read the next books although it seems they're more about Sam's father than the love story.
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This was my first Isobel Starling Book. 

I loved the Main Characters. Their chemistry was amazing and the sex scenes were off the charts. 

My problem was with the writing. I loved how the story was developing. But it was difficult to keep up with the writing style where the author jumped through different POVs within a single chapter. I wish the transition of the different POVs was a bit more clear. The story was fast paced as well as slow paced. Fast paced in the sense that the romance between the characters developed pretty rapidly considering one of the characters was straight, Slow paced in the sense that even after 60% of the book, the story had not progressed beyond sleeping together.

While I agree that there are a lot of parts in this series, it is still a slow start to the progression of the relationship. I wish the characters talked more about personal things a little more in the first half of the book.

Overall, a good beginning to the series. I loved Sam - and he is so freaking talented. I absolutely adored him.
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I enjoyed this. it was fun and sexy with a bit of mystery. And in Scotland? Sign my up! If you would also like you're romance set in Scotland, I would recommend giving this a look.
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The premise for this book is interesting.  The dialogue was a style that I had difficulty connection with.  The characters were engaging and the author used descriptions well.  It was an ok read just difficult for me to connect to the authors style.
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Not reading this book in inconceivable!!!!

I personally really like Highland historical romance and while this book does not fit that genre it still hade the magic and vibe of it, in the setting of the Scottish castle on the shores of Loch Ness. Did I mention the kilts? There are KILTS! Sexy, mouthwatering men in kilts- say no more, I am sold on this book already!
When Sam and Declan find they have something in common, it was a running gag in the book and an emotional bond between them. I will not tell what it is so I will not spoil it for anyone but it was sweet, and funny and fit every part of the story beautifully(hint is in the title of my review and the name of the book).
This was a great friend-to-lovers/ enemies-to-lovers book that just hit the spot for me! It was all my favorites: an ongoing friendship that turns out to be more, great puns, fantastic backstory and setting in the Scottish Highlands, a sexy relationship and great banter between the characters. The story was sweet and romantic but had a thrilling suspenseful ending that made me crave more.I did not see that coming at all! And I see myself as quite book savvy if I can say so myself. It brought a whole new dimension to the story and now I am anxiously waiting to read the next books.

**the audio is amazing! I loved the narrator, he is one of my favorites and has an amazing range of accents, from push snobby British to rough and sexy Scottish.He is so talented, nails accents and tones of voice so well, he made this book come to life, especially with it being in a setting where accents are such a key part of the characters.
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3,5 stars A story with many faces.
It starts with Declan and Sam as two best men. They never met before and email was their only contact and they like each other very much. But when they meet they both don't know who the other is. And their first contact isn't going well.
Declan is older and straight (his words) Sam the younger one and gay, both strong and demanding.
After they know who they are it's getting better and better.

When they start kissing and spending all the time they have together it's getting steamy.
They have, besides many sexual interactions a lot of fun together they fit like gloves.
Than Sam has to go and promise to return. Declan is determined to wait.

A lot is going on in this story. Family is not what it seems. After Sam returns the story gets a whole other turn....

Overall It's funny, hot and lovely. The revelation about certain things was for me not necessary, it was fine without it. A hfn would be enough and not a series.
When you love series you must give it a go.
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3 Stars

Sam and Declan are co-best-men for the wedding where Sam's sister will marry Declan's brother. They've never met in person, but have been communicating via email for some time about their best-man duties. Once they finally come face to face, they get off on the wrong foot, or rather, Declan is a complete asshat. Declan has always considered himself straight, but something about the younger man calls to him and he finds himself not only drawn to Sam, but very attracted to him. The more time Declan and Sam spend together the stronger their feelings for one another become, but what happens when the week long wedding festivities end. 

This was just an okay read. I'll be frank, there isn't a whole lot of substance to this story. Most of Sam and Declan's time together is spent having sex. Don't get me wrong, it's a hot read, but I wanted more.

Declan and Sam had amazing chemistry, but I wish we had gotten to know them a bit better. I wish they had had more conversations throughout the story, for more character development. I wanted to see more than just a sexual relationship develop between them. 

The flow of the book was also off. The transition between Declan and Sam's POV's wasn't always smooth and the scenes would often jump ahead suddenly. 

