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Unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of this one. 

The synopsis of the book was more interesting than the book itself. Lacks world building, and the main character was pretty flat. I found myself unable to connect with her. 

My other issue was with the writing style itself. It felt a little amateur to me. This is the first book I have read of this author, and will give her another shot with a different title. This one just wasn’t for me. 

Thank you for the opportunity to to review this book! I hope another reader enjoys this story.
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Awesome read, well written with a great plot and characters. I was engrossed from start to finish. I couldn't put it down. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Netgalley.
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This novel had so much potential, that opening chapter was amazing, and then it seemed o keep spiraling down the drain after that. There was also wayyyy to many pop culture references, I counted around 7 in one chapter alone, which speaks to the longevity of this book. 10 years from now no one will want to pick up this novel because they either wont understand all the references, or wont be able to connect to the book due to its already outdatedness.
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Really good story line , characters were ok. I like that this YA story did not focus on any one giving up their V card.
I would read the next one.
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I had taken a break from blogging due to a busy personal life, but I am back and I bring with you a book review! I wanted to like this book so much! The synopsis seemed so interesting, but I felt like I was just waiting for something to happen. I know the author wanted to set up the story but I was a bit bored. Nisha is a good character but the way people treat her is just despicable and I was so sad that she believed everything they through at her. The entire time I was screaming at her to grow a backbone. I really liked Blaze but he seemed almost too perfect and the almost instalove between Nisha and Blaze was too much. I will say the Mythology was great, Nightingale obviously did her homework but it just wasn't enough.
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Sorry but I couldn't get into the book at all. I tried though, I'm so sorry for my ADD brain.
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I received an free ARC copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

No, I am sorry but I did not like this book. 
- The characters were dull and annoying
- the plot was boring. I mean the setting was even clearly stated
- Too much reference to modern shows, I mean one reference on one page is okay. More than 5? Not okay. Its trying too hard for my liking. 
- I just could not connect with it at all.
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I was blown away by this book. I cant wait to see where book 2 takes us. It's a must read.
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Where do I even begin with this book? For starters, I would say the blurb was way more interesting than the actual novel. Everything was just bad. I can't even find one redeeming quality about it. When I started reading, I was pretty excited to get into the story. I love YA fantasy novels and especially mythology inspired ones. Plus, the fact that it was about Egypt had me even more psyched. However, what I got was a book that was just dull and boring with absolutely irritating characters.

Firstly, this novel has no worldbuilding or plot. All we know is that it takes place in a town somewhere in America. There were no fantastical descriptions of otherworldly realms or dreams. The mythological background was a mess and utterly confusing. All we get is a story about a girl who is an outcast in her town, with a bunch of friends and she apparently is considered the "Angel of Death" as accidents happen around her. Plus, she has hallucinations which make her appear crazier. The story revolves more around high school incidents. Not once do we actually get to what the story is about which is "The Book of Souls". I would have preferred if the fantasy aspect was more integrated into the novel because that was a major plotline.

Secondly, the MC Nisha is so infuriating. When she is not moping around with "her woe is me" act. She is constantly describing how hot Blaze is and how he would never fall for her. Moreover, she is constantly saying how loved up her cousin Izzy is. To top this all off, the number of pop culture references just did my head in. Also, the minor characters weren't fleshed out well enough either, there are no backstories or other interactions. There's no raw emotion, motives, conflict, drama - nothing. Everyone was so one dimensional and Nisha especially behaves like a zombie. She makes the silliest decisions ever and when she does get her act together in the later chapters, her character still falls flat. 

Thirdly, the romance was just awful. It was all insta-love and so cliched. The bad boy image given to Blaze wasn't at all endearing. Plus, their relationship lacks conflict and tension. Everything is just accepted so easily. Even though Nisha does try to put some distance between them initially, she caves just too easily. I guess I am a fan of more realistic relationships and this one was even worse than Twilight which was also alluded to a lot in this book.

Fourth but not the least, the writing style was just too amateurish for me. I didn't feel as though the author was making enough of an effort to actually weave a story. It was clunky and lacking detail. There was no context and research done in Ancient Egypt to make for an authentic story. The characters need a lot more work and there was no development. In addition, the dialogues felt forced and the scenarios were very unrealistic. There were no plot devices or if there were, they were placed haphazardly. I think the story was just drawn out. I would have also liked to have seen more plot reveals. That might have made the book more interesting. I don't think I will be reading the sequel. I am neither invested in the characters nor the storyline. I would suggest giving this book a miss. If you are into YA mythological fantasies, there are way better options out there.
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This book had a lot of potential but unfortunately fell flat. The story really had nothing to it, chapter after chapter it was just question after question and not in a good way. The author didn't give us substance or creativity to create our own questions because the writing just wasn't there and really, the MC asked the same questions every page I felt like I just zombie walked through the whole book. I didn't feel a thing for this book the author drew out everything and sucked it dry for the readers. The author really drew out everything so the reader really couldn't express anything for themselves. It was just spread so thin with little to no plot and the weird references and the names were a bit much. I'm actually really disappointed. I feel like if you stripped out the references, the insta-love, the unnecessary side stories and dug more into the Egyptian side and answered one or two questions and let us feel our way through the characters and story it could've been extremely good.
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Once upon a time, I was obsessed with all things Egypt. Even now, ten years later, there are a few things I still find fascinating and this book pinged a few of them. If you love Egypt, especially the mythology, read this book now. Nadine has done a wonderful job of weaving the actual mythology into the story for a beautiful overall picture. I can't wait to see what book 2 brings and who we'll meet. 

