The Christmas Sisters

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The Christmas Sisters is definitely worth a read. It was a little bit of an emotional roller coaster. I laughed, I cried, I was frustrated with the characters. I think it had a little bit of everything.
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Ok friends, if you read my post about the impossible task, you know I’ve been sitting on some of these reviews for a long time. This is definitely one of those. So forgive my out of season Christmas book review.

I read a few Christmas-y books in December this year, and of them, The Christmas Sisters was my favorite! It is such an adorable story about sisters and family and the struggles we all deal with.

The three sisters in the story could not be more different. Hannah works constantly, leaving no time for a personal life. Her mother longs for her to settle down and start a family, but Hannah couldn’t be bothered. Beth is married and is a stay-at-home mom to two little girls. She looks like she has it all together on the outside, but secretly she wants to return to working full time. Finally, Posy, the youngest sister is the care-free adventurer.

Their family has a tradition of getting together on Christmas as it is a very important holiday to their mother, Suzanne. Hannah missed last Christmas, so this year is going to be extra special. The girls aren’t nearly as close as they used to be, but everything comes out and to a head when they gather in their childhood home in Scotland for the holiday.

I really enjoyed this book. It had the cozy feeling of a holiday book, but also dealt with real life issues and managed to be adorable without being over the top.

If you’re looking for a holiday read, definitely add this one to your list!

Thank you so much to Harlequin Publicity Team for sending along a copy of this book!
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I’m not a usual reader of Sarah’s books but the 3 sisters going to the Highlands of Scotland for Christmas grabbed me. A very emotional story as each sister and their stepmother have their own stories and secrets. And a very satisfying ending made me happy.
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This novel is THE perfect Christmas read. I love snuggling up on the couch with a good book during the holidays and this novel is exactly what I would want to grab on a cold winter night. The characters were realistic and I felt that their stories were so relatable. I also loved the setting of the novel and I think it played into that Christmas vibe that made you want to curl up next to a fire. 

If you are a fan of classic Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movies, you will absolutely love this novel. The setting was gorgeous, the characters were fun, and the story was fast paced. I highly recommend this novel and would definitely read more from Sarah Morgan. Thank you to NetGalley and HQN for sending this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

Rating 4/5
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A delightful holiday romance. Each lady will discover what makes each one have the perfect Christmas. Each character has a heart warming and art stealing storyline . This contemporary holiday story because it will warm your heart and put you in the mood for the holidays.
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So good! I really enjoyed Sarah Morgan's newest title. The story follows three sisters and their parents during Christmas time in Scotland. I liked the story going back and forth between the different view points. Really well written and engaging story. I couldn't stop reading it!
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Favorite Quotes:

If her sister had been a laptop, Posy would have run antivirus software because there were times when she was convinced Hannah had been taken over by malware.

If parenting was a meal then Jason came straight in at dessert, bypassing all other courses including vegetables.

She smiled. “I’m so glad I married you.” “Of course you are. I’m irresistible. You couldn’t resist my practiced seduction.” Stewart swaggered across the room, ruining the effect by tripping over one of her slippers. She rolled her eyes. “You have a terrible memory. I was the one who seduced you.” “Not true.” “You were moving too slowly for me, Stewart McBride.” “That’s not how I remember it. I was like a rampant stallion.”  

I have a trick I use whenever I’m scared…I pretend I’m in a movie… Whatever movie fits the scenario. It’s easier to pretend I’m playing a character, than it is to be me. 

My Review:

I have sighed with contentment after reading every Sarah Morgan book I have ever picked up.  While her cleverly complicated characters are not always easy to appreciate when initially introduced, over the course of their story they have all managed to magically tunnel their way into my cold heart.  It is a specific type of Morgan magic as her word voodoo is strong.  This fractious and captivating family was packed with complex personalities with deep-seated issues, and they fascinated me. The writing was engaging and well-paced with generous sprinklings of smirk-worthy wit and clever levity as well as a vibrancy that conjures sharp and vivid scenes in my head as I read. I adore Sarah Morgan in any season.  Ms. Morgan is also a frequent contributor to my Brit Word List with the new entries of clag (which seems to have several meanings according to Mr. Google which includes sticky as in mud; a clog or clot; and a low cloud, fog, or smog) and snug (a small comfortable room).
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This story is full of family, drama, and Christmas spirit.  I loved this family and the way that even though they had their issues with each other, they had a foundation of love and acceptance to build on.  The pacing was great all through the storyline and the the story never felt rushed.  Good characters and a great setting.
I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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A heartwarming story of love, loss, forgiveness, and acceptance sprinkled with a generous dose of holiday cheer!🎄

