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Ideas, Influence, and Income

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There are many books on why you should write books, how to position yourself in the market with a book and then how to make the best of that position by monetizing the content, but this book is decidedly one of the better ones.
It is well-written, practical, offers plenty of excellent advice and actionable steps to accomplish everything.
Highly recommended.
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This is the kind of book that's always good to check in with if you're a Writer seeking to build a brand or if you are brushing up on your skills. It's well written and covers a wide range of topics from the idea to publication and even way into sales, copyright and most of all owning the whole process.
I loved the author's insights on publication, marketing and most of all on seeing an idea from the first to the very last stage.
Writers, bloggers, artists, and creatives would draw inspiration from this book. I requested to read it off NetGalley because I needed writing advice and it's been a delightful read and very helpful on self publishing.
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