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Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.  This is not my usual type of book to read.  It's self help.  I saw the author's books talked about in a Facebook group I'm in and decided to check one out.  It was a roller coaster ride of things she went though in life, advice and things that made you think.
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This book was good, quick and easy to read! There are some good advice and tips to learn from it ...except for the diet chapter that I did not enjoyed it and strongly disagree with it. Instead I appreciate the honesty throughout the book.
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I was excited to get to review this book, because I had heard from some other women that they had enjoyed reading it. The book was a bit like a roller coaster ride to me - it had it's ups and downs. I liked the conversational tone of the book, and it kept my interest. There were a few parts of the book that were a little uncomfortable for me (i.e. the chapter about her sex life, and sometimes I felt like she was always bragging about her accomplishments). I also would have liked to see more about her faith and how that helped her achiever her goals. For a Christian book, I felt that was lacking at times. I was going to rate the book 3 stars, but the last few chapters raised my rating to 4 stars. I felt more connected to the author when I read about her journey through foster care/adoption process, death of her brother, etc. She went deeper in those chapters and even talked more about God's role in her life. So, my final rating is 4 stars.
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Anyone who starts a book with. a story about peeing your pants, you know you are in for something good!
I am new to the world of Rachel Hollis and her story.  I dove into this book not entirely knowing what to expect. I was very impressed with her wit and humor as well as her ability to get serious. 
Rachel seems like a girl I would want to know and have chats over coffee and that is exactly what I got out of this book. 
Warning, I was not able to put this book down. there may have been a sleepless night as I plowed straight through. I highly recommend for all humans to read this book, there are insights for anyone.
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Rachel Hollis is a popular lifestyle blogger who was stymied by the emails she received. Women wrote to her, wondering how she managed to maintain such a perfect life when they felt like they were failing all over the place. In her book Girl, Wash Your Face, Hollis writes about the lies she had to overcome to reach the place she is today. In each chapter, she confronts lies like starting tomorrow, not being good enough, or being a bad mother. Amidst personal stories, she encourages readers to get moving and make the life they want to live.

For me, the core of Hollis' message is nothing new. She tackles issues that a lot of women face, but I didn't really read anything  revolutionary. However, there are a few things that do set this book apart from the rest: the steps she gives you and her radical honesty. At the end of each chapter, Hollis gives readers several things that helped her achieve specific goals. She writes candidly about her traumatic childhood and the suicide of her brother, her relationship with a man who cheated on her and later became her husband, their family's devastating experience with foster care, and the time she peed her pants while jumping on the trampoline with her kids.

There are chapters when Hollis seems to believe that things are as easy as following a few simple steps. I think for many of us, the solutions to these problems take a long time to reach and they are very difficult to achieve. But I can also see how Rachel Hollis could be the extra kick in the pants if you know what you should do, but keep putting it off or making excuses. She is tougher than many lifestyle writers because she knows from personal experience that you have to put the work in to reach the goals you set for yourself.

Girl, Wash Your Face:
Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are
So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be
By Rachel Hollis
Thomas Nelson February 2018
240 pages
Read via Netgalley
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I read through this book like it was going out of style. I cried, I laughed, I cheered, I cried again. This book is inspiring and so needed in a world of social media comparison. It's an obvious best seller must read. I have already encouraged multiple friends to buy the book or even the audible book because it is SO great. Rachel's voice is real and raw and her experiences are translatable and transparent. She's you, she's me, she's every woman I know in one way shape or form. She admits the struggles and pushes ladies to strive for better. I will read this book over and over if I find myself in a tough spot, and use so much of what she writes to achieve goals that I have laid on the pack burner. 

Get this book in your hands and read it!!!
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It’s not uncommon for me to read two books at once. Usually, I read a non-fiction during the day and fiction at night. I’m about to start Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. I am always looking for a good book full of wise and sage advice and this book definitely doles it out.