Sarah Morgan is fast becoming a favorite author... she does an amazing job of developing wonderful realistic characters... breathing life into them with her words... along with a beautiful storyline her books are quite the treat... this festive story is the perfect bow on top of any Christmas present!🎁

The McBride sisters are coming home to Scotland for Christmas... Suzanne is delighted to have all her girls under the same roof, but there are still some wounds that need to be healed... I appreciated how we got each sister’s point of view, we really got a true glimpse into each of their lives and hearts... Posie had an extremely adventurous side and a budding Romance that was the talk of the town... Beth, was probably the most relatable to me, a mother struggling with the decision to go back to work or not, feeling overwhelmed and under appreciated... Hana, was a reserves workaholic who played her cards close to her vest... each girl had their own triumphs and struggles, and each was impacted by the death of their parents in a different way... Suzanne had her struggles as well, suffering from survivors guilt and determined to succeed in her role as adoptive mother to these three wonderful sisters... so, can these sisters now adults come to terms with things that happened in the past?

The delightful snowy setting of Scotland added a festive vibe to the story... I really felt a connection with all these characters, and wanted nothing but the absolute perfect Christmas for them all!This book truly evoked some strong emotions in me, I felt as though I was living and breathing this book along with these sisters... a wonderful winter read that will make you smile more times then it’ll make you cry.... A book of love, laughter, and life lessons, seasoned with snow and holiday cheer!

Absolutely recommend as the perfect addition to your holiday reeds❄️

*** A huge thank you to Harlequin for my copy of this book ***
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I have been provided with a copy of The Christmas Sisters through NetGalley for an impartial review. This was such an easy book to get lost in. It was just such a beautiful story and I just loved getting to enter this world and meet these wonderful characters. I just fell in love with them and I loved seeing their journey. I can’t wait to read more from this author.
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Suzanne and Stewart are  looking forward to Christmas and their adopted daughters returning to the Scottish highlands for a visit.  They adopted Hannah, Beth and Posy when their parents were killed in a mountain climbing accident. Suzanne was along and the only survivor when the other 4 adults were killed. She still suffers from survivor's guilt.  This is a lovely Christmas story as the girls bring along problems that the family solves together.   With the grandchildren helping in the kitchen and the girls afraid to upset their parents it could be a tense holiday.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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This is my first book by Sarah Morgan, but it will not be my last! I loved The a Christmas Sisters and the story of Hannah, Beth, and Posy. Their relationship with each other was believable. And the characters were well developed. I shed a couple tears throughout, all the sign of a well written book. It was both cute and heartfelt. A perfect book to kickoff my Christmas reads! 

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book!
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Sarah Morgan’s The Christmas Sisters follows the story of Suzanne McBride and her three adopted daughters Hannah, Beth, and Posy.  Suzanne and Posy live in the Scottish Highlands, while Hannah and Beth have made their homes in New York City.  This year Suzanne is ecstatic because all three of her girls are coming home for Christmas and she has made it her mission in life to put together the perfect cozy Christmas for them all.  But all doesn’t go according to plan, however, because each of her daughters seem to be going through some personal drama that is weighing them down and creating tension.

When Suzanne falls ill and her plans for the perfect family Christmas start to fall apart, can her daughters set aside their own personal drama, embrace the holiday spirit, and come together to spread some Christmas cheer of their own?

The Christmas Sisters was just such an easy book to fall in love with and that’s mainly because of the complex, well drawn characters that Morgan has created with the McBride daughters.

-Hannah, the eldest, is the workaholic of the group and she’s hesitant to come home because she has a life-altering secret that she has been hiding from her family.

-Beth, the middle daughter, is also dealing with issues of her own.  She’s a stay-at-home mom who no longer wants to stay at home and is trying to figure out how to make that happen.

-Posy, the youngest daughter, is pretty content living near her parents.  She is, however, starting to get the itch to spread her wings and travel.  She’s conflicted though because her parents really do depend on her for so much. She doesn’t want to take off and abandon them.

