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I finally got around to reading this book and while it was not something that I would have ordinarily picked up, it was still quite enjoyable. The characters were engaging and the plot kept me entertained. I look forward to reading more by this author!
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Loved the book. Definitely rereading it some time later on. It's a really short read. Read it in one sitting.
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I was intrigued. This is a title I will recommend along with the likes of WarCross by Lu for my gamer students. I saw this as a visit to a world I have no understanding of -- computers and hacking. I enjoyed the cyber world of Ada.
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I had many high hopes for this book when I began reading it based on the author and the hype already associated with this novel. Unfortunately it did not meet my expectations. Given the world we live in and the constant increase in need for technology this novel falls short in that regard. "Hacking" "Coding" these are all the new buzz words in YA lit these days and with that comes a larger expectation when it comes to authors bridging into that area. This novel hits all the buzz words without ever actually having a story. wonderful concept with a poor execution. This is a table side pick up and put down in between book for readers.
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Ooh, how I wanted to love this book. Working with high schoolers as a school librarian, I was sure that this would be a hit. After trying to get into it, though, I struggled. I found the characters to be a bit cliche and the plot to be somewhat predictable. I suppose this would be a perfect read for a certain type of kid, but when purchasing books, I look for ones to recommend to multiple students. I apologize for not being able to give this a glowing review. Thank you for allowing me to review this book.
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A great book for fans of the genre who look to explore tech and what effect it has on our lives. A quick read and one that can pull you in. It asks as many questions as it answers.
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It was fine. I wouldn't say it's anything new to the YA world but it was fine. It was engaging enough to read until the end.
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This is an interesting book for young readers and it definetely gives consideration to many issues at large in our technological society such as hacking and online privacy. When Ada is caught hacking by the FBI, she is sent by her senator father to a reform school called ReBoot, the same school her friend was sent to before she committed suicide and Ada blames for her death. She must now survive a new school while simultaneously tracking down information about what happened to her friend. The characters, including Ada can make some stupid choices at times, making parts of the book difficult to read, but teenagers often do so in life as well.
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Murder mystery. Hackers. And the sort of wholesome friendship we deserve to see more of. Rewired is simply an incredibly fun read full of intrigue and a look into the effect we have on technology and — more interestingly — the effect it has on us. 

Rewired is centred around a girl named Ava — a teenage hacking extraordinaire who gets ratted out to the police after infiltrating the database of a high profile company. So she’s given a choice— jail time, or a facility named Rewind that specialisies in reforming kids who abuse technology and are, in their opinion, addicted to it. 

There’s a catch, of course — this place is the last place Ava’s hacker best friend went before unexpectedly commiting suicide... and maybe Ava can figure out why if she goes. 

Of course, this is only just the beginning of Ava’s troubles at Rewind...

Overall, I quite enjoyed this book. I also adore the idea of Rewind helping technology addicts. When I first got to learn more about the facility, I scoffed at the idea (I mean technology addicts, really?). Yet it wasn’t long before I saw that these characters actually did need this place, and maybe even the real world could learn a thing or two from Rewind too. 

As for the characters themselves, well, that’s where this book really shines. No two  characters are the same — each is incredibly unique, and incredibly dysfunctional. Some of them are sweet, and some of them are incredibly dramatic and VERY extra, yet they are willing to work together and support each other in a way that shows how important it is to rely on the ones who care about you when you need it. The loyalty and friendship amongst this family of misfits is what made this book for me!

That being said, there were a few let downs. Some of the plot twists were rather predictable, and the villains logic itself could be convoluted at times — I mean, there were much easier ways to get what he wanted. There’s also the fact that Ava is shown to be pretty smart, yet instantly believes a lie that is, frankly, a little obvious. Then you also have a character that is pretty sweet, but turns out her backstory of what she did to get sent to Rewind is kinda messed up. Who we are shown, and then what we are told about what she did, seem to show two VERY different characters. And yet what she did will be glossed over very quickly. 

Yet despite these flaws, Rewind proves to be a fun and easy read that you’ll thoroughly enjoy — and filled with characters you’ll simply adore by the end.
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There seem to be so few techno thrillers, especially in YA, and after reading this, I'm not sure why! A really awesome read that had me drawn in not only by the cover, but the comps: Heist Scoiety meets Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Seriously, definitely recommend if you're interested in techno thrillers!
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I'm shocked it took Johannes four years to write this book. 
Unfortunately, the characters were flat and cliché and the plot was dragged out longer than it should have been. Unfortunately we are stuck in Ada Lovelace's head which made everything ten times worse. She's self-centered and very often cruel to the people she calls friends, and honestly, just plain stupid. Oh and throw in random girl-girl hate because they like the same boy. That never happens in the real world. 
Also, yes we get it social media = bad blah blah blah ugh.
Maybe I should just stop reading books that have plots mainly involving a rehab-type situation. So far, authors just don't seem to get that they need to be respectful about suicide, addiction and all that shebang. 
Overall, I'm just disappointed. The end of the book seemed like it was setting up a sequel, but I don't think I'll be picking it up.
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Overall, the book was interesting enough. It was a quick ready for me so it would be good for students wanting a longer chapter book while still being able to follow along without being bogged down with big words and complicated scenarios. 