Here’s what you need to know:

Founder of the lifestyle website and CEO of her own media company, Chic Media, Rachel Hollis has created an online fan base of hundreds of thousands of fans by sharing tips for living a better life while fearlessly revealing the messiness of her own. Now comes her highly anticipated first book featuring her signature combination of honesty, humor, and direct, no-nonsense advice.

Each chapter of Girl, Wash Your Face begins with a specific lie Hollis once believed that left her feeling overwhelmed, unworthy, or ready to give up. As a working mother, a former foster parent, and a woman who has dealt with insecurities about her body and relationships, she speaks with the insight and kindness of a BFF, helping women unpack the limiting mind-sets that destroy their self-confidence and keep them from moving forward.

From her temporary obsession with marrying Matt Damon to a daydream involving hypnotic iguanas to her son’s request that she buy a necklace to “be like the other moms,” Hollis holds nothing back. With unflinching faith and tenacity, Hollis spurs other women to live with passion and hustle and to awaken their slumbering goals.
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I have already recommended this book to multiple friends and even people I don't really know!  This book was exactly what I needed to read.  It made me reflect and I also felt like I had my own cheerleader while reading this.  I loved the humor, I loved the positivity and I loved feeling that I deserve the best version of myself.  Great read and something I will be buying for friends and family.
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Although I’m not familiar with the author, I enjoyed reading this book. Rachel’s expression of writing is very witty, inspirational and motivating. Her honesty about herself gives light to others, listening to the same lies.
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An entertaining and easy read.  I was unfamiliar with the author and her website but will now start following her as I liked her writing style and what she had to say. Motivating and inspirational but not preachy, with lots of raw honesty.  I did not like the several negative mentions of medication, as if it’s bad to be on medication, however, I get where she’s coming from in a holistic way.  I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.  #netgalley
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Good solid advice with a touch of the funny and witty! I love this author's blog and couldn't wait to get my hands on this book! I hope she continues to put her thoughts to paper!
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I couldn't read the electronic copy of Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis I received to review because of the constant barrage of DO NOT DUPLICATE and COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL notes on the text so, unfortunately, I won't be reviewing the book.

Thank you.
Wendy Ward
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Founder of The Chic Site and also a face from YouTube, Rachel is a woman whom has tips to share that we can all take away from her humorous yet insightful book.

Drawing on her own life experiences, Rachel talks of things we can all do differently to appreciate and lead happier lives. From simple things like stopping comparing ourselves and working on loving ourselves as we uniquely are, to making time for a self date and doing one thing and making it a habit, each step she points out is a winner and obviously creates a happier self at the end of the day.

Talking about bad experiences she's had to live through, Rachel is honest and open with us about how struggles can be set backs but not full stops and there's always something good awaiting us if we just focus, get some perspective and never give up on positivity in how we think over situations and not just just straight to the negative.

Rachel talks through the book as if you're friends mulling over life with hilarious incidents discussed and mulled over, it makes a for an interestingly helpful life guide and read!

Many thanks to the publishers for allowing me to review this book for them!
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I was previously unaware of Rachel Hollis but am glad to now be exposed to her insight and humanity. As women we so often put ourselves down and incorporate unrealistic expectations from the outside world.  Ms. Hollis has written a welcome and useful book to answer those lies. She is also very funny!  Recommended.

My thanks to NetGalley for providing me with an eARC in exchange for my honest review.
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This book was fantastic! I can't wait to share it with my readers because I think its a book they will love!
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I was kindly sent this ARC by NetGalley and the publisher. I unfortunately did not enjoy or even finish the entire book. I was surprised to see that this was published by a well known Christian publisher. I found Hollis’ musings uncomfortable to read and she rarely referenced God or the Bible. 

I am by no means a prude, but I think that we all could have done without reading about her sex life. Married woman or not. Also, her approach to body imagine and dieting was, frankly, appalling. I would not recommend this book to anyone.
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Rachel Hollis brings some real talk in this self help book that focuses on the lies that women tell themselves when convincing ourselves that we aren't good enough. Hollis is really easy to relate to, and it helps that she shares stories about herself that many would find embarrassing. I found myself connecting to so many of the "lies", especially the "I'll just start tomorrow" mentality. Hollis also does a great job at keeping things lighthearted, and overall, this is a really empowering read.
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I just finished reading Rachel Hollis's Girl, Wash Your Face. I received a copy from Thomas Nelson, because - clearly - Book Reviewer is the best job ever. 

