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Did not like this book at all. Too much sexual content and bad language. It could have been a good one if not for that. It had a strong storyline and I liked the characters, but I can’t read and get into a book that’s not written without all this “stuff” they think should be in there. Thank you to #NetGalley and the publishers for the opportunity to read #Trust.
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As soon as I started reading the very first page, I was thrust into a dark and gritty assassination... Paige's entire family wiped out. She is the sole survivor and will stop at nothing to seek revenge. So many questions... she soon realizes that her family was not as it seems.  

**Years Pass** 

Paige is on the run, hiding in plain sight. 
She is being hunted.... but her enemies will soon see that she is the hunter. 
But along the way, she meets Caleb. 

In the world of death and violence, she least expects to fall in love. 

A great first debut novel filled with death and exotic steamy chemistry.
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The first book of three books. I liked this book but was disappointed not realizing it was going to have any following it. However, this book alone was written amazing and stands out among others I have read this far this year.
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I also find it hard to believe that Paige would be so trusting after everything that happened to her. Caleb was quite the enigma, and it was interesting to watch their story unfold. It was okay.
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I’m not a big fan of insta-Love and horribly written sex scenes. You pretty much lost me with “pussy lips”. I understand sex scenes are hard to write, but nothing makes me cringe faster than tacky, unsexy verbiage during what should be a hot and sexy scene. Also the story was full of ridiculous, unbelievable moments. Why would she stay in town when she thinks people are out to get her?! Just leave. Why would he spend so much time with her when he knowns it puts her in danger? Why?! I’m referring to them as he/she because I can’t remember the characters names and I literally finished this book two days ago. It got a bit more interesting after the horrible sex scenes stopped, but I honestly think the only reason I finished it was because of my OCD. Sorry, I tried. Im sure someone of the “Fifty Shades” base will love this one...
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I was very partial to this book because while I didn't hate it, I didn't love it either.  I think it was because I wasn't fully invested into this story.  It wasn't because of the writing because the writing was good, I just wasn't attached to the story or its characters.
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⭐️ 4 "TTM" Stars ⭐️
I can’t believe Trust is a debut novel! Casey Diam confidently twisted a compelling story with the first installment of her Things That Matter Series. Right from the start I was totally captured by the suspenseful vibe of this novel.

The book opened in a solid way with Paige, the heroine, witnessing the murder of her family. This horrific event unravelled a lot of other revelations that put in place a gripping story. Almost five years later, she’s living in fear every single day to be found by the criminals that killed her family. Paige is skittish and keeps to herself, but there’s just something about Caleb that appeals to her. Their connection is immediate, but with her trust issues this hero needs to act carefully.

The romance between this couple is so beautiful. Caleb is so attentive and patient with Paige. You clearly feel he wants to protect her and help her heal. But nothing is as easy, because they both keep secrets from each other. They soon discover that they’re tied together in more ways than they thought.

As much as I enjoyed the story, the first half was a little too slow. In the second half of the book though, everything unravelled into some epic action and discoveries. I couldn’t wait to turn the pages and unveil some new answers to this gripping plot!

With the way Trust ended, I’m now eager to uncover the grand scheme of this whole series with the next novels.
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This was a really good read. Though it had some parts i didn't like, overall it was amazing. It was well written and characters thought out. I would be looking forward to read more from the author if given the chance.
Thank you for providing an ARC for this book.
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The first half of this book I give 3.5 stars to. It's definitely a steamy insta-love book. Where I fell in love with this book was the second half where they actually start talking with each other and sharing what's happening. Oh, sigh, the craziness. I didn't realize this was book one and that there was  a book two. Where it ends is definitely a cliff hanger so prepare yourself!  But don't worry the second book is already out to read. I have just started the second which takes place right where the first ends.
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Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for an Arc of this book. This book was sexy, suspenseful and full of intrigue. I loved the alternating povs of Caleb and Paige. This is the most erotic book I have ever read. I loved the characters and can't wait to read the next book
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A new to me author, and i must say the blurb really drew me in. That and that fact that from page one you are thrown right into the middle of the action of this story. A riveting story about a terrible past and moving forward in life but also being pursued. Loved the dual POV as i am a huge fan of getting deep into each characters head and thoughts it really enhances the story for me. A gripping romance with plenty of mystery and suspense and a good few nail biting moments also. Well worth a read and i cannot wait to see the other books in this series.
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I fell in love with Trust. When I started reading this book I thought it was going to be a standalone but I was pleasantly surprised. Trust was filled with so much suspense. As much as I love to know what’s going to happen as soon as possible, I loved that Casey Diam took her time building the characters and we got to really know them and enjoy the story without it being rushed. I loved getting to know Paige and Caleb. Paige and Caleb were both raw and real with layers and it was nice reading them unravel as the book progressed. I got a bit scared when I saw that there was only a few chapters left because I hate when stories are rushed to conclude. However I learned that wasn’t the case and that there would be a book 2! Trust does end on a bit of a cliff hanger so I’m looking forward to the next book in this series. 

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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Holy crap! What a story. My mind is still reeling after finishing this book. 
Also, I cannot believe this is a debut novel for Casey Diam, holy hell that author just came out swinging with this baby. I can already tell I will be a fan for life. 
Trust by Casey Diam is book 1 of 3, and I'M DYING WAITING FOR THE NEXT INSTALLMENT!