My only issue with this book was the pacing was sometimes slow, but I loved the story and characters enough that I needed to read through.
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I honestly didn't have any high expectations for this book, but I also didn't expect to dislike it this much.


The writing is not the best, the main character is childish and annoying, all the names in the book are probably meant to sound cool and exotic but they're just weird? (there are two characters called Shaggy and Scooby. that's all I'm gonna say about this matter), the romance is insta-love but on like, another level, IT'S WORSE THAN TWILIGHT. To be honest the number of twilight and fifty shades references is unhealthy. Also, what's up with the British dude blaming the dumbest things on the fact that he has 4 sisters? the MC is late and he'll be like it's okay, I have 4 sisters. ok???? what does that mean???? 

DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE BRITISH GUY. Apparently, he's too hot that the MC, Nisha, couldn't stop mentioning how hot he was every 3 lines? there are seriously so many ridiculous things about this book that I could go on for ages and still wouldn't have covered them all.


I know that there are various versions of all the myths ok, I KNOW THAT, but usually, when you're referencing mythologies, you stick to one version of it. The history was so inconsistent and the author used more than one version of the same myth that I actually felt my Egyptian ancestors shaming me for reading such an offensive book.

Literally, the only good thing that came out of this book was that one paragraph about the Islamophobia that she faced due to her mother's religion. That's it. 

I've honestly read fanfiction better than this.
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Book of Souls is a refreshing take on the intermingling of Egyptian myths and modern day society after Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles. It is fortunately aimed at an older demographic and you can tell that Nightingale really did extensive research to keep the mythology as accurate as possible. One of the best parts of this book is that it had two of my favorite things: the supernatural and romance. And what a romance it was, spanning several centuries and lifetimes. However, while still peddling the Egyptian elements to the story, you can still easily follow the average life of the main character as she experiences high school, crushes, and bullying. Book of Souls also had a great cliff hanger ending that makes me wish I already had the second book in my hand right now!
The reason why I gave this book three star stars is because of the constant pop culture references. I know about 90% of them, especially the Game of Throne ones, but there were many I didn't which ended up confusing me. Also, the main character has no backbone. Unless someone steps in to defend her, she takes the bullying on the chin and cries like a 2 year old. The insults that the "mean girls" say aren't even that mean! If it were me, I would laugh in their faces or at least not cry. This happened frequently in the book and really irritated me. Other than that, the book was great and I definitely read the sequel.
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Let me start by saying I am sucker for a new spin on an old myth or legend. Sometimes these work really well and other times, well, not so much. This mash-up of Egyptian myth and YA love triangle drama worked well. The Author did a good job and interweaving the story-lines just enough that it wasn't predictable or borning. The story itself moves at a nice pace and the MC is not completely annoying, though she does have her moments, alas that is one of the pitfalls many YA books have for those of us not YA anymore. I am pretty curious to see where this book goes in the sequel, which means there was more than enough to hook me in book 1.
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If death wants you, he’ll get you. Some cross his path sooner, others later. But we all rendezvous with the reaper at some point. He’s rarely as handsome as Joe Black, yet always as insidious as Michael Myers.

Nisha Blake doesn’t fit in, the locals call her the Angel of Death. Little do they know how close they are to being right. Death finds those close to Nisha. The friendly store clerk, her teacher, her friends, her neighbour, they all died in her presence. Not even her parents were safe.

Nisha is a complex, battered character. She is bullied and harassed constantly, she has suffered a phenomenal amount of loss, she has been traumatized by the deaths. She has night terrors, sleepwalks, suffers from hallucinations and she is convinced she might be going insane. Her shrink thinks that her visions of Anubis are her brains way of dealing with her losses. Her Egyptian heritage and her families love of Egyptian mythology and folklore could be why her hallucinations manifest in this form. When Blaze comes into her life in cuffs, she is immediately drawn to him. She has to push him away, she doesn’t want him to get hurt. Plus her hallucinations are getting worse, she is losing time, she is losing herself to the visions.

One of my pet hates in ya books is when parents are pretty much absent. The kids can come and go with no parental input. In the Book of Souls, Nisha has a strong family group. Her Aunt does work a lot, but it works within the story, it doesn’t feel like its being used as a way to let the kids do whatever they want. Her cousin is her biggest champion. Her small group of friends have her back, even though Nisha does try to keep everyone at a distance.

