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An easy introductory book for people who are starting to look into or consider if they need mental health.
Helping readers understand what the steps are in seeking treatment. And Morton easily explains what to expect when seeking help from a therapist.
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This was easy to read and understand. It is a great tool for someone who is starting their journey to better mental health and may be exploring therapy. There is valuable information in this book that can hopefully help break down some of the stigma around mental health issues. Definitely a good resource to keep around! Thank you for the ARC copy.
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I liked this book but it didn't address what I thought it might.  The author has done brilliant research and I find no fault with her writing.
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This book is an introductory book for just about anyone who is looking into, or perhaps pondering, if they need mental help. but I wasn't so empresses..
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Thank you to NetGalley, De Capo Lifelong Books, and Kati Morton for an ARC ebook copy to review. As always, an honest review from me. 

My actual rating is 4.5/5 stars, but since there aren't half stars I always round up. 

Are u okay? is a comprehensive easy to understand book about the therapy process. The text includes information about what it is, explanations of acronyms, types of therapy, different professionals, what to expect with the actual therapy session, navigating insurance & payment, advocating for yourself and more. There’s even a quick bullet point summary of the vital information in the appendix. It’s a very approachable read. It’s great for someone who doesn’t know much about the therapy process or those looking to learn more about mental health. People who are familiar with therapy can still learn from the book, but some topics will already be known to them. 

I liked the writing style. It’s factual but informal to make those unsure about the therapy process feel comfortable. Also if you’ve watched Kati Morton’s videos on YouTube, her unique voice definitely carries over into her book. However, I can see where some people, possibly the older generation, might not be as comfortable with this more casual tone. 

Overall, I think there’s a lot of great information that can help a lot of people. Everyone can learn something from her book. A wonderful resource for people who are considering therapy or know someone considering therapy. 

Also definitely check out her YouTube channel for all things mental health.
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An excellent written book to understanding and identifying the world of mental health for yourself and others around you. Easy to read and consume from a reader's perspective and able to gain a good deal of understanding of the world mental health.
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I found this book slightly difficult to read knowing some questionable comments made by the author on another YouTuber's channel. I did my best to put those aside, but then tried to get through this book without being too overwhelmed by the author's own experiences which felt like the bulk of it. I would have liked a more practical guide without the author's personal experiences, but I can see how some would find that valuable.
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Taking care of your mental health sounds scary, but it’s important to take care of yourself and Kati Morton breaks down the what and why of mental health and therapy. She also takes a bit of the fear out of going to therapy. I know I’ve been on the fence about seeing a therapist and she took a lot of the fear out of that with her book, which is, in part, why this book exists.

Everyone struggles with mental health issues and there’s a societal stigma against taking care of our mental health compared to our physical health. Morton talks a bit about this and why it’s important to take care of our mental health. Not only is it a part of us and our body, but it can also physically affect us depending on what’s going on. She also explains the different parts of treating mental health and what each practitioner in the field does, such as the different between a therapist, psychologist, and psychiatrist.

One of the things that I like about the book is that it helps take some of the unknown out of seeking treatment. What does a first appointment with a therapist generally look like? What should one look for in a therapist? How does one look for a therapist? There’s explanations and answers to questions that I didn’t even think about, such as deciding on what to look for in a therapist based on one’s comfort level and how to figure out what type of person one wants to see. The information she shared will help others know what to expect and what to look for.

I found Morton to have a very positive personality through her writing, which makes it easier to digest the information she shares and take some of the fear out of imagining what a therapist might be like. It took me back to college because it was a combination of important information as well as relatable information and examples. I felt like I was sitting through a lecture with a cool professor with my text book propped open next to my notebook. It wasn’t scary, the information is valuable and useful, and there’s some technical information.

All in all, I highly recommend this book for people who want to learn a little more about treating mental health and for people who are on the fence about seeking treatment. Morton shares so much information in a way that isn’t overwhelming while also making her readers feel comfortable. There’s a lot of fear around mental health as well as seeking treatment, especially when one doesn’t know what seeking treatment will look like or has no idea what seeing a therapist or anyone in the field will look like because it’s just not talked about most of the time. This is a book I’ll refer back to as I step out of my comfort zone and seek a therapist and I think it can help many people whether or not they read it for themselves or someone else.
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While there are many clinical mental health resources there are few better introductory materials to mental health than Are You Ok?. Kati Morton does a fabulous job breaking down stigmas of mental health, self care, and chronic stress. I think our culture is desperate for resources like this that provide exposure without too much of a commitment. Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with Are You Ok?.
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Are U Ok? By Kati Morton is a fantastic introductory book for just about anyone who is looking into, or perhaps pondering, if they need mental help.
   This book does an excellent job, briefly explaining that seeking outside help is not a weakness. It also most crucially, lets the reader know that it is not so difficult to navigate that road once deciding to take that step towards getting help.
  The author calms the reader's fears of someone who is curious, yet perhaps has been held back by years of societal pressures. Also, the persistent stigma surrounding the word "mental illness". Throughout the book, the author's compassion and understanding shines; putting the reader at ease as they search for their answers. 
   This book receives my recommendation for anyone who needs help outside of their support system. Anyone thinking about needing a therapist, or who may be thinking they may not feel like themselves will also find benefits throughout this read. This book will help clarify many subjects and send them in the proper direction to find that extra help. With the guidance found here, the reader will be able to find out what steps to take and who to look to.
 This book was provided to me by Netgalley.
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