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Earning it is a great love story. So Pepper thinks she is on a blind date with a super hot layer. But no she is with her former high school enemy Luke who is has changed over in the years, but he didn't forget Peper and when the opportunity falls in his lap literary he grabs it with both hands. But of course, it doesn't end well when Peper finds out who he really is. It is really a sweet funny steamy story with great characters and heartbreaking story. They are so good together and I love how was written the last chapter. Pepper is funny, witty unsecured but also strong. Luke is interesting funny hot and determined, but also caring and ready to own his mistake and ask for forgiveness. And their attraction arrrrr hoooot! Realy great story.  
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This was a quick read and I liked how easily the characters related to each other. It was really easy to read and I enjoyed it. It was only after that I started thinking more about the logistics of the story. In retrospect, there are almost too many things happening here - it's a high school crush story, but it's also a mistaken identity story, but it's also a workplace drama (she's the boss since she has to sign off for the sponsorship), but it's also a sports romance (for a sport that seemed super obscure - can't they just be an amateur soccer team?). It just seems like a lot. I really liked the author's writing style and I would absolutely read more, but there were just too many tropes in one story. The most interesting one is the high school crush who pretends to be her blind date - which is what I thought I was getting into. What if he had continued to pretend to be that other guy and it exploded in his face? What if he told her who he was and she got mad and left, but then ran into him everywhere around town? I could see a lot of ways that story could go, and I'd read all of them.
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You had me from the opening when we have a case of mistaken identity and the overly paranoid Luke and how everything would work out in the end. I just needed to read this book in one sitting because curiousity almost killed me as to how things would end up. Pepper is so complicated and cute that i am rooting for her throughout the book. "Holy yummy presence, Batman" favorite line in the book, anytime you can reference Batman in a romance book especially by a leading lady you know it's going to be a good book. I can say that I have used that line a time or two since reading this book, Thanks for that! I love the way the author describes the game of Hurling. It sounds so rough and only really tough guys would even consider playing this game. So it beefs up my image of Luke and makes him even more rugged and manly in my mind as I read this book. Overall great writing and fun characters.
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Not having read anything by Ms Quarles prior to this book, I have to ask myself, "why not?" Her writing has created characters that are easy to relate to. She did a great job of bringing two broken people who have history, albeit not necessarily a good one when they were teenagers. Through a case of mistaken identity, the stage was for instant and explosive chemistry. 

Between Pepper's need to prove herself to maintain her job as a sports doctor, and Luke's fears of needing to prove himself for acceptance, these two have the perfect opportunity to help each other (though subliminally) by coming together to prove to each other they are more then their pasts.  

With humor and sexual charge, the author brought personality and dimension to the entire story. The supporting characters added to the core of the story in a soft yet important way. I hope that we haven't seen the end of these characters, there's a whole team that needs love interests, essentially Connor. 

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3.5 stars!
Earning It was a good read. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline, but the flow of the story was slow at times. Don't get me wrong, the whole story wasn't slow but it did have its moments. Pepper and Luke have history, it might not be on the greatest of terms because of something Luke admitted to doing. I thought her disliking him back then for it was a bit childish, but when your young and you work hard on something, I can understand why. It should have been water under a bridge. However, the instant attraction between the two was undeniable but when it came down to it for me, I felt as if something was missing between the two. The sexual chemistry was definitely there but I wanted more of a connection between the two. Overall, it was a good read and I would recommend readers give this book a try.
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Feel Good Romance.  Two teens become adults with warped misconceptions due to their parents expectations for them.  Pepper is a sports physician with a lean track record with men is sure that her career will suffer if she is not focused 100%.  Luke who was punished by his father for not always being a winner cannot accept love that is not earned.  Quarles brings to life these troubled souls that find completion in each others arms.  "A copy of this book was provided by  Season Publishing via NetGalley with no requirements for a review.  I voluntarily read and my comments here are my honest opinion."
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