The Night Before

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This was a great thriller. Had me guessing for a while- wasn't sure who was crazy or who was just imagining things. I would highly recommend this quick read for the beach this summer or a rainy afternoon.
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Told in the alternating voices of two sisters, Laura who has moved back home after a bad breakup and is getting ready for a first date and Rosie, married with child who frantically searches for Laura when she doesn't come back from her date. 

A bit of a slow moving plot but the unexpected twists were more than enough to keep me reading until the end, Enjoyable.

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for providing a digital copy in return for an honest, unbiased review.
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A fast paced thrilling read centered around a missing sister. The Night Before is a story told via dual timeline, one from each sister. One of the sisters, Laura, has you thinking she did one thing, while her sister Rosie and her brother in law have to piece together the puzzle. Perfectly paced with Walker revealing critical information at exactly the right time. A must read for any fans of the suspense or thriller genre.
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The Night Before is the story of two sisters who are not as close as they could be, thanks to a wild ride of a childhood. It starts off sounding like it’s going to a be a thriller based on the perils of online dating, and it essentially is. It morphs fairly seamlessly into a thriller based on a very troubled woman and the violent ends that befall the men she dates. And then, then it takes a turn that isn’t expected and seems to come out of nowhere.

Laura Heart Lochner is the very troubled woman. Rosie Ferro is her sister. Rosie is married to Joe. Their best friend, since childhood, is Gabe. They are on odd quartet and that’s part of what makes The Night Before readable… you just want to figure out why it works between the group of them. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t, not really… too many secrets, too many lies.

A good deal of The Night Before is based off a death that happened when the foursome were teenagers. Nobody is quite sure exactly what happened that night, even though they were all there, and nobody has ever quite learned to trust themselves or the others. Rosie medicates herself with Benadryl and wine, Joe drinks after Rosie goes to bed, Laura had an affair with her psychiatrist, and Gabe made a career of investigating other people’s lives.

Laura, recovering from an unexpected breakup (or was it?), is staying with Rosie and Joe when she decides to try online dating, figuring a site dedicated toward older men with established careers would be a safer bet than a Swipe Right-Swipe Left app. Of course, people lie online. Laura lies online. This causes a host of problems for everyone involved, including Rosie, Joe, and Gabe when Laura doesn’t return from her date with the man they don’t know.

Because this is a thriller and a mystery, writing a review is hard, especially when it’s a fairly good mystery and thriller, because spoilers could so easily be tripped into. And I don’t want to do that because The Night Before is definitely worth your time to read. If you do read it, let me know in the comments what you think of the twist. The twist bothers me a bit, but the book is sticking with me and maybe that says more than a wonky twist does.

I received an advance copy of The Night Before through NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest and original review. All thoughts are my own and my review will be posted on multiple sites.
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This. Book. Was. So. Good.

I started reading it and immediately I felt my stomach get tight in anticipation... in dread... knowing that Wendy Walker is brilliant at sucker punching the reader with information that leaves you reeling - without it ever feeling like it came out of nowhere.

Told through alternating narrators - sisters Laura and Rosie take us on a 24 hour journey that brings up old memories, distrusts, and pain. 

Laura, has moved back from the city and is living with her sister, brother-in-law and nephew while she figures things out. One thing that is clear from the beginning - Laura's past is complicated, and things aren't always as they seem.

Laura goes on a date one night and isn't home in the morning ... leaving Rosie concerned. But not necessarily for her sister. What did Laura do? What follows is the back and forth; Rosie living in the present as she tries to find her sister and make sense of Laura's life: and Laura, giving us the backgrounder of her childhood and life ... all the little details you need to pay attention to while we wait for the plot to thicken and then reveal itself. 

If you loved All Is Not Forgotten then this is the perfect book for you. Written in a way that leaves you a little uncomfortable, but also wanting more, Wendy Walker delivers another thrilling read. I didn't want to put it down. 

Solid book throughout, with a really great ending. Highly recommended. 

Thank you Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for the advanced copy in return for an honest review.
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I thought this was a great story premise. It was actually one I was really excited about. Once the reviews started pouring in, I got a little discouraged and didn't want to read it immediately.

Now that I'm done with the book, I can say that I do agree with all of the reviews saying this was a mediocre book. It was a great story, nothing majorly exciting or unlike anything I've read before. But this was just enough of a great story to keep me interested enough to finish the book.

I'm still willing to give another Wendy Walker book another chance though!
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Thank you to Wendy Walker, the publisher, and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of "The Night Before". 

I was excited to read this book based on the synopsis. However, it was just okay for me. The premise was set-up well. The main character, Laura, returns to her hometown to live with her sister, Rosie and Rosie's husband, Joe. You learn that Laura, Rosie, Joe, and Gabe were childhood friends. You discover that Laura had anger issues and was a possible suspect to a murder of her first high school love. Laura goes out on a blind date with a man that she find through an dating website. She does not return home. The search is on for Rosie, Joe, and Gabe to find out what happened to Laura and who this mystery man was. Overall, I think many people will enjoy this book due to a few twists.. I felt that the story was slow in quite a few places.
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Wendy Walker is astoundingly good - this is the third novel I've read from her, and all three are five-star-worthy. Even with a concept that sounds pedestrian (online dating lies), Walker makes it shine with the stellar characterisation of Laura.

