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Hm. Not sure what I just read. This is supposedly a psychological suspense book? Nope. It is a cheating book, which I hate. Not for me at all.
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*thank you to Netgalley, Hayley Mitchell and RedDoor Publishing for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

1 star.

What did I just read? It felt like there was no story but just constant background information with the present thrown in at times. I also didn't like the style of writing. I'm not sure what to call it but it felt so odd. The story also read like Woman's fiction yet it's marketed as a Psychological Suspenseful Thriller. 
Huh? That is not what I got and made me wonder if I have the wrong book. This definitely wasn't for me which is upsetting because I was really looking forward to it. The sypnosis sounded brilliant and the cover is eye catching, yet the story was not a hit at all. I'm still rather confused about it all.
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Because I was lonely was a gripping read. I was hooked from the first few pages and felt it was easy to read.
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Rachel and Adam are lonely and in need of some excitement in their dull lives.  When they rekindle their friendship, it soon becomes an obsession which can only end in one way.  I didnt really enjoy this book, I disliked the characters and felt there was nothing to root for.  3 stars
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This book starts with introducing Rachel. She is a mum for the second time with a new baby and is deep in post natal depression. Her husband David is withdrawing further away from her whilst she spirals further.

Rachel connects with an old college friend on Facebook; Adam. The man she never had a relationship with but always wondered what could be. Adam is a damaged man. He's been unable to work for 4 years since a horrific accident that killed his parents.

Rachel and Adam embark on what can only be described as a virtual affair. They start off talking as friends and it quickly escalates into something more.

The first half of this book was a little too long in my opinion. Whilst I enjoyed hearing the story from both sides of the Marriages (we get chapters in Rachel's, David's, Adam and Julia's point of view), I felt it went on a little too long. 

The second half of the book picked up the pace. The messaging between Adam and Rachel ramps up. This was definitely a little addictive, and I wanted to know if this was something that would materialise into an actual affair or would remain an illicit flirtation that would stay in the virtual confines of Facebook.

This book is full of unlikeable characters - this in itself doesn't bother me, but I didn't have much to connect to, which made me not care very much about the outcome for each character. We had 2 very unhappy couples who didn't do anything to help their respective partners in some incredibly challenging times - David pretty much buried his head in the sand whilst seeing his wife sink into depression and Julia had very little patience for her husband whilst experiencing PTSD after the horrific accident that killed his parents.

The writing is good, I just don't think this book was a good fit for me.

A 3 star read for me.

I would like to thank Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for a review.
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A great domestic thriller—I especially liked how it really made you understand the pains and miseries of each of the four people in the situation. It isn’t easy to do that.
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The concept of this book is great. Hayley writes very well, but something just misses the mark that makes what could have been a great book, just a good book.
College friends Rachel and David are both unhappy in their home lives. Rachel has suffered Post-Natal depression and David has PTSD.
It is somewhat inevitable that when they reconnect via Facebook their friendship is going to flourish.
I failed to perceive this book in any way as a psychological thriller and did not see that there was any suprising ending.
As I say though it very well written, all the characters well developed (thanks to the first half of the book being written by David, Rachel and then their respective spouses). So I would say it is worth a read on a quiet Sunday afternoon.
Thanks to NetGalley for a Kindle copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Three and a half star rating.
Two couples, Rachel/David and Adam/Julia with marriage problems.  None of them talk to each other much or are in any way helpful.  So when Adam and Rachel who knew each other years ago rekindle their friendship on Facebook, they are delighted.  At last someone who will actually listen and understand - oh dear!  Told from four points of view and there's LOTS of details about their lives in the first part which almost put me off going any further but I did and am glad as the book was so much more interesting and creepy with a hint of menace.  The characters?  Well none of them had any likeable traits.  Wonder if there will be a follow on to this story?
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This is one of those books that, as I read it, I kept thinking, "I don't really like this." But yet I could not put it down.

Hayley Mitchell delivers four characters who are immensely difficult to like. Well, one of them is sort of likable, but that's more because the other three are so awful that this one kind of wins by being only slightly less awful.

Yet ... I couldn't stop reading. I had to know what happens.

Mitchell gives Rachel and Adam believable, relatable issues. Rachel is recovering from post-partum depression, and Adam is depressed due to job woes. Neither feels understood by their spouses, whom they perceive to be impatient with their struggles. The two knew each other way back when and reconnect on Facebook. Mitchell shows you how the initial messages escalate from innocence to a more desperate obsession. These interactions are the only things that Adam and Rachel look forward to, to the point of addiction.

