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Great book. Really enjoyed. My first time reading this author and I was impressed. Garrett Hawkins "Hawk" has been mourning the loss of his fiancée Sage Weston for over a year. He has throw himself into his job with special forces living on the edge. On a rescue mission in Thailand he is shocked when discovers and rescues Sage from trafficker's. Garrett has discovered that he is a dominant that wants to dominate her but he is afraid to hurt her. Sage is all for it but Garrett struggles with accepting this side of himself. What follows is a very emotional story filled with lots of angst and suspense.

I received this copy as a ARC from Netgalley for my honest review.
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Saved was the first book that I have read by author Angel Payne ~ I received a free copy from Netgalley. I am a sucker for military romances, so this was right up my alley! Hot alpha male, steamy sex scenes, wow!! I also appreciated that despite the title of the book, the female characters in the story were not weak victims waiting to be "saved" by the men, they were actually strong women who could hold their own.  I believe this is the first of a series, I will definitely be looking for the next one!
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please dont shoot the messenger/reviewer.. 
i did not care for this even tho the concept and blurb were right up my alley. 
the reality of it just didnt connect here are my issues with it
special forces guy just allowed to be getting drunk until mission calls in Thailand.. not really accurate 
love of his life sage was in the sex trade industry for years and then boom sees Garrett and is perfectly normal? 
neither MC saved the other one 
who was an aid worker? what is an aid worker? how did they get kidnapped? what? 
the book lost its marbles when ONE spank was so naughty and twisted.. and also didnt trigger ANY PTSD from Sage.. shes like ooh he spanked me once what a kinky man okay 
there really isnt any dominant ... this is truly a NORMAL sex story... with like no sex? this is labeled erotica.. and yet where was it .. two scenes? only one truly being "hot" 
so for that I am sorry!
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Suspenseful and action packed live story about love lost and the work needed to gain it back. Loved this read.
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Garrett is the most valuable asset to his Special Forces Unit as he doesn't care if he lives or dies. He will go into anywhere needed. He had lost his desire to live when the love of his life was captured and killed with her medical unit over  a year ago. He has turned himself into  a finely tuned fighting machine. His world was upended when he was rescuing a group of kidnapped aid workers in Thailand and the love of his life, Sage was there. He had changed drastically since he last saw Sage. His tastes in passion are much darker as he has become a dominant. Their relationship has challenges as they try to find their way back together. I recommend this book for anyone that likes erotica.
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Garrett is Special Forces. When him and his team go to take out a human trafficker, he finds his fiancee who was said to have been killed over a year ago. Sage was on the run in Africa until she's captured and taken to Bangkok to be sold. Once their back stateside Garrett fights his dominant nature but Sage wants him to let go of the leash and explore this with her. When she is 're- kidnapped and he goes in to rescue her, he must finally show his dominance over her.
This was a sexy story about hot military men and a man fighting his dominant nature. He goes to another woman to try and get it out of his system. He doesn't actually have sex but almost. He then goes right back to Sage with scratch marks on his neck. I thought she should have tossed him out on his butt or beat the crap out of him. Apparently this was called SAVED BY HIS SUBMISSIVE when I read it the first time. Because after reading it, when it pops up for a review that was the titled and I’d already wrote a review. In that one I wrote about him going to another woman but in this one he just gets drunk. He does come back with scratches but they never say how he got them. I really did like the story this time around and don’t even remember reading it the first time.
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I received this book from Netgalley and I really enjoyed it.
I gave the story 4 out of 5 stars because I think the plot was well executed and the story was about personal evolution after a trauma.
Full review will be on my blog Wednesday 11th August 2021
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3.5 stars
Sage's strength in surviving her kidnapping and the courage she has in continuing to plan her future is what makes her a relatable character. Passion and acceptance, pride and desire can all be described as life when she bounces back and begins her post-captivity life over. But not all traumas are visible and she struggles with doubt, grief and sadness as well. Garrett's own struggle is more over his darker desires that have emerged since he lost her over a year ago. Can he calm down some of his more aggressive needs in order to ensure her safety? Will he accept that his kinks are part of his wants and not something to be ashamed of? Will they make it as a couple?
My only disappointment is that this story was overly descriptive and that the ability to overcome trauma was done quickly. While I read to escape reality, I still want some degree of "in the realm of possibility."
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This book was different than I expected. Lots of action like in an action movie sense not the “let’s get down and dirty way.” Still a good book but not as packed full of steamy moments and I thought bases off the description.
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This story has a good story line, the author has incorporated elements of erotica into the novel making it tick all the boxes for an satisfying and entertaining read, Certainly is a must read and I would recommend it to family and friends.
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This was a decent story and I somewhat enjoyed both the hero and the heroine, Garrett and Sage. However, nothing really stood out making it a great book.
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A second chance romance that delves into  the military and what happens when you are presumed dead only to be rescued and reunited with family and those who love you dearly.

