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Come and Get Me by August Norman 

When award-winning journalist Caitlin Bergman is invited back to campus to receive an honorary degree,  a student begs her to probe an unsolved campus disappearance: Angela Chapman went out one Friday night and never came back.
To find the missing woman, Caitlin must join forces with a local police detective and the department that botched her own case so long ago. But while Caitlin follows the clues behind Angela’s disappearance, someone else is following her…

I was quite enjoying this story, I liked Caitlin and liked her more as we got to know more about her past. the other characters In this book I didn't quite connect to. for a debut and a first in a series it was a strong start and I am looking forward to seeing what comes next for Caitlin.
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At Indiana University, someone’s been studying the female student body: their dating customs, nocturnal activities—and how long they can survive in captivity.

When award-winning journalist Caitlin Bergman is invited back to campus to receive an honorary degree, she finds an opportunity for a well-earned victory lap—and a chance to face the trauma that almost destroyed her as an undergrad. But her lap becomes an all-out race when a student begs her to probe an unsolved campus disappearance: Angela Chapman went out one Friday night and never came back.

To find the missing woman, Caitlin must join forces with a local police detective and the department that botched her own case so long ago. But while Caitlin follows the clues behind Angela’s disappearance, someone else is following her…

Unearthing secrets hidden beneath an idyllic Midwestern college town, Caitlin must expose what really happened to Angela—before she herself becomes the newest addition to a twisted collection.

My Review
Come and Get Me is an engrossing brilliant novel full of twists and turns keeping you entertained until the very end.

This ARC was provided for me in exchange for my honest opinion. I can say with all certainty it is captivating, edge of your seat kind of book. A must read for anyone who enjoys a really good mystery novel.
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This one took me far too long to read!

I started reading it and put it down after our main character announces to a room full of students that she was a rape victim. I was not sure if I wanted to continue down the path of a male author depicting any part of that. However, I am sorry it took me so long to get back to it. I ended up liking it quite a bit.

Caitlin was a fierce, strong character who I wanted to see win with minimal damage, preferably. Every other character was suspect. They were real and each took their turn to be on the hot seat. While I did not guess who the guilty party was, there were clues and bread crumbs throughout the book. 

The pacing was perfect; I did not find a dull moment. The glimpses into the perpetrator's world were well-spaced and while dark, a great addition to the hunt.

It appears this is the author's first novel and that he is planning a series with Caitlin. I will watch for future titles by this author.

A big thanks to netgalley and the publisher for my advanced copy!
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COME AND GET ME is an exciting, tautly organized thriller of suspense and mystery which strums the chords of many essential contemporary issues, including campus sexual abuse and widespread rape culture, drug use, abuse, and sales, the free press vs. Law enforcement, and psychological issues as well. I found myself vicariously living the story, which provided tons of tension and emotional ups-and-downs as I hung on through a gloriously wild and twisty tide. Not a book to forget.
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Fast paced, Thrilling and Unputdownable!

Why did I wait so long to read this book? like why because honestly, this book was brilliant. I am very picky when it comes to reading mystery & thriller and this book does not disappoint.

The story begins when renowned journalist, Caitlin Bergman comes back to her hometown to receive a honorary degree from Indiana university after 20 years. Years ago, Caitlin had left town all of a sudden and nobody knew why and upon her arrival in the university, she reveals the reason behind her sudden disappearance. You see, all those years ago, Caitlin was raped by her classmate and when she went to the police, they basically shooed her away.

Now, she is back in town and trying to overcome everything that has happened in the past. However, that's easier said than done. Firstly, just being on the campus is threatening her mental health and secondly, there's a new mystery brewing inside the university. Girls have disappeared in the past and the local police department doesn't seem to care still. Therefore, Caitlin must gather all her strength and work to find out the truth behind the disappearance of these girls even if doing so, puts her own life on the line.

This book gave me so much of Sharp Objects kind of vibe. The Mid-western setting, the disappearing girls, the MC being journalist and the theme of a serial killer on the loose. Like I mentioned earlier, I couldn't put it down. The writing is beautiful, the plot is so very well structured, the mystery is nerve-wracking and the chase to find the truth had me on the edge of my seat from beginning until the end. Caitlin is phenomenal as a MC, she is independent, sassy and her story of struggle and success is deeply moving. I feared for her life but honestly, her character delivers and fights back so powerfully.

