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Speed Read Porsche 911

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This is the second book I have read in the Speed Read series and again I learned a lot.  This book just focuses on the Porsche 911.  I enjoyed the fun facts and reading about all the designers and engineers behind who have worked on the 911.  It was also fun to see the evolution of the car.  Illustrations also accompany the text.  Enjoy the ride.
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A great overview of all aspects of the iconic Porsche 911 history, including design, key models, designers and engineers, and race history. Even though the information is fairly basic, it still includes interesting aspects many readers may not be aware of.
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I took the chance to read this because the Speed Read series is also targeted toward beginners. Filled with summarised facts with trivia on the side, followed by an illustration on the opposite page.

The book layout is good however I hoped that there were info graphics incorporated so the facts wasn’t going to throw general readers off the deep end but it did. Couldn’t finish it.

Above all, this book would be a nice refresher for a car enthusiast!
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A Speed Read, perhaps – but not really a speedy read.  Even though everything is reduced to page-long chapters, with attendant box-out factoids in a side column, and a full-colour, full-page illustration for every spread, there is a lot to get through here.  And I think there is too much for the claim that this can be read by the layman.  It will really appeal to the owner or committed fan, however – and for them this has some fine information, and everything they could want.  However, for the rest there remains the fact that all the many chapters often repeat each other over the same few details, and I really do wonder why the designers used cartoons (accurate and decent cartoons, but cartoons) and not photos, in a book that prides itself so much on its visual sense.
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Lots of fun information about the history of Porsche and various racing events. 
My favorite part was the fun facts and historical tidbits.
A great book as an introduction and a fond look back for the enthusiast.

I read this book via Netgalley. The review is my own.
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This book is a must have read for any car enthusiasts especially if your dream car is a Porsche 911
This little read tells the history of this legendary car from conception to its almost demise in the 80s up to the present day. 
A must read for fans
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this is the ideal book for porsche owners and car fanatics. This little book provides a history of Porsche, with a focus on the 911, as well as an in-depth look at how the car is built. I'm by no means a Petrol-Head but I found this super interesting
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