I really loved these characters.  Each daughter’s personality is so well-developed and realistically drawn that I felt like they could be my own family members.  I also found the personal issues they were each dealing with to be so relatable that it was just easy to connect with each of them and become invested in their journeys. They’ve also each been burdened for years by the family tragedy that took their birth parents’ lives, a tragedy that they all refuse to talk about, even though it still clearly weighs on them.  I was just really rooting for them to come together, share their secrets and problems with one another because that’s what sisters are for, and just really push through all the tension and awkwardness and just bond.

In addition to these marvelous characters, I also adored the setting of the book.  Morgan captures the beauty and the remote atmosphere of the Scottish Highlands perfectly.  I could practically feel the chill in the air every time she described the setting and it made me want to grab a cup of cocoa and sit in front of a warm fire.  Those descriptions and the feelings they conveyed made The Christmas Sisters a perfect holiday read.

The only real issue I had with the book was that I found myself frustrated with Beth, not because of her choice to go back to work, but rather because of who she chose to go to work for, a toxic boss from her past.  I won’t give away anymore details than that, but I’ll just say she had me shaking my head so much.  Even though Beth’s story frustrated and annoyed me at times, I give major props to Morgan for creating such a realistic scenario here.  I could totally see a stay-at-home mom trying to go back to work ending up in a similar situation.

With her new novel The Christmas Sisters, Sarah Morgan has crafted a heartwarming family tale that is sure to put you in the holiday spirit. This was my first time reading a novel from Sarah Morgan, but it definitely won’t be my last!
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Easily the best Christmas book I've read 
I so needed this book in my life. The Christmas Sisters is emotional, and heartwarming, and well worth every second of the time it takes to read it.

Initially, a small mystery mentioned in chapter one sucked me in. However, by the time the mystery was reveled, I was hooked on the sisters and their stories. I HAD to know what happened to each of the sisters as they went home for the holidays.

Although each of the three sisters (Hannah, Beth, and Posy) are involved in a relationship throughout the book, this book is primarily about each of them finding their place in the world and coming into her own. This individual-centric approach to the storytelling puts The Christmas Sisters firmly in the women’s fiction category. Although the romance aspect is not front-and-center on each and every page, the romances found within the chapters are so, so satisfying. If you are typically a romance reader and don't know if women's fiction is for you, try this one out. I promise it will check all the boxes!

The author, Sarah Morgan, did a fabulous job of writing this book from multiple POVs. Each of the sisters, plus their Mom, Suzanne, had their own wholly distinctive voice. I felt totally immersed in each character’s story and felt their emotions as they worked through their obstacles.

Easily the best Christmas book I've read in years!

Bonus:  The bulk of this book takes place in Scotland!
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I loved this book! There may have been some cliches in the book, but it was handled in such a way that it wasn't cheesy. It was a wonderful story about family and sisters and a bond that is forged in the trials and tribulations of growing up and enduring family crisis. The main characters felt well rounded and fleshed out, which helped capture the family dynamics that are sometimes dysfunctional while simultaneously being heartfelt. Family histories can be messy, and there can be a lot of regret/guilt after years of reflection. The struggles that the sisters faced were believable and modern-day struggles. They were truly things that I've argued or lamented about in my own life. The pacing was wonderful and had me wanting more at every turn. There was just the right amount of Christmas in the book - descriptions that bring memories and realistic anxieties but also coziness and don't dominate the plot. Thank you, NetGalley for allowing me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved this one!

Ms. Morgan has assembled one heck of a cast for this one--the three "Christmas" sisters: Hannah, Beth, and Posy; their three (actual and/or possible) significant others: Adam, Jason, and Luke; the sisters' parents, Suzanne and Stewart; Beth and Jason's girls, Melly and Ruby--together they all combined into a wonderful story that left me smiling and thinking cozy, Christmas-y thoughts about my own family :)

Ms. Morgan skillfully weaved all of their stories together, bringing everything to a heartwarming conclusion. At times I was almost as despairing as Suzanne--would a lack of communication and understanding keep the girls at arm's length from each other forever? Even as I shook my head at them, seeing things from each woman's POV (Suzanne, Hannah, Beth, and Posy's) really helped make both their conflicts and the resolutions realistic and satisfying. 

Though Christmas is the vehicle that brings the three sisters home to Scotland, the focus is really on relationships and healing rather than the holiday itself. Even though it ends on Christmas day, it's definitely going to be the characters and the feelings they evoke that I'll remember, not the snowstorm and fairy lights. I dare you to not find something in this story to identify with--honestly, between the parent/child relationships, the sibling relationships, and the significant other relationships, this story has something for everyone. I can't wait to see what Ms. Morgan has in store for us next!

Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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Paraphrasing one of this months’ titles: “Oh, my stars.” It just happens that this women’s fiction column is almost all Christmas stories (I think there is one that isn’t). Which is fine and dandy — because you can read them now, then read them again in December or put them back and pull out one of these heartwarming tales when you just can’t bake another batch of cookies, or wrap another present, or decorate another room. Still, no matter the season, all explore the gift of love and friendship.
 The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan
What it’s about: 
In the snowy Highlands of Scotland, Suzanne McBride is dreaming of the perfect cozy Christmas. Her three adopted daughters are coming home for the holidays and she can’t wait to see them. But tensions are running high…
Workaholic Hannah knows she can’t avoid spending the holidays with her family two years in a row. But it’s not the weight of their expectations that’s panicking her—it’s the life-changing secret she’s hiding. Stay-at-home mom Beth is having a personal crisis. All she wants for Christmas is time to decide if she’s ready to return to work—seeing everyone was supposed to help her stress levels, not increase them! Posy isn’t sure she’s living her best life, but with her parents depending on her, making a change seems risky. But not as risky as falling for gorgeous new neighbor Luke…
As Suzanne’s dreams of the perfect McBride Christmas unravel, she must rely on the magic of the season to bring her daughters together. But will this new togetherness teach the sisters that their close-knit bond is strong enough to withstand anything—including a family Christmas?
The right stuff: Complex family relationships caused by past trauma are resolved in this heartwarming tale. Perfect assembled cast of characters. (See an excerpt on HEA from The Christmas Sisters.)
 The Christmas Star by Donna VanLiere
What it’s about: 
Thirty-two-year-old Amy Denison volunteers at Glory’s Place, an after school program where she meets seven-year-old Maddie, a precocious young girl who has spent her childhood in foster care. Unbeknownst to Amy, Maddie is a mini-matchmaker, with her eye on just the right man for Amy at Grandon Elementary School, where she is a student. Amy is hesitant – she’s been hurt before, and isn’t sure she’s ready to lose her heart again – but an unexpected surprise makes her reconsider her lonely lifestyle.
As Christmas nears and the town is blanketed in snow and beautiful decorations, Maddie and the charming staff at Glory’s Place help Amy to see that romance can be more than heartache and broken promises. 
In The Christmas Star, Donna VanLiere delivers yet another sweet, joyous story that is sure to capture readers’ hearts.
The right stuff: Christian romance book with a heartfelt message of new beginnings and a wonderful second-chance-at-love story.
 What Happened to Us? by Faith Hogan
What it’s about: 
Sometimes the end is only the beginning… 
After ten years together, Carrie Nolan is devastated when she’s dumped by her hot-shot chef boyfriend, Kevin Mulvey without even a backwards glance! But on reflection, she has sacrificed her own long-term happiness by pandering to his excessive ego in their successful Dublin restaurant (and out of it) – but not anymore! 
While Kevin is ‘living the dream’ with his beautiful new Brazilian girlfriend, Carrie seeks solace from a circle of mismatched strangers who need her as much as she needs them. 
With Christmas just around the corner, all is not quite as it seems and a catastrophic sequence of events leads to the unthinkable. 
How far do you need to fall before you learn the true value of family and friends? And is it ever too late to start again… 
The right stuff: Spot-on feel-good book. Great characters, wonderful serendipitous reunion and a special bit of karma.
 A Healing Justice
by Kristin von Kreisler
What it’s about: 
Two years ago, police officer Andrea Brady fell madly in love with a black-muzzled, slightly rumpled German shepherd who showed up at her house one misty autumn day. Now, with the brave and intuitive Justice as her expert K-9 drug sniffer, she’s found an unbeatable partner. Then the unthinkable happens. A savage attack leaves a teenager dead and Andie trapped in every cop’s worst nightmare. Placed on administrative leave, she’s pursued by media and investigated by a deputy sheriff whose handling of the high-profile case could earn him a coveted promotion.
Haunted by self-doubt, Andie is in danger of losing everything—her career, her freedom, and the critically injured dog who’s her soul mate. But as she finds kind allies in her Puget Sound island community, the road back becomes a journey of healing for both Andie and her canine companion. And Andie learns important lessons about justice—and about Justice—as she struggles to find the courage to forgive herself and reclaim the gift of her life …
The right stuff: Perfect homage to people in law enforcement, exploring the split decisions that they must make. Another pet lovers’ delight, along with enticing developing romantic relationship.
 Oh My Stars by Sally Kilpatrick
What it’s about:
A heartwarming, hilarious Christmas story with a Southern twist.
Like most things in Ellery, Tennessee, this year’s Drive Thru Nativity is a little unconventional. The Dollar General parking lot doubles as a Bethlehem stable, and widowed writer Ivy Long, who’s been roped into playing Mary, sure as heck isn’t a virgin. But then comes an unexpected development: a genuine, real-life baby left in the manger, with only a brief note. And somehow, in the kerfuffle that follows, Ivy finds her life is about to change …
The holidays are a bittersweet time for Ivy—filled with memories of her beloved late husband and reminders that life doesn’t always offer the happily-ever-afters her readers expect. So when Ivy ends up with custody of the baby, she can only chalk it up to a Christmas miracle. She doesn’t know if it will be forever, but with help from family, she’ll make little Zuzu’s first Christmas a good one. The nativity’s Joseph, aka Gabe Ledbetter, has a pediatrics background that’s coming in mighty handy. In turn, Ivy is helping Gabe find his place in the quirky community. If that place turns out to be somewhere near Ivy, well, maybe this particular Christmas story will turn out to be merry and bright after all …
The right stuff: Down-on-their-luck characters get a second chance at love and new beginnings. Quirky and fun with the right amount of pathos!
 Mutts and Mistletoe by Natalie Cox
What it’s about:
Thirty-one-year-old Charlie isn’t in the mood for Christmas cheer...
Her boyfriend has left her for his personal trainer, her mother has absconded with her latest husband for the holidays, and—adding insult to (literal) injury—her London apartment has just been destroyed by a gas leak. Single, mildly concussed and temporarily homeless, Charlie realizes there’s only one place to go: Cozy Canine Cottages, where she’ll spend the season looking after her cousin Jez’s doggy day care center. And if she’s not exactly a dog person, well, no one has to know… 
But her plans for a quiet Christmas in a quaint country village are quickly dashed. Peggy the pregnant beagle and Malcolm the anxious Great Dane seem determined to keep her up all night. A strange man has been casing her cousin’s house. And where is Cal, the unbearably patronizing but disturbingly handsome local vet, when she needs him? 
As the days tick down to Christmas, Charlie’s life has never felt so out of control—but with some help from her new four-legged friends, she just might learn a thing or two about living in the moment, embracing the unexpected and opening herself up to love… 
The right stuff: Looking for a little bit zany and a bit of armchair traveling? Then this is the perfect book for you. Pets, humor and romance!
 Christmas at the Cat Café
by Melissa Daley
What it’s about:
The town of Stourton-on-the-Hill has its very own cat café. Resident cat Molly, and her kittens, live here in feline paradise, while owner Debbie serves the locals home-made goodies. But even in the most idyllic surroundings, things don’t always go according to plan …
When Debbie’s heartbroken sister Linda arrives at the café, Debbie insists she move in. But Linda is not alone, and the cats are devastated with the arrival of Linda’s dog, Beau. Sadly, Beau’s arrival is not the only bombshell – now Molly’s home is also under threat when a rival cat moves in on her turf.
With Christmas approaching, Molly is unsettled, barely roused by the promise of tinsel to play with. Fearing for her feline family she hopelessly stares out of the café window searching for an answer. Only a Christmas miracle could bring everyone together.
The right stuff: While this is the second book in a series, it can easily be read as a stand-alone. Think cozy, because that is exactly what this story is. Put your own cat in your lap and enjoy!
Leigh Davis is a former contributor to Heroes and Heartbreakers. When she is not reading, she’s usually outside throwing balls to her insatiable dogs. She loves hearing and talking about great books. You can connect with her on Twitter and Goodreads.
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I love a good Christmas read and when I saw this one was set in Scotland AND focused on a homecoming there was no way I could resist it!  It was a lot of fun and full of cozy moments and heartfelt realizations.  The multiple POV storyline was well done and each character had a very disntinct voice.  I didn’t always like the character I was reading but it was never confusing.  