Laura is the kind of person we wish we weren't, but fear we might be. Even her own mother calls her "difficult to love". When you hear that as a child, it can screw you up for life. So it's no surprise that she sought out difficult relationships for herself.

Forget "unlikable" heroines - this is an unlovable character that strikes a chord.
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Laura moves back to her hometown to live with her sister after an apparently disastrous relationship in New York, and decides to try online dating. But what exactly has happened before? This was a very thrilling thriller, and I would definitely recommend it. The writing style reminded me of The Wife Between Us, so whilst they’re quite different stories, if you enjoyed that then this could be the book for you.
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A chilling, suspenseful, psychological thriller about a woman who has been unlucky in love and dating. She tries a dating site and thinks, just maybe, she is finally lucky. Bur she's in danger and doesn't know from whom.  A very surprising "who done it!"
Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC for my Kindle.
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I was intrigued by the premise of The Night Before, but unfortunately I was left with a meh feeling overall. It was an okay read for me. Early on I figured out who was behind the disappearance. There were still a few surprises here and there to hold my interest though.
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Thank you Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for this e-ARC in return of my honest review.

Two sisters tell the story from each other’s end. Laura, the youngest, tomboy in childhood, in search of true love is heading for date with a man from online dating site. Everything looks promising until Rosie, the oldest sister, now married and young mom, find Laura’s room empty next morning. The past horrible secret unifies both sisters and Rosie is on the quest to find her sister. Along she unravels mind-blowing secrets from the past.

The story was gripping at times, but I did not feel particularly thrilled. I could not connect with Laura desires and fears, as she wasn’t fully drawn until very last chapters. Readers get these pieces of information from her and her sister’s flashbacks from their childhood. I did not feel Rosie who lost any traces of communication with her sister. She got so caught up with her own family taking care of her husband and son, she kind of abandon her sister. Aren’t we all a bit guilty of it though? With work everyday, never-ending chores and making house a home? I should have liked Rosie more, but I was confused why she didn’t believe her sister when accident happened?

The plot was a little bit predictable, but there were few twists I appreciated. I think I should stop right here or I’ll spill something  important. 

Overall, good read
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I read and quite enjoyed Walker's 2017 thriller Emma in the Night, so I was excited to read The Night Before. This is compellingly written and structured, with a propulsive but measured pace and alternating perspectives/timelines. It seems it's getting harder and harder for psychological thrillers to make a lasting impact—although this one was good, it wasn't particularly striking or memorable, a solid but ultimately middle-of-the-road offering. Based on the first 3/4 of the book, I expected this to be a 4-star read. However, the pace slowed way down toward the end, all the more frustrating because, by that point, it was perfectly clear to me where the ending was headed.
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The Night Before was a twisty turny ride of a thriller.  I thought FOR SURE I had it figured out the first third of the book,  Little did I know......
I love how the book is told in three viewpoints alternating chapters.  It's told from Laura's point of view in a timeline from the Night Before, Laura's dialouge to her psychologist a few months prior and Rosie (Laura's sister) the following day.  
Perfect summer thriller!  Be sure to throw it in your beach bag this summer!
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I was so excited to get a copy of this to read, but I started this again and again and again and couldn't seem to get past the first few chapters. It got to the point where I had to put it aside for a few weeks until I tried once more and this time I pushed through. I'm glad I did, because it was much better than my initial impression, but I was really put off that it took me so long to get into despite the fact that it was one of my most anticipated reads of this year. 

I found the characters difficult to feel sympathy for, I was unable to trust the main character and found myself sucked into the unreliable narrator trope. I don't dislike books because of an unlikable main character but this was a bit tough to get through. I also found the red herring to go on for too long during the book. 

Overall, I didn't dislike this book, but I felt let down a little. I was hoping for more. I would continue to read more of Wendy Walker's books no matter what, I think she has something and this wasn't enough to put me off.

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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The relationship between two sisters with long-buried secrets always provides a compelling basis for a psychological thriller. And The Night Before is no exception.. 

Laura Lochner has come home. She's on the run from a broken heart (again) and has abandoned her Wall Street job and New York City apartment, hiding out in the home of her sister, Rosie, who never left the small Connecticut town in which they grew up. Laura's life has been defined by a tragedy that occurred in her youth, and opened her up to suspicion and gossip. She has never dealt with that reality. Rather, she has been involved in a series of relationships with the wrong men. Of course, Laura has not been forthcoming with Rosie about the details. 

