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If you would like to learn more about Jazz Music and Musicians this is the perfect book for you. The authors provide short explanations of various styles of jazz and the corresponding musicians. They also provide short playlists. Accompanying the text are photographs. Enjoy

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This format, for me, is difficult but I found that this "know it all" really worked - perhaps because it didn't condescend? I'd recommend for the younger, burgeoning music lover or for the person that wants to sort of dip in and out of a book when the mood strikes them. A recommend.

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Probably the book I learnt the most from from this Know It All series, but that is solely because it's the subject I knew least about. Although I do enjoy jazz and have my favourites (pretty much only listen to Miles Davis because he is a god!), I did not know anything about the subgenres or vocal groups or even details on how instruments function within jazz compositions.

Anyway, great read! Full of details, but presented in a simple manner, easy to understand.

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When the topic of music and the favorites types comes in conversations i always include Jazz. I admit that except for some very famous names, i am ignorant of the basics of this music and i didn't know where to begin in order to learn more.

I was lucky to find this book. In different chapters dedicated to specific topics, the author explains the basic terminology, styles, types, evolution and the most influential figures in the world of Jazz. For someone who is already familiar with the basic of this world, i think the book will seem a bit general, for someone like me though, this is the best starting point.

I'm still far from being an expert of course, and honestly many information just slipped my mind. However, it is a starting point to dive into this amazing world because now i know that Jazz is more than just hearing the Saxophon.
I think the best feature of this book is that gives the reader a base to start from, in listening to the different names, albums and styles mentioned, one can pick what he likes best and from that point a whole world opens up.

If anything, this book made more eager to know about Jazz, and for the past couple of days i have been listening to nothing but some of the tracks mentioned.

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This is a great series, and I would definitely buy it for a gift for a music lover. Very informative.

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There's some music genres which history is so bast and so interesting that you can just try to know everything about them, the jazz is one of those genres and thi book works perfectly to achieve that goal.

Really recommended to every jazzlover

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Such a fun book! I found this to be a great intro book to help gain some beginner knowledge on a music genre that I've always been intrigued by. I've always loved jazz, although I've often found myself wanted to more about the genre as a whole. And thanks to this book, now I do! Just as the other "Know it All"" books, the book blurb didn't lie, I was able to soak up this book in less than an hour. What a wonderful idea! i am completely hooked on this series. I want to "Know It All" about everything. Bring on more books!

I have received a much appreciated digital copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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A large and wonderful compilation of information about the jazz including the iconic artists, instruments, styles, historical facts and more. Sublime!

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A good, basic introduction to jazz for anyone who wants to bone up just enough to impress musicians at cocktail parties.

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The 50 crucial concepts, styles and performers, each explained in under a minute – this is the subtitle of the book “Know-It-All Jazz.” While my personal time took a bit longer (I read the book cover-to-cover in about 100 minutes), one cannot argue against this wonderful idea of small, bite-sized chunks of facts arranged alongside colorful collages of instruments and performers.

This is one of those “coffee table” books that benefits anyone with a few minutes of time on their hands. Most pages can be read quickly, allowing browsers to add to their personal knowledge of jazz. I loved the arrangement, with chapters that examined different jazz eras as well as some of the most influential performers. Sidebars entitled “3-Second Riffs” and “3-Second Improvisations” draw our attention to related information. Folks new to jazz will probably find the chapter glossaries helpful, each one explaining terms that may be unfamiliar.

Editor Dave Gelly kept the reading light and interesting. For instance, one passage told us that “…many jazz drummers borrowed their rhythmic ideas from tap dancing, some performers, such as Jo Jones or Buddy Rich, being adept at both.” Now, that I didn’t know, and it’s just one of many eclectic moments included in “Know-It-All Jazz.” A resource section in the back includes books, websites, and a listing of festivals. The editor has also included an index for our convenience. While not a book intended for those who are already hardcore fans, it is a great intro for anyone with an interest in learning the basics about jazz history. Four-and-a-half stars.

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Brief information to use as a short compendium to begin to know jazz. Not interesting for the long time estimator of the genre, but particularly useful to decide from where to start and where to dig in search of more information. A good beginning.

Un bignamino da usare come inizio per non farsi spaventare dalla vastitá dell'argomento. Non il libro adatto per gli estimatori del genere, ma particolarmente utile per decidere da dove iniziare e cosa approfondire. Un buon inizio.


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