While each of the characters annoyed me at times they more than redeemed themselves by the end and I enjoyed taking this Christmas journey with them!  As with most multiple POV stories there is a lot going on.  Since the personalities of the characters were so well defined it made the book a quick and enjoyable read though the ending did end up feeling a bit rushed.  This was a lovely Christmas read with family drama and a dose of healing goodness!
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This book is a departure from Ms. Morgan's usual romance novels. I admit I had a hard time getting off the ground but fortunately Ms. Morgan's writing style with all its elements of laughter and tears with sizzling dialog peeked through and saved the day. 
Suzanne struggles with the excitement of having her three daughters home for Christmas with the stress of creating a perfect holiday. Beth, Hannah and Posy all have their own strong feelings of what the holiday means for them. 
Poor Hannah always trying to over compensate for not being enough for her biological parents creates a perfect sterile life where work reigns supreme. Love however has a way of sneaking through and when she finds she's pregnant she finds herself heading home. As Hannah works through her relationships with her sisters and mother, can love set her free? I loved the dancing pizza girl nickname. 
Beth once a successful career woman is now a housewife raising two beautiful children dreaming of going back to work when her husband throws a bombshell in her face.  She too flees home to her safe place leaving her husband to deal with the angst of being a true father to their two daughters. I absolutely love all the cameo moments between this family and the characters of the two little girls are adorable. 
Posy is too young to remember the tragedy that shaped her sisters and mother and seems to be content and happy on the surface but as we find out, she has her own dreams and fears that she's kept buried.  With Suzanne sick with the flu the three sisters finally bond. I love the interaction between them as they love and fight with each other as only siblings can. 
Readers get a chance to drill down into the heart of each of the 4 characters and understand their fears, their joys and their dreams. As we get through the quagmire of emotional baggage strewn with a lot of funny moments and emerge on the other side, we are left with the satisfaction of a tale well told. A Christmas story with all the messages of joy, love and forgiveness that the season is all about.
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The Christmas Sisters is one those warm Christmas stories that you just can help but love. Drawn to the story just by the words "snowy Highlands of Scotland" myself, I couldn't wait to be treated to large fires, hot chocolate, cozy nights, and of course, the snow storms. It is what drew me to this book in the first place and I wasn't disappointed at all.  Basically, it's an escapist story for me, far different from the usual fare I read, but Sarah Morgan is so good at writing escapist stories that just make you want to read another one and another one.  Take family trauma, sisters who love each other but struggle to really understand one another, an adoptive mother with some secrets, and a location that is just made for Christmas, and you have a story just waiting to be told. Curling up in from the fire on a rainy day and reading this was just an added bonus.