In truth, I couldn't have asked anything more in a psychological thriller. I can't wait to see what the Author does next!
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this book is magic! i swear i did not turn a page they turned themselves! august is a master of his trade. i felt like i was not reading the book myself it read itself to me. i could imagine the setting and the characters within it.
and it really hit all those thriller g spots! it had me captivated from the start and throughout. i seriously could not put it down and finished it very quickly. i would recommend to anyone who loves a good thriller that keeps you guessing throughout
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Sounded right up my alley but was alittle slow for a crime fiction book. I didnt hate it but didnt love it. It was just ok.
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This was a marvellous début novel from August Norman. The book was full of interesting characters and was well written. It drew me in from the very beginning. This début had everything and the great pacing held my attention throughout. This was most definitely a page-turner. I can't wait for the next book in the series! Looking forward to reading many more books by this author. Five hugely deserved stars.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel at my own request from the publisher via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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Caitlin Bergman, an award winning journalist, is back in Bloomington, Indiana to accept her diploma after leaving campus twenty years ago just four credits shy of graduating due to a trauma. Caitlin is ready to face her past head on and finally put to rest what happened to her all those years ago.  But, instead of laying the past to rest, Caitlin finds herself investigating the case of a girl who just up and disappeared two years ago. Angela Chapman just suddenly vanished and her mother and best friend are determined to find out what happened.  

Someone has been building a collection and now has eyes on Caitlin and is determined to make her the most perfect collection of them all.  Can Caitlin solve the case first or will she find herself in the crosshairs of a psychopath?

Come and Get Me by August Norman is the first book in the Caitlin Bergman series and WOW does this book deliver! Not only does it deliver, but it is also the author’s debut novel and I can not stress just how perfectly executed this story really is.  The mystery behind Angela Chapman’s disappearance follows a dark and twisty path leading to multiple suspects and I found myself having a hard time actually figuring out who was behind it all.  There are multiple storylines involving the disappearance of Angela and Norman does such a fantastic job at throwing you off the scent while not knowing how everything is going to come together.  In the midst of the mystery surrounding the disappearance, Caitlin has to contend with a police department she neither trusts nor believes in especially since the department failed her two decades ago.  She is also trying to come to terms with her trauma which is taking a huge toll on her both emotionally and physically. So, it was really interesting to see all the bits and pieces coming together.

Caitlin is such an enigma.  She is terribly flawed and I can see how the events of the past shaped who she is today.  She is both weak and strong all at the same time.  I can feel empathy for what she went through, but on the other hand Caitlin is also a badass.  She is snarky and does not stop until she gets answers. Even though her past trauma shaped who she is in a way it also made her a strong, capable and a fierce contender.  I absolutely loved seeing her growth as the story progressed.

August Norman does not hold back in the telling of this story and in the later part of the book it does get quite dark. He tackles many issues regarding the safety of women on college campuses and the dangers women face. Norman also really hits home on how resilient someone can be when faced with adversity. I am definitely looking forward to more of Caitlin Bergman and her story.

Come and Get Me is a rich and vividly told story with many twists and turns that will leave you gasping. With well executed scenes, a heroine you can’t help rooting for and a story that delves deep into darkness, Come and Get Me will have your pulse pounding over and over again. I seriously can not wait for book number two in the series!
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"Scars just prove you lived through something"

Caitlin Bergman, an award winning journalist and author comes back to her home town of Bloomington, Indiana after 20 years to finally accept her degree at Indiana University, which she abandoned when she left college just 4 weeks short of graduating. No one, not even her best friend Mary Lubbers/ Gaffney, knows why she left so suddenly all those years ago, until she lets it slip in her speech that she had been brutally raped by a fellow student and left because she received no help from the local police department and university officials. Now she is back to try and come to terms with what happened to her, even though she gets major anxiety attacks whenever she tries to recall that moment. 

While there, Caitlin is approached by a student journalist, Lakshmi Anjale, who wants her help with a 2 year old cold case involving the disappearance of her best friend Angela Chapman since it seems that the local police department have, once again, botched up the investigation and are covering up their tracks. What follows is an intense, fast past and taut thrill ride which involves Caitlin uncovering a big, illegal pot growing operation, run by a few ex-students of IU who Angela knew very well and the existence of a seriel kidnapper/ killer who now has his sights set on Caitlin. The last part of the book is pretty intense and can be a bit disturbing for some, but is something which becomes therapeutic for Caitlin in the end.

This book DOES NOT have one dull moment. It is a wild ride with things happening (*snap, snap, snap, snap*) every minute along the way. The author doesn't spend time on describing things and emotions since all the characters do that job with their actions and interactions--it is a pure adrenaline rush all the way.

My thanks to NetGalley, Crooked Lane Books and the author for providing me with an e-ARC.
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This is actually a really good thriller.  When It was downloaded I realized the author was male and not female as I had expected  and when I knew the central character was a sexual abuse survivor I was concerned how the story would play out.  Well, it played out in an exciting, fast paced story with well developed secondary characters and when I put the book down (metaphorically) I was satisfied and really happy to have put a bias aside and enjoyed the ride.
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A book with a fun, fierce, flawed female lead and a gripping mystery that had me hooked from the first chapter! August Norman’s Come and Get Me is his debut thriller featuring journalist Caitlin Bergman, who returns to her university decades later in order to accept her honorary degree. And then a local mystery catches her attention, and Caitlin decides maybe not to leave after-all. With a fast-pace and a memorable cast of characters, fans of strong female leads and intriguing mysteries will love this book!

