Because I Was Lonely

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Pub Date 01 Feb 2017 | Archive Date 24 Nov 2017
RedDoor Publishing, RedDoor Press

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Four lonely people make two lonely couples.

Four lonely people make two lonely couples.

Advance Praise

‘A cleverly woven and endlessly engaging story. Hayley Mitchell is a real talent to watch’

Isabelle Broom, heat

‘A vivid and detailed portrayal of the suffocating claustrophobic life of the stay-at-home parent, and the tragic sense of inevitability that plays out when two lonely people connect online’

Julia Crouch 

‘An insightful, tantalising and sometimes uncomfortable exploration into the complexities of relationships and how what might be considered harmless behaviour can cause lives to unravel. The voices of Rachel, David, Adam and Julie were brilliantly brought to life - I swung between feelings of empathy and hate for each of these flawed people as the story unfolded. The author cleverly constructs a believable story where you question whether the grass is ever greener on the other side. I was literally holding my breath during some scenes - it had the feel of a modern-day Fatal Attraction to it!’

Sam Carrington

Blogger and Amazon reviews

'Believable characters, brilliant portrayal of mental health and damn what an ending!’

‘I was so invested in the characters I just could not put it down’

‘This is a dark and disturbing book, perfectly pitched… I can’t wait to read more from Hayley Mitchell and she is definitely a name to watch out for in the future’

‘An excellent debut novel, brilliantly written with very real characters with very real lives and problems…’ 

‘Absolutely awesome book that is extremely well written and explores a side to our modern life that some authors may be reluctant to tackle… I spent quite a reflective period upon closing the book. It will certainly make me think twice about some future actions - in particular the "like" button on Social Media. More please Hayley Mitchell. Your readers await’

‘I was hooked from the first two pages. Its insightful reality that was honest and described with such depth of feeling. A book many will relate to understand that what appears on the outside or on Facebook is a snapshot of a second in time; not always what is happening on the inside. Beautifully written’

‘I found Because I Was Lonely to be a sad, sometimes heartbreaking, novel of love, loss, depression, loneliness and longing and I thought it was so very well written. My heart ached for them all’

‘I thought the whole thing was perfectly paced, the message exchanges punctuated by real life and the perspectives of the different characters. Very cleverly done… and very realistic. And just a little frightening too, with an edginess that keeps you distinctly unsettled, a great examination of the blurring between fantasy and reality with a perfect touch of obsession. I really did enjoy this one – an extremely accomplished debut’

Because I Was Lonely is a raw emotional story’

‘Because I Was Lonely is a taut, brilliantly-executed and gripping debut novel from Hayley Mitchell, in which the author dives straight into the deepest depths of the relationships between her characters and dissects the bonds in the most compelling of ways… Reading Because I Was Lonely felt compulsive to me, as though I didn't have a choice other than to pick it back up and see where the author would take her characters next. I couldn't truly figure out where I would be led by Mitchell which I suppose is why I enjoyed it as much as I did. It was addictive. It played on my mind even while away from the story and the characters. It held me captive without me even having the book in my hands. And the ending? Please. I don't even think I can talk about it’

‘Hayley Mitchell is a skilled author, she painstakingly and meticulously paints a picture of four people; two couples who are struggling within their relationships… Hayley Mitchell is certainly an author to watch. This debut novel is accomplished and stylish, packed with characters who are realistic and believable. Her story is deftly plotted and explores themes of loneliness, relationships and the darkness that can overwhelm any of us. Beautifully portrayed characters and twists and turns that will surprise and also delight the reader’

‘Hayley Mitchell’s unique perspective on the loneliness of young motherhood is gritty and at times brutal, this just makes it an even better read. I felt bereft when it ended, as I'd become emotionally invested in the characters and then it just stopped - aaargh! I hope there's a followup!!’

‘Hayley Mitchell's debut novel is simply stunning. Rarely have I seen characters so beautifully drawn, warts and all. Because I Was Lonely is the story of two couples, struggling in their relationships for various reasons. Rachel and Adam were friends many years ago, before weddings and children intervened. Thanks to the miracle of social media, their paths cross once more. I'll offer no spoilers, I'll just say that once you've read Because I Was Lonely, you might pause before logging onto Facebook. You should not pause to buy this book. It deserves to be a huge success’

‘This is the first book that I have managed to actually be gripped enough to read and finish in years - written so well and the characters were so easy to relate to. I'm dying to know what happened next and really hope Hayley comes out with more books as I would be the first to buy them! This was an outstanding first publication - you won't be disappointed with this story, it gives such a fresh view on modern living and the struggles a lot of us face’

‘An EXCELLENT book. Picked it up and read within 3 days - I could not put it down. Rachel is a completely believable character - practically every mother has been sat at the top of the stairs wishing their child to sleep. Extremely well written and well paced - give this book a go. You wont be disappointed’

‘A spell binding read, that takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Beautifully written, delving into a world of isolation and desperation and the consequences that may occur as two people attempt to re-connect with a world that appears to be passing them by’

‘This book is a fantastic read. Read it from cover to cover within a couple of days - and I haven't done that in a long time! A brilliant debut from Hayley Mitchell - looking forward to seeing what comes next’

‘An excellent read from start to finish, a great insight into how today's use of social media can impact people's lives. Can't wait to see what happens next…’

‘You know a book is a triumph when you neglect doing the housework for the day just so you can get to the ending, and when you get to the ending you're screaming - "Oh my God, I want more!!" Because I Was Lonely by Hayley Mitchell is an unbelievably gripping read, that will drag every possible emotion from the reader, as you are compelled to find out what is happening between Rachel and Adam… The characterisation, the plot, the pacing of the story, is all top notch, and I cannot wait to read more from Hayley Mitchell. Because I Was Lonely is a must-read for 2017 and I am certain we are going to be hearing a lot about this stunning debut’ 

‘The first three pages of this novel are terrifying! I think my heart practically stopped at one point. It certainly grabbed my attention from the get go and I found myself fully immersed in this story from start to end… an excellent debut novel, brilliantly written with very real characters with very real lives and problems’ 

‘A cleverly woven and endlessly engaging story. Hayley Mitchell is a real talent to watch’

Isabelle Broom, heat

‘A vivid and detailed portrayal of the suffocating claustrophobic life of the...

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