For twenty-five years, the family has avoided discussing what really happened the night the girls' parents died in an ice climbing accident on Mount Rainier just days before Christmas.  However, the tragedy left scars on all three of the girls and on Suzanne, the woman who survived the avalanche and who took in the girls after the accident.  Coming together this Christmas would set off a chain of events that would force everyone to look at past events and confront their fears and what actually happened that night and afterwards.  I don't want to say more as it would spoil the story but I loved how it all came together and how it was all revealed.  First of all, you have Suzanne, suffering from nightmares all these years of the event, trying to block it all out and raise the girls the best to her ability.  Hannah's development is the one I loved the most as she learned to show emotion and not always be so perfect all of the time; I thought the author dealt with her character the best of them all.  Beth, wanting to go back to work but taking a path that was not greatly conducive to her or her family; watching her struggle through this and seeing her husband support her was wonderful.  And then there was Posy, who never really left home, but who was looking for adventures of her own and was afraid to reveal her plans to her family.  Having two sisters of my own, I could relate to a lot of the scenarios that were going on in this story, even laughing out loud a few times as I could picture it in my own house so easily.  

When Suzanne came down with a nasty flu right before Christmas, it was up to the girls to pick up the tasks and try to keep Christmas from flying apart.  Through all of the commotion, the girls were able to discuss their lives and work through some of their issues and really talk for the first time in ages.  I enjoyed the humour and witty situations that occurred throughout these discussions, especially the scenes with Hannah and her nieces, so fun; the aftermath and her sister's reaction to some of the things her sisters did with her kids was fun too as I remember my own grand-father being like that and telling everyone to relax.  It brought back a lot of my own memories and the fun times I had at my grandparents when I was young.

The Christmas Sisters was an engaging story that was a bit deceptive in its presentation.  While presenting as a fun Christmas story, there were deeper elements that were addressed in this book like acceptance, forgiveness,, communicating, and embracing the future.  The writing just draws you in, makes you feel like part of the family, and within the plot, are many unexpected subplots that I enjoyed tremendously, all of which flowed together at the end.  I have always enjoyed Sarah Morgan's books, and this one is no exception.  If you are looking for a fun, engaging Christmas read, then I highly recommend this one.
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