Buzz Books 2018: Young Adult Fall/Winter

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A great preview of upcoming YA books! It included excerpts from many titles that were great for getting a taste of the book!
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I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book so I could give an honest review. Even though this is the ninth edition of Buzz Books: Young Adult, it is the first I had read. It includes excerpts from upcoming and recently published young adult books. After finishing some of the stories, I immediately ordered their corresponding books because I HAD to finish reading them and was annoyed I didn't have it available to finish it immediately. Others, well, I liked reading them but would not continue reading the rest of the book. This edition provided an eclectic line up of stories and a nice mixture YA sub-genres. Because of people's natural tendency to gravitate to what you are comfortable or familiar with I tend to read the same sub-genres of YA more than others. If I have a choice, I prefer to read more fantasy YA then novels that about real life. I enjoyed reading excepts from books that I would not have normally chosen.

I like the idea of possibly knowing about the next huge book or series before it's published. Also, knowing about them makes a great conversation starter with my children. I would definitely read other Buzz Book collections to help make informed suggestions of selecting books for myself and my children.
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this preview had a few titles on my tbr excited pile!!! I didn't read everything :guilty: because I can be an extremely picky reader based on the mood that hits me (for god's sake, I put down cat's captive prince five chapters in when it was still available as original online fiction!!! I picked it up a year and a half year later and despaired that I'd been such an idiot.)

so, here's a selection of reviews that vary in length:

mammoth by jill baguchinsky
oh my god what a ride. I love the main character already- smart and classily, if a little work inappropriate, dressed. 

the house of one thousand eyes by michelle barker
I did a course on european history and we spent a week on the gdr- including watching a german film about a member of the stasi spying on a couple. im a sucker for historical fiction and i love the vibes of this book. lena is a sympathetic main character and her uncle is erratic and mysterious. 

the gilded wolves by roshni chokshi
this excerpt is taunting me with its desirability!!!! to my coy mistress (netgalley) please grant me the pleasure of this arc in my library!!! it contains a few of my favourite things, including alternate histories, magic, vengeance and heists!! short to the point of taunting but oh, so sweet.

shadow of the wolf by julie kagawa
o julie kagawaaaa- i havent had a good experience with you in the past, but i am quite willing to give you a chance. she is quite good at worldbuilding and the preview here really allows it to sink into your bones and provide ~atmosphere~. also the end is fucking creepy. kudos to jules for the the ol game of thrones method: exposition by execution of character narrating the first chapter. at least it was announced in the first paragraph, which gave me time to brace myself. I love court mystery and intrigue, but i get the feeling from the summary that this aint it. still, i absolutely love japanese history and mythology so i want to give this a crack (i was also approved for an arc get hype!!)

girls of paper and fire by natasha ngan 
omfgggg im so hype for this book i added it to my tbr: excited about a week ago and i still cant believe i was approved for an arc!! divertsity ftw!!! this preview only shows a little of lei's story before the real struggle begins, but it was the summary that truly drew me in. and all the reviews ive read about this book beforehand. 

the worldbuilding isnt in your face and we can immediately tell that we're not in your stock standard western fantasy world. i originally read 'forbidden fantasy' and rolled my eyes because, god, what a cliche. and then some reviews shed a light on this so called forbidden romance ans i did a complete 180 because SIS!!!! THIS IS IT!!!! 20gayteen is HERE!!!! sapphic east asian fantasy is IN!!

i have heard great things about this book and the author so i am prepared to be impressed. the cover is absolutely gorgeous as well- be still my beating heart! 

im going zoom over and devour the entire thing once i finish work today (im actually writing this in a lull between patients right now lol)
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I love getting excerpts like this. It's a really nice way to know what to look forward to over the next few months and to get excited about the readings to come. In this compilation I saw a couple of books I am going to look into further and a couple that I'm not interested in. All of the books looked like they were good, but some just weren't the type of books I like. I wish more publishing houses would out out free excerpts like this. It is an amazing way to get books that people would otherwise not have heard of into the hands of people who enjoy reading. My future reviews will definitely include several of the books mentioned here. If you've never read something like this before I would highly recommend it.
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A nice little overview of books coming out this fall and winter. I wish that it would have given us like chapter samplers for every book or something though.
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YA editions of Buzz Books are always so much fun to read. After spending time with this particular edition, I know I want to pick up: 