This was such a hot steamy suspense novel that had me biting off fingernails with each page I read. 

This is a MUST read people! MUST READ!
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Amazing Book I Absolutely LOVED It. I CANNOT Wait For The Second Book. 

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The book sweeps you away and drags you in. 
There are no other words to describe it except awe some. It gripped your attention with intriguing characters and a mysterious storyline that takes you for a whirlwind ride.
The main character was lovable and relatable. Honestly, she was my favorite part of the whole book. The trauma was realistic and believable. She seemed to suffer greatly and it hurt me so much! Paige was an amazing individual who surpassed an incredibly traumatizing event. Even if what had happened hadn’t happened (being vague for non spoilers), I feel like she would have been exactly the same. She had a strong spirit. Paige was amazing. And Caleb. Well…..
Caleb showed the right amount of remorse and inner conflict. He was equally amazing. Caleb never compromised on who he was and what he stood for. He never did anything that seemed to contradict his words or emotions or even his reluctance to join the “family business”, which was evident from the start.
While I don’t necessarily agree with his methods, the manner in which he went about saving Paige was adorable. And, I think, exactly what she needed. 
I loved the book so much I immediately picked up the second one: Hope, out now. There is genuinely something for everyone. There is intrigue, mystery, a mafi/mob, romance. There is even sex but its not gratuitous.  
I recommend this to absolutely everyone.
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Some romance, some suspense - everything I like in a book! Written well and kept me in the story. The 2 main characters were very likeable. Ends on a bit of a cliffhanger so of course I'm ready for book 2 :)
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Wow, where to begin? I admit that this book took me a bit to get into so if you have a hard time like I did, don't give up, it gets way better and is worth it. This is the story of Paige who after her parents and siblings are murdered is told that they weren't her real family and if Caleb who is the adopted son of a wealthy man who is looking for Paige. I don't want to give too much away but the twists and turns in this book are amazing and keep you guessing the entire time. Be warned that this ends in a cliffhanger and there is a second book that as soon as I'm done with this review i will be diving in to. I believe this is the first book by Casey Diam and if she continues writing books like this she will be hugely successful.
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Paige is all alone after her family has been killed five years ago and she always feels people are after her. Well, they are after her and it is a mystery why. It drove me nuts to read a book that is shrouded in mystery from beginning to end as this is the first in a trilogy. Clearly this is not for me.

At first I thought Paige to be a resourceful young woman, but I didn’t get why someone this scared would just trust someone like Caleb. Many things didn’t make any sense to me. Why wait five years to dive into the why and how of your family’s death? Why didn’t she contact her grandparents? Why didn’t she leave after being discovered? She just goes to work? She seemed TSTL sometimes.

The book is written very well so if you’re into thrillers where nothing makes sense (yet) this is for you.

I requested and received an ARC via Netgalley and this is my voluntary and honest review.
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Trust was a pleasant surprise. What a web the author has weaved. In a market full of books that tend to run together, Trust certainly stuck out. I look forward to reading the next installment!
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This is the first time I hear about this author, but I realized that this is her debut novel, so that was the reason. I decided to read this book because I was seeing many quotes about it on various sites, and I am glad I gave in because "Trust" was my cup of tea. 

This book tells the story of Paige, a woman who is 19 that went through a trauma after her whole family was murdered by some killers that remain unidentified. Besides the suffering of losing her parents and sisters, Paige discovers that her life previous to that moment had been a lie. Who is she? Who are the people who killed her parents? Paige is convinced that the killers are still after her, this is why she keeps on changing apartments and jobs to keep herself in the dark as much as possibile to avoid losing her life by the hands of these people. 

Now, the first thing that came into my mind when I read how Paige behave was to call her paranoid because she thinks someone is always watching her every move. She keeps on changing routes to go to her jobs or come back to her house, and it takes so much effort, but there are people who act like this, even if they are fewer than the majority. As the story develops, though, we understand why she is so obsessed with staying on her own and disclose as little as possible about her life and habits. There are indeed some people who are keeping an eye on her, and chapter after chapter there are some details not to avoid that let us realize what is that the killers want, but it's not always clear. I liked that the author showed us Paige's fears and described what was happening to her and her suspicions, but some of them are real... while some of them are not, which makes the story even more interesting because it's hard to say who or what is true and what is not.

The "Trust" of the title is not only aimed at the reader who has to try to trust the story despite there's a bit of tension in the air, but it also refers to the main protagonist Paige and the main male protagonist, Caleb. We don't know much about Caleb besides from what he tells us or from the scenes he has from other characters, and it is hard for the reader to trust him as well because of this. Paige finds herself drawn to him but she doesn't know why, since she decided not to get attached to anybody. Caleb tries hard to let Paige trust him, but it's not that easy for her and he knows that he's playing with fire.

Our main heroine was different from many other women in novels I've read before. She could seem weak at times, but she's very strong. She is maybe too strong for her own good, but since she fears that something bad may happen to her because of her parents' killer, she decided to be tough and be detached from all of the people she meets in her life. Maybe not only to protect herself but also to protect them from these people who are looking for her.

The book ends with a cliffhanger since this is a trilogy, and I can't wait to read the second volume when it comes out.
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