Set primarily in the town of Bloomington, Indiana, Come and Get Me takes place largely on and around the college campus of Indiana University. I admit I am a sucker for any mystery set on a college campus. They are kind of these microcosms of society, fairly contained and filled with students, one of whom is sure to notice something. They are like a studious version of a small-town mystery. Plus, the grad student in me is excited by anything that occurs in close proximity to a good research library! I actually know Indiana’s campus quite well, since one of my older siblings went there. It’s absolutely beautiful—something people who haven’t been to Indiana may struggle to picture. 

Caitlin Bergman left school a few credits shy of graduating two decades earlier in the wake of a horrific personal event that rocked her to her core. Since then, Caitlin went on to be an award-winning journalist, and the university invites her back to accept the degree that fell just out of her grasp. Caitlin is very interesting as a character, she’s so independent. Even her closest friends are kept at arm’s length. And learning Caitlin’s story from all of those years ago—it was quite powerful!

When Caitlin is approached to assist with a cold case of a student at the university that went missing two years prior, she isn’t sure she wants to get involved. She wasn’t left with the best memories of the town police department. But her journalistic instinct, as well as her empathy for the missing student, leads Caitlin to stay in town and investigate herself.

And it turns out, there may be more to the story than a single missing girl. Someone is stalking young women in the town, and another woman soon goes missing…

This book is wild and I admit that I had no clue who on earth the pieces of this mystery would come together! There were so many threads that Caitlin unearthed, and they seemed knotted but not necessarily related. But in a masterful plot structure, everything in the book does have a purpose in the conclusion of the mystery. 
The last third of the novel was unexpected, dark, and had me on the edge of my seat! It really was like watching a scary movie, where my heart pounded and I also thought “Danger! Don’t go there! Don’t talk to that person! Run!” 

Thank you to Crooked Lane Books for my copy. Opinions are my own.
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What?! The first half was slowly paced, but the craziness just kept building. I had the “bad guy” pinned all wrong! I never expected this ending!
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Come and Get Me by August Norman is a mystery within a mystery. Caitlin Bergman, an award-winning journalist, is invited back to her hometown to receive an honorary degree from Indiana University. Upon her return, she will be faced with the memories of a traumatic sexual assault that led to her leaving town twenty years before. While there, she is approached by an aspiring journalism student begging for her journalistic help in searching for Angela Chapman, her friend who disappeared without a trace two years ago. While investigating, Caitlin unearths secrets that some residents would rather were left buried and she may be unwittingly setting herself up as bait for a violent predator. What I found especially important in this novel is that the author brought up the subject of the dangers young female students face on college campuses, something some schools try to sweep under the rug in order to protect the college's reputation. This mystery kept up the tension, had interesting characters and a satisfying outcome. This is the first in the Caitlin Bergman series and I look forward to the next novel by August Norman. Thank you to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Come and Get Me is a emotional thriller and has a unique twist to the story. This story is well written and has interesting characters.
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Caitlin Bergman, an award winning journalist, returns to the university to receive an honorary degree. She missed getting it twenty years earlier because she bailed out of college weeks before earning her degree. In her thank-you address, she spontaneously reveals that she left because she had been raped.

Caitlin is a savvy independent female protagonist, but now that she’s back in town her panic attacks have increased. She realizes that she needs help and is able to find it with a former professor/psychologist.

While she is in town, a young woman vanishes, joining the one that disappeared two years ago. The local police seem loath to fully investigate. Caitlin determines that the disappearance of these two girls be fully investigated—unlike her own rape.

This story is written by a male from the first person female perspective. The current “own voices” clamor says that only those who have experienced a particular sexuality or torment should be able to write about that experience. My feeling is that any empathetic person can write about such experiences. Norman does a good job both with the female POV and handling the messy, distasteful details of abduction and rape. If you are an “own voices” proponent, you won’t care for this book. If you’re not, you’re in for a real treat of a thriller.
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An exciting page turner. The subject of rape and kidnapping was handled well. Enough description to grab one's emotions, but not so much that it graphically offends. Several surprises and many nail-biting situations kept me glued to the book. The geography was familiar, so the locations of Southern Indiana and Los Angeles were quite appealing.
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Come and Get Me by author August Norman is a fast paced thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat. The lead character Caitlin Bergman is very likeable and I look forward to more stories with her.
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Excellent mystery/thriller, with a great plot and fantastic characters. There is also a serious side of the book in dealing with rape, and there are examples of very good journalism. The most important to learn, however, is that "drugs are for losers".
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Come and Get Me by August Norman
Cannot believe this is the authors 1st book! This book and the characters were very well written and developed and the story, though uncomfortable subject matter did a fine job of bringing it all together.  From beginning to end I did not want to set this down till I was done. Thank you Netgalley and the Publishers of Crooked Lane for allowing me to read this in return for leaving my honest opinion.  I do recommend this book and will be waiting for more from this author and Catlin Bergman!
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