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Last updated on 30 Oct 2017

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Well, I found this entire book to be rather intriguing and even interesting. Even though my interest waned from time to time depending on how much I enjoyed the characters who were narrated.

The entire setting in Roman Britain is definitely well explored and even interesting in a sense. I do feel that a lot was done to set me in the story and ensure that I knew it. All the while not being too descriptive, but enough to convey emotion.

However I will prefer if there was slightly more on the focus on the main character. But this is a historical fiction so I can understand however I do believe that a little more could have been done. I found myself more or less floating around in the book wondering where I was with the exception of some characters.

Overall, I do like the book for the setting and the writing. However, I do believe that something more to make me feel emotion for the main characters, some did make me read it carefully but otherwise it just bored me.

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