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The cover of Where the sea takes me was absolutely lovely! 

However, I did not finish the book because the plot ended up not working. It ended up not being my cup of tea at the time I read it after all. 

Thank you for the chance.
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Heidi knows how to how to write prose and characters. I appreciated seeing beloved characters again and living in their world once again.
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This story is just very heartwarming. Also I read the second book 1st so do read the part one then go for this  book.
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Oh, I am so happy that this story had a sequel. I couldn't help but be left wondering at the end of the first book what was going to happen to Sea and to Deni. They were well on their way to finding themselves again and healing from their own personal tragedies. But of course they both had even more soul-searching and maturing to do. And you knew that they couldn't really be happy apart from each other. And now they have their second chance.

I have to say that I am disappointed in Spider. He was such a good friend to Sienna when they were kids, and I thought he would continue to be so. But now as young adults, he has gotten too wrapped up in her and made a 180 from the friend he had been in the past. Jealousy is not a good look on him.

It's beautiful to see how far Sienna and Deni have come. They are embracing their lives and starting to fulfill their dreams. And now that they are together, sort of going back to their roots, they can find a new manifestation of themselves and their life goals. And that love that they have for each other, which never really went away, isn't going to hurt any.

I admire these two for being so selfless and wanting to do whatever they can to help other people. I don't know that I would have it in me to go to another country like this and take on the missions that they do. Their work is a noble work, especially a particular issue that they undertake as a side gig. They are very brave for standing up for what is right and doing what they can for justice.

I loved reading this installment of their story and am desperately hoping that the series can continue. And while you don't need to have necessarily read the first book in order to appreciate this one, I think you will get a lot more out of it if you do read the first one. It helps you to truly appreciate where they came from and how far they have come in the past couple of years.
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Man, I really really struggled writing this review. So first, thank you to the publisher for reaching out and providing me with a free arc in exchange for an honest review. 

This book is the sequel to Where I Found You and it starts off 2 years after Sienna returns home from a life changing summer in Indonesia, where she worked with orphan victims of the tsunami and where she fell in love with Dani {which broke my heart}. Fate stepped in and she had to return home, leaving him behind, but alas, just as she was starting to maybe move on again, fate stepped in again when her tells her that Dani is coming to visit them and all her emotions are rising to the surface again but will it be the same? After all, 2 years is a long time. That being said, this book was so uniquely written and captivating with a deep topic at the forefront-human/sex trafficking. Which was really freaky to read about since it’s such a sad and harrowing reality. 

All in all, this was a really feel good romance. Take chances, you never know where it Might lead you.
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I did not finish this book. I had a really hard time getting into it. The characters and the plot were really boring to me. This book just wasn't for me.
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I enjoyed this book because of its setting - it takes place overseas and brings social issues to light. I thought that made the book unique from a typical YA contemporary. All the other elements are there - love triangle (a little), blended family, character growth etc. I would recommend this to teens who don’t know much about global issues but would like reading about them in a contemporary setting.  I think the first book should be read first.
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Nope. Not for me. I'm just not into love triangles. But I know some chick lit lover? romance lover will enjoy this story. It's not bad, I suppose, just not my type. Oh, and read Pt.1 before this one, it may make more sense..
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Where the Sea Takes Me is one hell of a read.... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! This book was amazing!! It touches on trafficking... This is great book for YA!!! This is definitely a book that I will recommend to everyone!!!!!!!
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A different kind of story in the sense that it ties in and brings to light some current events/social issues not normally touched upon in your "usual read". It was a welcome change, yet, at the same time makes you a bit sad that there are still these issues in the world. Not having read the first book in this series, I jump into the story where Sienna is finally starting to let go of a life-changing fling she had with a boy she met in Indonesia two years ago. That is, until he suddenly reappears in her life, in HER world (back home in the states). They embark on another adventure, this time to Cambodia, where they are faced with a whole new beast--the sex trafficking industry. The two take on this whole new world and a second chance at their relationship in this emotionally packed tale. Their second chance story was so intense, I'm quite interested in reading their original story! Where the Sea Takes Me is a good read for those who are bored of the meet-cute-happily-ever-after cycle and are looking for something a little more without taking too much of the romance out of the equation!
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I was not impressed. As a reader I wanted Deni and Sienna to end up together,  but it was almost boring.  Even the possible romance and tension with Spider was over quickly since Sienna was still infatuated with Deni. After stretching it out over most of the book, the reason Deni was not married was dull. 
There was a lot to their trip that was far-fetched. That they would see the exact human trafficker who took the girl's sister AND find the sister. When Deni jumped in the pool and saved Sienna after we know he can't swim, unless they were in the shallow end, that also seems hard to believe. This sequel was not needed.
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3 stars. This was an ok book but i did like the first book (Where I found you) more. I found Where I found you more interesting than Where the sea takes me. But I did enjoy this book, tge character are good and are interesting to read about. I do like the ending of the book as it leaves it off well. I would have liked the characters to be described better though and know more about them and see more of other characters such as Amelie as she was an interesting character. But all in all this was a good book.
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Despite not reading the first book in the series it wasn't difficult to follow the plot. The author gives hints throughout the book about what happened before when Deni and Sea met without spoiling the book for those who didn't read the first part of the series. I really enjoyed this story. The couple is adorable and the book addresses an important issue which is sex trafficking.
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This is the follow up to Where I Found You but it can be read as a stand-alone.