Mammoth – first of all, Ice Age paleontology? YES. This book is going to be fascinating. I already have high hopes that they will find something incredible at the dig site and I haven’t even picked up a copy of the book. But more importantly, this almost feels like princess diaries meets paleontology. The preview opens with a list of the items the main character is going to bring with her on her internship. You know… like her “Fashion Doll pink lipstick”. It seems so fun. I love that this book promises to combine geek girl with fashion girl. This book will be perfect on a weekend while I drink a frou frou drink and wait for my facial to dry.  I can hardly wait!

White as Silence Read as Song – This new translation not only looks amazing but had great success in is original printing in Italy. I’m always looking for really great translated novels, so this one is pretty high on my TBR. 

The Girl on the Locked Room – I feel like I spend a lot of time talking about pretty covers. This cover isn’t pretty. Its creepy. And I love it.  The writing also seems to be preeeetty darn creepy. “At first the room seems large, but soon it shrinks—or seems to. It becomes a prison. The key disappeared long ago.” Sign me up.

That’s Not What Happened – This is one of those timely books that will probably make readers a little queasy, but in a “this-is-really-well-written-but-way-too-realistic” kind of way. This story is several students versions of what happened during a school disaster. A must read.

Sadie – While there were even more books in this addition of Buzz Books that show incredible promise, it would take far too long to get into the particulars about all of them. That being said, I can’t wrap things up without saying a little bit about Sadie. I have actually already had the pleasure of reading this book. It was fantastic. Courtney Summers has chosen such a modern way to tell a story. She alternates between Sadie’s point of view and a podcast looking into her disappearance. This is a pretty dark novel, so make sure you read it with a warm drink in a sunny room.
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A lovely sampling that included some of my most anticipated reads and some that weren't even on my radar (but definitely are now).
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This was a great resource for 2018 titles. Some I'm most excited for are:

* what if it's us
* the gilded wolves
* the caged queen
* mirage
* shadow of the fox
* empress of all seasons
* the devil's thief
* a blade so black
* archenemies
* girls of paper and fire
* legacy of light
*not even bones
* odd one out
* once a king
* pride
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I love previewing the upcoming new releases.  I use this book to get together my list of upcoming books.  It makes the wait, that much better.
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This was a great way to get a sense of some of the top books coming out soon. I loved being able to read the first chapter or two of each book picked to get a sense of the author's writing style and story!
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Great book to find out about new and upcoming novels coming out. There are snippets and lists to help you out. I really enjoyed it.
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I cannot wait for the release of a lot of these books. The Gilded Wolves is decadent and fantastic. Kody Keplinger's new book is going to stir up some controversy and I can't wait for the whole book!
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Buzz Books is always fantastic at letting me keep an eye out on what's coming out and discover new titles to review! Extremely excited about The Gilded Wolves coming out after reading the excerpt!
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Great previews for some great upcoming reads! I can't wait to see what else these authors have to show us!
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As always, a useful tool for evaluating upcoming titles. Really looking forward to this season, especially the sci-fi Mahabharata
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The BuzzBooks guides are essential for planning out my reading calendar. Yes, I have a reading calendar. 

From this book, I've fallen in love with The House of One Thousand Eyes, have The Similars ready to read, and wasn't approved for the Girls of Paper and Fire so I'm entering every contest possible for a copy.
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I absolutely LOVE Buzz Books!! It's such an amazing way to check out upcoming releases and see which books I should be adding to my TBR list. There are quite of few promising titles in here but out of all the Fall/Winter releases I am especially excited for The Gilded Wolves, Girls of Paper and Fire, and Shadow of the Fox!
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As always, Buzz Books is giving me loads of new titles for me to be excited about. I recommend Buzz Books for every book lover that needs to know what new releases are coming in next seasons.
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Fantastic teasers for upcoming books always sets me off adding to my TBR and requesting. Fab resource- I watch eagerly biannual.
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These are such a good resource for you to find books that you would not normally choose for your self. I'm always excited to see what's inside when a new one is released.
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