The premise of the story was good, but as I said I just wanted more. Still, it was enjoyable and recommendable.

*copy provided by the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
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The story of Declan and Sam was a sweet one to be sure.  It was a story about two people who just "knew" it was right and didn't deny any of it. It was refreshing to see.  I really liked both MC's here. They were quite different men, but were oh so perfect together.  And, being of Scottish descent myself, I really, really ,really enjoyed the setting and of course, the Kilts.  :)
The only reason that I gave this book 3 stars instead of 4 is because the dialog/writing seemed a bit off once in a while.  And the POV changed mid-paragraph.  That made it very hard to follow what was going on and who was thinking/doing/saying what.  
Over all this was a really good, sweet, romantic story.  I really enjoyed it!
Thank you, NetGalley, and publisher for an ARC of this title.
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I was excited to read this book because the blurb seemed great and this is a new author for me so I was excited to read how the story would turn out. Unfortunately, this one didn't work out for me. I was so annoyed with the usage of the characters names. I mean really. I believe Sam's name was used 15 times within the first few pages and then when the story changed to Declan's view of things it was no different. I actually got tired of their names. Also, there was entirely too much detail in this story, which made the story drag. I never thought a story could have too much detail but this one proved me wrong. I felt no real chemistry between the characters and what I did read between them felt forced in a way. I couldn't connect with them at all, which made it even harder for me to enjoy this story. I will just say that this story wasn't one for me.
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As you wish by Isobel Starling was a sexy & fun read. I knew Declan was a womanizer, but he would soon find his way to love. Little did he know that the hot chemistry he was going to find was with another man, Sam. These two have been emailing back and forth about their siblings wedding. I thought that these two had a great connection from the get go. 

I would have thought that Declan would have had a harder time accepting that he was in lust with Sam. Not really a problem for him. He embraced it. Little did he know he may have to work for it if he wants to keep Sam in his life. I can really see Sam's father being a problem for these two. But when these two are together, the sexy scenes will just melt your screens. 

I really enjoyed all the characters and can not wait to see where this series will go from here.
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I loved the setting of where this book took place and I also loved the Scottish accent. 

Declan and Sam meet over email when they are both given the job as co-best man for Declan's brother and Sam's sister's wedding. They get on well over emails but their first encounter doesn't go so smooth. Things are a bit awkward at the beginning but soon they tied to the hip and sometimes tied up in bed. *wink*

The men become very close and share a lot of intimate time with each other barely leaving their rooms unless necessary. But I didn't mind because it wasn't all sexy times. I enjoyed their love of the same movie and their banter. They were sweet and playful.

Although Declan has never been with a man or ever even been attracted to one he doesn't go back and forth about it. He is confused of course but he doesn't dwell on it. He accepts it and then indulges himself into Sam. 

Sam does jobs for his dad and doesn't have a great relationship with the man. But Sam only has his father and sister left seeing as his mother passed away when he was young. So even though he doesn't want to do the jobs his father arranges for him he does. He doesn't want to lose his small family and we get to see how much a prick his father is when Declan listens in on one of their conversations. Sam's father literally threatens to makes his son's life miserable if he doesn't bend to his will. 

Later on in the book we are informed what exactly Sam does for his father and how Declan will be involved now. This allows us a bit of an insight on how the rest of the series will go. 

I enjoyed this read quite a bit. What kept me from rating it higher is because of the unnecessary POV's of a couple other characters. It only happens a couple times and it was distracting. I would have liked the flow to have run a bit smoother when the author was changing the POV of the MC's. It was confusing in the beginning to understand who was talking. As I read it got easier as I got use to the writing style. But a smoother intro would have been better. There was also some major editing issues in the beginning of the book with jumbled sentences. But these things could have been fixed by now. 

I totally think MM lovers would enjoy this one. Pick it up dolls! 

Happy reading! xx

**I received an ARC from Netgalley and Publisher in exchange for an honest review**
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I liked it well enough to give it 3,5 stars.
I would like it better,if not on every page the age-difference.
plays is not so what is the big deal with that.
its annoying.also the many p.o.v. a bit much.

but it is a nice,fun read,with a little to no angst.
some wedding drama.but not much.
just a nice story,no solid h.e.a.but a nice h.f.n
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