2 years have passed since Sienna said goodbye to Deni. Now she is just about to finish up college for the summer and getting ready for a trip to Cambodia to help traumatized girls who have been sex trafficked. But she is in for the shock of a like when Deni makes a surprise appearance in her life – could this mean a second chance for them?

Ah… this book was just as actioned pack and full of adventure as the first. I thought for a second I could smell a love triangle in the works but thankfully this didn’t happen. On a side note, I would like a book about Spider.

It was great to see that Sienna had matured and grown p a bit, she has finally accepted her father’s relationship with Val and she has a little brother now. I felt like she was emotionally in a better place in this book.

The tension and happiness when she is reunited with Dani is just tangible. I loved it, it certainly hits you in all the feels. Deni is still the chill free spirited guy he was in the first book. I can’t tell you how much I was rooting for these two to sort through thier shit and be together, it was so obvious that they still have very strong feelings for one another.

Finally, the ending was just so perfect!
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Where the Sea Takes Me was a sequel to Where I Found You. And I found this out a bit way 20% done with it. I was discouraged to continue on then but I saw some say that it’s totally okay to read Where the Sea Takes Me without reading Where I Found You.

Cover. The cover looks gorgeous. I am a sucker for anything that features skies. Requested this book solely based on its cover and the word of mouth that it was an amazing read. Fortunate enough to be approved of the title.

Plot. It follows the story of Sienna who was lost and blue; lost her mother through an unfortunate accident and forced to leave her love, Dani from a volunteer work in Indonesia.

As life was starting to fall back into order; her best friend Spider in love with her and it seems to be mutual. But when  Siena receives a news from her father that a person is scheduled to visit them and this person is Dani. Shocked to her core. Her life seems to be messier than it ever was.

Yes, there is a love triangle involved in here. And I am not huge about it. Why? A character from one side of this triangle was dropped like Rose’s necklace to bottom of the ocean.

There were no further settlements or elaborations that bridged his relationship with Siena. Then everything was rainbows and butterflies in Siennalandia’s love life.

I love that it tackles on the topic of sex trafficking in South East Asian countries, it brings highlight to how actively present it here in SEA countries. As a person who lives in this area, it was a topic that easily captures my heart. Although it was discussed here in a light manner still a point not to ignore.

Characters. Inspiring and interesting, the breadth of diversity is notable.

Overall, it has interesting and not so interesting narratives throughout. A read that brings light to second chances and a new hope.

Where the Sea Takes Me has:

-diverse characters
-discusses social issues
-love triangle
-quick burn romance
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I honestly could not get into this book. I ended up dnf (did not finish). I'm really thinking it's because it's a second installment of a series. The synopsis didnt give an indication that it was a "book 2". I really would appreciate publishers to somehow make that be on the cover somewhere. I've done this twice now. I mean it's my own fault for not looking it up before requesting from netgalley but I was so excited to receive the opportunity to read and review a book.
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Where the Sea Takes Me by Heidi R. Kling is the 2nd book in the Sea series, and my first book by this author. Sienna Jones  first met orphan Deni two years ago while working with Team Hope, when they fell in love.  Last time she saw Deni was on the shores of Indonesia, until he came  to America to see her family and make a presentation to the University.  Sienna still feels the sparks of love, but Deni was promised to another.  I enjoyed this book, but might of enjoyed it more if I read book 1 first.  I found this book to be interesting, but not a great love story. 