The is book is about a teenage hacker, Ada,  who just happens to be a senator daughter. After being caught trying to hack into a large social network, Ada is sent to a school called Reboot to rehabilitate her life to focus more on life and less on technology. Ada’s best friend had just completed a stint a Reboot, and then tragically committed suicide the day after her release. Ada, still in morning over her friend, has disconnected with the real world and has no other friends besides her online hacking group. During her time at Reboot, Ada begins to unravel information that leads her to believe that her best friend’s suicide may not have been just that. Along the way, she meets some interesting characters and begins to form the “in person” relationships that have been missing from her life.
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Wasn’t sure about this one at first and even though the story was good enough to read the whole thing, it still fell a little short for me. I would still recommend readers to give it a try and see if it’s a better fit for them.
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Maybe it's because I'm too old for this type of book, but I couldn't get past about a quarter of the way through. I'm really not a fan of dependent characters, i.e. "if ___ was here" etc. I'm also not a fan of the internal-monologue-except-oops-i-said-it-out-loud trope. It's really childish and honestly, nobody does that. I was very interested by the concept of this book, but the writing style is too juvenile for me to power through it. Once again, I don't know if that's because of my age (20), or if it's because the writing really just is rubbish.
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Fast paced, great syfy world building, and intriguing writing style.
The thriller side to it was very nice, you don’t see many stories like it so it was very surprising how on the edge of your seat it felt. The characters struggled but always managed to sort of come back from it and push on. I’d much enjoy going back to this one again.
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Of course, this type of content, computers and such, is becoming increasingly popular. I liked the story and the characters.
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ReWired tells the story of a senator's daughter, Ada, who happens to be a ridiculously skilled hacker. She's part of a group of hackers known as the Orwellians, and they can get into almost anything if they put their skills to good use. The only downside? Ada's senator father is determined to pass a bill for teen privacy on the internet. Having a hacker daughter doesn't exactly look good for him and his bill. Lucky for him, no one knows about Ada or her skills...or so she thinks. 

Ada eventually gets caught for something minor (even though she's pulled off worse things) and is sent to a rehab facility in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, this place is like something out of the 1800s or something. No tech is allowed, according to the director of the facility, Ms. Matthews. But that doesn't mean the kids who are there won't try and sneak some tech (or other goodies) in.

Unfortunately, ReBoot, the rehab center, isn't all it's cracked up to be. Kids are dying, supposedly by suicide, not long after they leave. But the suspicious deaths spur Ada into action. Will she discover the truth before it's too late? 

Okay, now that I'm done recapping, I have to say I really enjoyed this one. It's got a mystery, suspense, and geeky tech speak that will appeal to young adult (and adult) readers, even if they aren't exactly savvy when it comes to technology. 

I thought Ada was an interesting character. She was a good kid who just wanted to do the right thing, even if it meant going about it in a not so legal way. She seemed loyal, like she'd be a good friend, although she did, understandably, have trust issues. She was smart, she was capable of taking care of herself (mostly), and she even made time to test the waters when it came to romance. 

I also really liked the characters you meet at ReBoot. Varian comes off as a jerk for most of the story, but trust me, he's anything but. Fisher comes off as a snarky, yet sweet sort of guy you can't help but like. Becca seems like a stereotypical "dumb cheerleader" but she proves she can kick some serious booty when she has to. And Crash is a shy, quiet type who just wants to heal from his past mistakes. He's a good kid. There's also Raven, but I feel like I didn't care about her either way.

The plot starts off a little slow, but it builds relatively quick, and once it gets going, it's definitely one heck of a thrill ride. I couldn't put it down, and once it ended, I was like, wait! I need more!

If you're into YA thrillers with a hint of romance, definitely check out ReWired. It's a really good read that will leave you eager to discover the truth, and when you do, it'll make you rethink everything when it comes to being online.

I rate it 4.5 stars.
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This was a fun fast paced read with a few surprises, I would happily read more by this author, as it seems like she has more in store for this tale.
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This was totally my type of book! I really enjoyed this story, so much that I put off anything without an immediate deadline until I had finished it. Ada was a unique character who made a few dumb, unbelievable choices but who overall was a strong character. She really grew throughout the story. That said, the romance between her and Fisher wasn't all that realistic. I'm usually not bothered by relationships, but this one started pretty much out of the blue with no warning. There were also quite a few derogatory comments made by the characters that were somewhat disturbing. Relationship aside, Fisher was very sweet and his family connections fit well into the story. Crash was another fun person to get to know. I didn't see his place at the end of the book coming. The plot was very interesting and kept me engaged until the very end. There were some plot twists, most of which I knew would happen but a few that I didn't. That's pretty cool, since I read hundreds of books a year and have seen just about everything. I would recommend this book to just about anyone, especially people who love reading about modern technology. I wish I had found this gem years ago.
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Interesting book for the younger reader - very on trend in the current climate.

Book is reasonably consistent throughout and offers a fun perspective on "hacking" issues - both technically and in terms of morality.

An enjoyable read - I found the ending to be a little rushed - assumed to be a one-off book rather than the precursor to a series.

Would recommend.
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