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I wonder about the wisdom of this book. We have a thief who wants to be more effective so he trains an animal to help him. An animal that betrays him. An animal which, the book implies, is likely to go on to crack more safes. So what is the child reader meant to take away from this?
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Crackerjack Jack is the short little story and poem about a clever duck getting the best of good old Crackerjack Jack. A cute tale about never underestimating a person and to never judge a book by its cover. This is a great nighttime read to a little one before bed as it is colorful and fun.
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Crackerjack Jack is a colorful, fun read-aloud about safe-cracking.  I like the fact that the story will lead to so many other discussions, from figurative language to morals. There is something to inquire about on every spread of the book. And, the illustrations are awesome! I know my art teacher will be eager to point out the use of patterns on the pages.  Wilker was witty with this one.
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Funny illustrations and text. Not sure if younger kids will get the story but school-age kids will get a chuckle.
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A very successful thief comes up with a clever plan to crack into the best safe in the world…by training a duck to use firecrackers. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

Black and white thinkers may not like that the duck gets away with the loot. But remember the book isn't supposed to be taken seriously at all. I mean, the situation is completely absurd and over the top. So don't take it too seriously and it should be fun. The wording makes a fun rhyme kids will delight in listening to, and who can't help but laugh at a thief whose downfall comes through training a duck to use firecrackers.
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Crackerjack Jack is a robber, a wisecracker, a firecracker, a knucklecracker. He plans to rob a bank, using a duck as his accomplice. What Jack isn't? Terribly good at being a robber, a wisecracker, a firecracker, or a knucklecracker. He bumbles his way through the robbery, ends up knocked out cold and is arrested. The duck, however, is living life on an island vacation, already plotting his next crime. This book is a hilarious slapstick story, great for read-alouds. There's repetition, rhyme, and wacky, bright illustrations that make this playful book perfect for pre-readers and beginning readers. (Pair this one with Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type and talk about the use of deviously brilliant ducks.) Crackerjack Jack has a starred review from Kirkus.
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I am in love with this funny book.  This would be a hit at Storytime.  Jack is a thief. He likes to crack safes.  But it will take a duck and a firecracker to crack the toughest bank ever.  It rhymes, it has a lovely cadence.  It works.  On all levels.
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Okay I am totally in love with the duck. I kid you not. This book was hilarious and the flow of the wording was awesome. I loved the illustrations and I can see kids coming back to it time and time again.
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An ace thief uses a duck to crack open his toughest safe yet—and turns into a patsy.

This is a cute book filled with rhymes and wordplay (kudos for wiseacre), a twist, and illustrations that are vibrant, funny and simple. While there is not much text, some of the words are pretty tough (some sound really funny and beg for repeating) and the rhyming can get a little stilted in places. The pictures feature in this story, from the title pages all the way through to the very end.

I received this ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.
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This is a weird little picture book.  It is about a thief who uses a duck to break open an unbreakable bank vault, but gets injured, and caught, while the duck gets away, and plans a further life of crime.

It is silly, it is light hearted, and the duck loves crackers.

The colors and pictures are fun.  The words are cute.

The story...not so much.  I just can't get past the idea that the duck is going to continue a life of crime, because he escapes.  I'm not quite sure what message is being given to kids.  

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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This is a cute book written about a thief who finds a bank with an uncrackable safe. He devises a plan. He trains a duck to use firecrackers to blow the safe's door. Of course, not everything goes as planned.

First of all, the drawings are amazing. They are brightly colored and use sharp focused colors that draw the eye. The pictures tell the story, which any good picture book should do, while also giving a sense that action is happening off the page too. Wonderfully illustrated!

The writing has almost a beatnik beat to it, using a lot of onomatopoeia to bring sounds to life. I think this book is written for in a difficult language though. Little kids wouldn't understand the vocabulary, and the older kids, who might, would be too old for picture books. My only concern would be who the target audience would be? Even if the parent read it to the child, the would have to explain almost all the words in the book to the child. And I don't think it would be a good learning tool necessary, because the words are beyond the child's grasp. 

I enjoyed the book, but I am pretty sure middle age women are not the target audience. Still a good read for me though!
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The illustrations are amazing! 
I loved the twist at the end! 
Anything that rhymes that good is entertaining!
Surely even you can comprehend!

Crackerjack the safecracker,
Was cracked by his only friend.
Now lies in prison cracker jacker, 
Remembering the days as a wisecracker,
With no other business to attend.
The End!

I couldn't help it okay! It doesn't have to be good. I just wanted to have fun! That's how good I felt after reading this fun story! Everything about this was wonderful. The illustrations complimented the story brilliantly. I would definitely recommend it!
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This book has cute pictures and features nice rhymes that create a great rhythm for read alouds. Unfortunately the story itself was not that good.
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This is a cute and entertaining read for children. Yes, the duck gets away with the money and lives a life of luxury, but that is not the purpose of the book. It is a silly story with a lot of wordplay that can be used for entertainment or as a mentor text for older students learning about various speech elements. The illustrations compliment the text and are large and colorful. They alone can tell the story. A cute book for a school or class library.
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Cute and thoroughly entertaining read for children. The illustrations compliment the text. The rhythm of the text is sure to keep the attention of children, while the vivid colorful drawings with keep them engaged from one page to the next.
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