I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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After leaving the love of her life behind in Indonesia, Sienna is trying to find happiness again. She will never be able to forget Deni, but had no choice but to part ways with him. She's studying and working hard to have a good future, but missing people she loves has left its scars. Sienna hasn't been able to let anyone else in again, but someone is interested in her and she's trying hard to heal enough to be able to love again. When she's almost ready, she finds out Deni is coming to America. What will happen when she spends time with the boy she never thought she'd see again?

Sienna is ready for a next mission. In Cambodia she's going to help traumatized girls. Deni is joining the team, which means they have the chance to find out everything about the years they've had to miss each other. Can Sienna's heart handle being around him once more and what will happen when sparks fly like they did last time they were together? Will she give in or will she hide behind the walls she's carefully built around herself?

Where the Sea Takes Me is a beautiful romantic story. Sienna and Deni are soul mates, but they couldn't be together because they're from different countries. They've both tried to move on with their lives, but there was always something missing. Sienna is struggling with a huge Deni sized hole in her heart that doesn't want to heal, but seeing him again for a short time doesn't make it any easier for her to give her feelings a chance. They still don't live in the same country and could easily lose each other again. Sienna and Deni have something incredibly special and I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough to find out if fate would be kinder to them this time.

Heidi R. Kling combines serious issues with true love. She skillfully describes what the girls Sienna is looking after in Cambodia are going through and I was impressed by the honest and thorough way she tells their story. Where the Sea Takes Me is a moving love story with plenty of depth, which makes it incredible on many different levels. I absolutely loved this amazing story and was very happy Sienna and Deni got such a wonderful sequel.
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This is such a charming little story. Where the Sea Takes Me will truly touch your soul. I thought this was a cute second story in a series. Although I haven't read the first, I didn't feel as though I missed anything in the series. Although you should check it out (Where I Found You (Sea #1) on Goodreads). I will be reading book one next because I loved this story so much. 

In Where the Sea Takes Me we follow the main character of Sienna whom I really enjoyed. She had great character qualities and really seemed like a realistic college student. She is chasing her dreams and working hard to achieve them. She is still interested in a boy that she left behind, a boy that should be in her past. That boy is Deni, he is charming and from Banda Aceh. When he comes to America her world is completely shaken.

I thought the plot of this book was well crafted and the author did a great job of researching things as or before she wrote the book. This book gives you a great look at charities. More about how they work and their pitfalls. It was a different perspective than one I have seen before. It was like a peek behind the scenes. 

The romance in Where the Sea Takes Me is swoon-worthy. Seeing the main characters grow and mature together was great. This is a slow burn romance which I really enjoyed. This made this a five-star book for me. 

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Entangled teen in exchange for my honest review.
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Brilliant and eye-opening!
Thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Teen for the opportunity to read and review Where the Sea Takes Me by Heidi R. Kling!
Sienna has just finished college finals and is planning a Team Hope trip to Cambodia. Her friend, Spider, wants to make their relationship more than just friends and Sienna isn’t too sure about that idea. Her father knocks her off her feet when he calls to tell her that Deni will be visiting soon. Deni, as in the Deni that Sienna fell in love with two years ago and who she helped recover from the tsunami in Indonesia on her last Team Hope relief trip. Deni arrives and he and Sienna fall instep with each other and Spider doesn’t quite know how to handle the situation. Team Hope travels to Cambodia on a long ride and Sienna has her eyes opened wide to the beautiful country torn apart by war, poverty and sex trafficking. The Cambodian people have extreme perseverance and are living in the results of Pol Pot’s destruction. Realistic fiction, adventure and history create the story and a touch of romance brings it all forward. Where the Sea Takes Me is a brilliant, eye-opening read, 5 stars!
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