Rosie understands her sister and has always been her protector. So of course, she allows her to take up residence in the home Rosie shares with her husband, Joe, and son. Because Laura has not been completely candid about the reasons she gave up her life in New York City, Rosie is left to surmise and attempt to understand this latest chapter in her sister's troubled life.

But Rosie is supportive when Laura announces that she has a date with a man she met on an internet dating site. Rosie helps her gt ready and loans Laura her car so that she can meet the man for a drink, with Laura's assurances that she will behave responsibly. 

So Rosie is understandably upset the next morning when she discovers that Laura next came home the previous night. Worse, Laura is not responding to calls or texts, and Rosie has no idea how to reach the man Laura was scheduled to meet. Rosie saw his photo on the dating website, but has no way of knowing whether that picture was genuine or if he provided Laura with his real name. All Rosie knows is that her sister is missing, Rosie's vehicle has been abandoned, and the only person who might be able to help is their mutual childhood friend, Gabe, who lives next door in his boyhood home. Gabe performs IT forensics -- sometimes tracking down cheating spouses -- and offers assistance tracking calls to and from Laura's telephone, as well as the telephone's whereabouts.

Author Wendy Walker relates the story of the desperate search for Laura through alternating narratives. She relates the details of Laura's sessions with a New York City psychologist, commencing four months earlier, along with Laura's present-day first-person account and a third-person present-day narrative told from Rosie's perspective. The result is extremely effective. Walker reveals details about Laura's life that she disclosed to Dr. Brody as readers go along with Laura on her blind date. The focus then switches to the frantic search for her undertaken by Rosie, Joe, and Gabe. Walker switches the story's focus as deftly-times intervals, compelling the story forward and keeping readers intrigued. Along the way she expands upon Laura's history and why she has always been the dysfunctional sister, Rosie's resentments about that and fear not that Laura has been harmed but that, perhaps, she has done something untoward to her date, and grants readers an unfettered look at Laura's feelings -- her self-recriminations, lack of confidence, and awareness of how her sister regards her. 

Walker deftly keeps the pace moving, providing clues to Laura's whereabouts, some of which are valid and some that prove disappointing. The suspense builds to the point that Walker reveals what happened to Laura and her location, but the focus then switches to the desperate attempts to get to her in time. Walker includes a subplot involving Rosie's jealousy about the relationship Laura and Joe share which is ultimately resolved with the revelation of family secrets that impact all of them.

The Night Before is a creative, tautly-constructed contemporary thriller and exploration of a troubled sibling relationship. It's a smart, crisp mystery that proves first dates can be murder.
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This book was a challenge for me.

When I downloaded this book, I had the impression that it would move to another course, which would be something more "hectic." But not. It revolves more around the protagonist's psychological than in the crime / drama genre. And that was GREAT.

In several moments I thought the villain was a certain person and in others I thought it was somebody else but in the end I was 100% deceived! It was a huge surprise.

The late kick made me feel uneasy when I played down the right side. It was explained why MAS was not convincing (for me).

Anyway, I recommend reading.
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Laura Lochner is having a difficult go of it and returns to her sister Rosie's home to get her life together. She has been unlucky in love and decides to go on a date with a man she met on an Internet dating site. When Rosie wakes the next morning and finds out her sister hasn't returned home all she can do is think the worst.  There is a lot more to this story than I first thought and it has a lot of twists and turns that kept me guessing until the end. Fast and gripping read.
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Laura has a habit of desperately searching for love in all the wrong places. She falls too hard and fast when meeting someone new. She is fresh out of a relationship and has decided to move back to her hometown with her sister, Rosie. Rosie is married with one kid and is happy to have her sister back home after so long. Rosie worries a lot about Laura, so she wastes no time trying to find answer once she doesn’t come home after a date. 

What an interesting read this turned out to be. I had no idea what to believe throughout and Laura seemed to be too unstable and delusional for me to trust any of her thoughts. Everyone seemed to be manipulating Laura in some way which almost made me not trust Rosie and her family. Rosie came across a bit paranoid and over the top at times, so it made it difficult to trust her thought process as well. 

I caught myself second guessing almost all of the scenarios put in front of us. I was so drawn into everything that was fed to me at one point that I failed to come up with my own thoughts. 

Overall, I thought this was a really good read with great suspense. I was a bit shocked at the ending which to me equals a job well done.
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Thank you Netgalley and st martins press for the opportunity to read The Night Before.

This was one of my most anticipated summer reads. I became of fan of Wendy Walker after I read Emma in the Night a while back. I think she does a great job of weaving a story into past and present until you get the full story at the end. 

I really enjoyed this thriller. It had me holding my breath and nervous at times. I had a few guesses along the way but was pretty surprised with the outcome when it was all said and done. I really liked how fast paced the story went- there was never a dull moment. 

I felt Laura was an interesting character- you knew there was much more to her then what it seemed. I felt myself rooting for her but also skeptical about her choices and what she may do next. I honestly did not know if I liked her or not.

I will definitely read more of Walker's novels after enjoying both this and Emma in the Night.
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