For those who don't know her, Rachel is the creative and business powerhouse behind The Chic Site, an awesome blog and portal for women. She has a recipe for Caramel Fudge Topped Guinness Brownies up on the site right now, so obviously she is amazing.

While this book is billed as a Christian memoir, it's not preachy in any way. She's a big tent Christian a la Jen Hatmaker, and is as inclusive as it gets. Even if you are not a Christian, I think you will find it encouraging.

Hollis - who has also written several novels and a cookbook -  writes as she blogs, with a frank, conversational style. She treats her reader like a long-lost best girlfriend with whom she is catching up with over coffee or a glass of wine.

I always hate it when people who are younger than me seem so wise, but she is the real deal. On the one hand, she runs a successful company, is married to a Disney exec, and lives in Bel Air with her beautiful family (and occasionally goes to the Oscars.) On the other hand, she wrestles with everyday doubts and hassles just like the rest of us. Her candidness and her sense of humour is her secret sauce.

Hollis has had a few harder-than-average knocks in her life, which, quite frankly, are what give her such credibility. As a child, she had to deal with the trauma of her brother's suicide and the subsequent unravelling of her family. She's also faced an unbelievably hard road to adopting her daughter, Noah. Though all this, she clings to joy, writing: "this is what it boils down to: faith. The belief that your life will unfold as it was meant to, even when it unfolds into something painful and difficult to navigate." Her trials have not made her bitter and have made her more grateful for what she has.

The subtitle of the books is Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Be Who You Were Meant to Be. Her book walks through 20 common lies that keep us from being our best and happiest and offers tips on what helped her stop believing these lies herself. With chapters ranging from I Need a Drink, to I Am Defined by My Weight, to I'm Not Good Enough, she tackles a lot of taboo subjects that hold so many women back. If you've been struggling in your life, this book is a gift.

Like any good coach or trainer, she is great at giving the reader the proverbial kick in the pants. No matter what terrible things have befallen you, she wants you to move on: "You are a warrior because of the trials you are going through, but don't you dare squander the strength you have earned just because the acquisition of it was painful."

For me, the game changing sentence was this one: "What if none of it was happening to you. What if all of it was happening for you." She talks about the power of a perceptual shift to get you from feeling defeated by your trials, to gaining strength from them. It's a bold statement and one she can only make because she has walked this path herself. If the worst thing that happened to her was that her kitchen reno went over budget or her kid got cut from the soccer team, those would be fighting words.

But she's gone through the fire. And has made it through to the other side, hanging onto joy with sometimes clenched fists. She is proof that every day can be an opportunity to pick yourself up, get unstuck, and start to work on your dreams. As she writes: "Every year, you close a new chapter in your story. Please, please, please don't write the same one seventy-five times and call it a life."

Amen to that.
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I first heard about Rachel Hollis through a FB post by Susanne Kearsley (whose work I LOVE) and so off I went to check out the link to this new book! Wow! You guys, as far as I am concerned EVERY woman needs to read this book.

Rachel's raw, funny and real sharing of what she has been through and how she has overcome the lies that she believed is refreshing and wonderfully enlightening! I'm pretty sure that every woman can relate to at least one if not more of the lies we believe about ourselves and Rachel's driving message is that you get to choose how to make change happen. You get to choose a better future and to embrace and reach for the truth. The struggles we as women face are real. I found Girl, Wash Your Face to be full of hope and straight talk.

Whether you have got it all together, or you are hanging on for dear life, this book is a must read!

Thanks to Rachel for her bravery and honesty.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and my opinions are my own.
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Not really a Christian book more like a self help/motivational one. While her stories and tips are good there’s too much of how she was able to do everything and not enough God.
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