The bullying and violence in this is brutal. It’s constant and heartbreaking because Nisha is convinced she deserves it. She is full of self loathing and never fights back. The small town bullshit is all directed Nisha’s way. They fear her, because of all the death surrounding her, so they threaten her, they lash out at her and they justify it to themselves, and then when you get a group of them together they get especially dangerous, they are violent and the mob mentality takes over. It’s pretty sad when a person allows themselves to be treated badly, because they think they deserve it. I actually thought all the bully type characters were going to have a different role in the story near the end, but I was wrong.

The Book of Souls is a romance with a paranormal twist. I found it contained a lot of the tropes we find often in ya romance. It has the bad boy, the girl who doesn’t think she is anything special, it hints at a love triangle (blergh, hate them). But where it differs from everything else, is the Egyptian mythology throughout and the violence. The violence is quite graphic in places, which I like. It doesn’t shy away from a dead body or two. And the Egyptian angle is fascinating, it digs into the lesser known myths and draws a picture for you. The writing itself is good, a touch repetitive at times. “Lapis Eyes” – This was mentioned so many times I had to google Lapis.
His lapis eyes burn a hole in my soul.
Aah, I love these types of books, the angst, the hotties. Sometimes they just fill a need in my book nerd  soul. The progress of Nisha and Blaze’s relationship was sweet. Blaze was an absolute sweetheart who adored Nisha from the outset. It seems like a case of insta love, but it’s not really, yay for reincarnation, so it didn’t irritate me. I found that the story managed to surprise me and make me laugh at times, other times it was slow and I skimmed. But my curiosity over where the book was heading, was enough to make sure I kept reading. And damn it, I need the next book now, because that cliff hanger!!! Brutal.

All in all, Book of Souls was a fun read.
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***4 Stars***

Not gonna lie, that cover was the hook. I saw it HAD to see what the book was all about and I don’t think I pressed that request button fast enough.

Angel of Death?
Has ties Egypt legend and lore?
Young girl believing she’s going crazy?
Hot as sin male joining the party?

Ummm...yeah sign me up and WHOA.

I expected some of the cray cray, but not ALL of that. I also didn’t expect to have my violent tendencies rear up and want to grab that spoon of mine to gut a few people, but that all happened and more as I followed Nisha on this crazy, twist and dark journey that pulled out all kinds of feels from me.

I loved Nisha, I did. This girl is surviving in a world that basically hates her, but she is doing it. I had my moments where I wanted reach out and Gibbs smack her ~ badly ~ but I got it and was fascinated by her. She is a teenager struggling with life and with the added crazy going on with her, I have say the girl held it together pretty well.

Outside of Nisha, I loved and adored her circle of friends and family. These people are all kinds of goodness. They aren’t perfect, but they are ones I’d have at my back any day and would lay my life on the line for. Then there is Blaze. He was quite a complex and fascinating character, he epitomizes the whole “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” thing. He pretty much checked off all the marks on the Book Boyfriend list and more.

From the first words I was hooked, I wasn’t expecting all that happened in the prologue, but it definitely set the tone and I liked how everything unfolded in the story and how Nisha was connected Egypt and the reasons why the people in her town called her the Angel of Death. I will say here that what Nisha experienced at the hands of the townspeople pissed me off, I just couldn’t ~ hence the violent tendencies ~ but I didn’t toss my Kindle into the freezer because it was balanced out by goodness (her friends and family). This book is YA, but there are dark elements, so be aware of that. That cliffhanger...yeah, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the next book because I need to see how this all plays out.
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Incredibly cliched and poor writing. The writer depends heavily on telling rather than showing.
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This is a great bpok for fans of rick riordan. Egyptian gods and teens?! It was amazing
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I really wanted to like this book, because the premise of it sounded so cool! Ancient Egyptian gods meets modern day times? A girl who is considered an Angel of Death? Sign me up! 

I got to chapter 6 and had to put the book down. One of the things I just couldn't get past were the pop culture references. At first, I thought it was pretty cool that they mentioned them, but by the time we were introduced to Scooby and Shaggy, (yes those are actual character names) I couldn't handle it anymore. It was a new reference every page and was just too much. It kept taking me out of the story and I couldn't enjoy what was going on because of it. 

The other thing I couldn't really get past was Blaze. Yes, his name is Blaze. And everytime he is mentioned, they always describe how hot he is and how sexy his smile is. 
For example: "His posture screams "confident", his smile is sexy, and his lapis eyes promise kindness." or "The intensity in his eyes makes me gasp for air." 

Usually I don't have a problem with insta-love and extreme descriptions of how hot a guy is, but when its on every page the guy is on, combined with the pop culture references, I just couldn't do it. 

I have so many other books on my TBR that I am more excited to read than this one, so its a pass for me. However, there have also been a lot of people who love this book, so if it interests you, give it a try!
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A little slow starting, I struggle with reading about bullying so I did have to stop at one point, but the characters are well written, the story flows easily, for an introduction it was good and damn that ending. Looking forward to the next one.
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