The book was labeled as a mystery/suspense/thriller on NetGalley, but that part of it shows up late. The ending. Whoa, the ending. It bears discussion, so when you read this book, come on back and let's chat.

It took me a while to get accustomed to Mitchell's writing style. She puts you in the minds of not only Rachel and Adam but their spouses as well, and she moves between them with frequency and fluidity. She also uses Facebook messages and text messages, even more than she does dialogue (or at least it felt that way).

I had a difficult time connecting to the characters, and the story occasionally felt so improbable that I would get caught up in thinking, "COME ON. How can they get away with this?"

And yet I could not stop reading.

I look forward to more from Hayley Mitchell.
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2 1/2 Stars
Labeled as a Psychological Thriller, I found nothing thrilling about this book.  Filled with unlikable characters a totally depressing plot, and waaay too much online sex, this book is one I wish I had skipped!!
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I received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review. 

Not going to to lie, I started this book a few times. It didn’t feel like the best book to read in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, considering it painted a not so pretty picture of motherhood. After I recommitted, that part passed quickly. 

This was not what I expected out of this book. It was a bit humorous to read other people’s sexting while laying next to my snoring husband...

The book kept my interest, but made me feel sad in the end. It seemed like an honest story about marriages that don’t work out.
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Very powerful, immersive book. I got very engrossed in it. Not an easy, comfortable read but very worthwhile reading.
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Thank you to Hayley Mitchell, RedDoor Publishing and Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Meet Rachel. She is caught in a spiral of endless crying, dirty nappies, and sleepless nights. She fears for her sanity and the safety of her children. 

She's lonely. 

Meet Adam. Suffering from the pain and trauma of a terrible accident that he blames himself for, he stays at home, unable to bring himself to leave the house. 

He's lonely. 

So when Rachel and Adam rekindle their long lost friendship online, what starts as a little harmless flirtation, soon becomes an unhealthy obsession, and slowly the threads of their lives unravel before them. 

Four lonely people . Two unhappy marriages . One dangerous, but inevitable climax

This book was described as a thrill with an "inevitable climax".  I think I read a different book!!

The first half (nearly 50%) is split into 4 chapters, one for each of the main characters.  It goes into way too much detail, which is often repeated more than once and I did start to skip read a lot of it, and even then I found it a struggle.  I was expecting the tension and suspension to increase when Part 2 started, so I carried on.  But I was still waiting for something good to happen.  It was mostly sexting between two of the main characters and them bitching about their other halves while the other two moaned about their other halves.  

And as for the ending.... what ending, it just stopped!!  I'm not sure if this is leading into a sequel but there was no ending, no resolution to the situation.  No "inevitable climax" that was promised, unless I'm missing part of the book.  So disappointed in what could have been a great book.

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I wouldn't recommend reading this book if you don't like diving deep into human psyche and reading about the ugliness that dwells there.  I think the book is extremely well-written but it's explicit in parts, when it doesn't need to be, and it's very difficult to read.  I think of it a bit like Theatre of Cruelty or Jean-Paul Sartre.  I think it's meant to draw you in so that you get to know the characters really well, just so that it can make you feel incredibly uncomfortable.  It's powerful but not enjoyable.  Whilst I thought this book was very good, I probably wouldn't put myself through another one by this author.  It felt just a bit too raw to read.
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This book has the potential to be huge. I think it will resonate with a lot of people. I really got inside the characters and empathised with feelings and outcomes. Very Interesting read
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Sadly I couldn't get into this book even though it had sounded so good
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This book was totally brilliant.  What happens when two lonely people don’t feel listened to and understood by their partners and then find each other through social media.   Slowly life begins to look more whole.   This book follows that relationship and the ripple affect it has on those surrounding them.   Fantastic book can’t wait for the next
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Wow - Because I was lonely was a wild ride of psychological behavior.  Rachel is insane and that ending.. ah! 

Thanks to publisher for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Unfortunately, due to technical issues, I no longer have access to this title on my Kindle and have not had chance to read it. Once I find a physical copy, I will post a review on goodreads - look for my thoughts there!!
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What a great book! It didn’t take me long to get swept in to these characters. I didn’t see that ending coming at all.
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