This is a hot military romance that delves into asking for what you want, not being ashamed and not taking a chance that things will disappear a second time around.
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Reviewing for NetGalley 

Another ball out of the park for Angel Payne (I should say balls ahaha) time after time Angel Payne gives us exactly what we want and more. After receiving and reading this book I brought it when it was released.
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The pain of loss and grief throws Garrett into a tailspin when his fiancé (who is supposedly dead) reappears in his life many questions are left to be answered as they struggle to regain the love, passion, and life they once had in a war zone where death threatens to tear them apart all over again. This was a good read. I am not much of a romance reader, but this one kept my interested! ☺️
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Brilliant read with all the things I enjoy in a book with a brilliant storyline and characters and I will look forward to reading more from you from this author thank you for my arc
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This was a good book with a bit of a suspenseful twist that I never saw coming!

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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I really loved book 1 in the Honor Bound Series. Angel Payne did an outstanding job.

This books has all the feels.. Love, loss, passion, sacrifice. 

Garrett has been in mourning from the loss of Sage for the past year. He has had trouble moving on and really just getting through his daily life. Not a moment goes by that something does not trigger thoughts of her. Zeke really tries to help Garrett move past the loss and get on with his life, but to no avail.

Little does Garrett know that Sage is alive.. She has survived so much and the only thing that seems to keep her living are thoughts of Garrett. Garrett ends up on a mission and finds that Sage is alive. Garrett is now definitely darker, but Sage does not seem to mind.. She wants ALL of him... 

Can they be together again after all they have endured? They are definitely not the same people they were once before. Can he keep her safe? Her captors are not so quick to just let her go.

This story is beautiful. It keeps you reading and wanting more.. You NEED to know what happened. AND who does not love dominant and sexy military men who thrive to be in charge??
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This was an okay read. I wasn't sure what I'd expected when I first got it but overall it was enjoyable. I did have trouble connecting to the heroine a bit.
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Now that Garrett miraculously has Sage back, his love for her is deeper. His need for her is stronger, and he wants to discipline her and keep her as his forever. 

Now, this is my type of romance, and Angel Payne's unique way of storytelling made this a sexy and fun read!
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When Garrett Hawkins comes upon his supposed dead fiancé while on a rescue mission, he cannot believe his eyes. Sage, the woman he loves and has thought was dead for the past year, is actually alive and relatively unharmed. It all sounds good, right? A reunion of two people who love each other. But what happens is something that quite frankly, at turns irritated and bored me.

The first thing that struck me is that I wanted to hear about what Sage had gone through in the past year. I didn't need loads of overdetails and graphic scenes of torture or anything, but I wanted something, anything. I got nothing other than that Sage and Rayna (the woman housed in captivity with her) are friends. I'm not sure if they were friends before, but they definitely became friends and remained friends after rescue. I feel like if what happened to Sage during captivity had been at least a little detailed, then her subsequent healing afterward would have had a much bigger impact on me.

And then there's Garrett. Oh God, he was the worst, the absolute worst. He rescues his fiancé and instead of giving her the release she wants, needs, during their first intimate situation since the rescue, and instead of giving her the release, he runs and gets drunk instead?!?!?! Um no, just no. That was when I was done with his character and done with this story. I just couldn't get into it after that. And that's unfortunate because it had so much promise.

And finally, the last reason I just could not get behind Saved - the connection between Garrett and Sage just did not ring true to me. It wasn't strong enough and their few scenes certainly did absolutely nothing for me. I never bought Garrett as a Dom, even once he embraced that side of himself and stopped fighting it. His friend Zeke and his Uncle Wyatt were much more convincing Doms than Garrett portrayed.

I wanted a super intense, super steamy reunion story of love and healing and what I got was just this boring mess. 2 stars for this one I'm afraid.
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