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"Book Love" by Debbie Tung is an adorable graphic novel love letter to the world of books and bibliophiles. All of us can relate to her comics, I am sure. 
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This was fine. I feel like it's too much like another graphic novel I've read before. It's fun for us book lovers but again, it didn't feel original?
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Have you ever thought about the crazy things that you been doing as a bookworm? Of course I would not blame you because I do them as well. And this book is for you. I can’t recommend this enough to anyone who loves books.

Book love kept me grinning throughout the book because it was all true. And it was as if someone took a peek into my life and just drew them but in a less clumsy way.

Though it would hardly take an hour to finish this one, I would suggest to go through this book slowly and enjoy taking a laugh at yourself. 

Final thought: Catch yourself smiling at the quirky bookworm habits 

Recommended to: Must read for book lovers!
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Book Love was a simply adorable and easy read! This would be just lovely in print. The type of book where you can devour the whole thing in one sitting, or only read a few pages at a time. Perfect for a coffee table book, or for a gift to any of your bibliophile friends. It's very easy to relate to, and immediately puts a smile on your face. I can't wait to see a printed copy, and will definitely be picking a few up for some of my friends! 

Thank you to NetGalley, as well as the publisher for providing me with a digital copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.
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Este libro es hermoso!!
La ilustradora nos trasmite todo el amor que puede tener por la lectura en pequeños scketches dibujados.
Llenos de amor y diversión así como pequeñas reflexiones.
Sin duda uno de mis libros favoritos de toda la vida y que no dudare en adquirir de forma física.


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This book was just a little too cliche and maudlin about books for my taste. There were a couple snuck in there I really liked though, but the majority felt mediocre or sappy. I'm a really unsentimental person though, so others might like this a lot better.
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This lovely book is a homage to book lovers.

Her comics are based on her love for books. It’s short, sweet and really easy to relate. 
As a book lover, I saw myself while reading through the different book nerd scenarios and laughing at the dialogue because I’ve felt/did the same thing at some point.
All Debbie’s illustrations show what it really means to be a book lover and have a special way of making readers feel understood.

If your life revolves around books, you will see yourself in this book, and it will make you smile. This book is for you. 

If not, it’s always a excelent gift for a bookfriend.

Special thanks to Debbie Tung, Andrews McMeel Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC of this book.
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I'm not sure what to make of this - it's not funny, really, the illustrative style is not super impressive, and it's a little try-hard.  I guess put it in a bathroom?
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Do you speak to a stranger who is reading a book at your subway? Do you sniff old books? Do you see Book shops around a new town, you went to visit? Do you cancel your plans to read books? Do you prefer books to conversations with fellow humans?
If you answered yes to these questions, Welcome to the world of Debbie Tung's 'Book Love' which personifies every bookworm's life in its 144 pages of beautiful illustrations & short captions. I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic artwork & I hope you will too..
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This book was so sweet and so accurate for any book lover out there. I thoroughly enjoyed the artwork and the obvious love and devotion to the world of books and what they mean to us.
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As a book lover, I really enjoyed this book. It was totally relatable, some of the comics made me laugh and some made me think of how much I love books and how they have really been a comfort these past few years. Although I think book lovers with more access to physical books might appreciate it more than those who mostly have access to  ebooks and audiobooks, im sure all book lovers will enjoy this book.
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Cute. Something I would gift to a young reader. I really enjoyed the pictures, but wasn’t what I thought it would be.
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This is a very cute and relatable book. I could relate to almost every little comic. I loved the artwork, especially when we got a full page artwork (the ones with few words). Those were really pretty.

I did not care how lightly the subject of suicide was taken; like the punchline to a joke. It seemed insensitive and really out of the blue. Someone who might be triggered by it would not expect it in a book like this.

I wish it had more of a connected storyline, but overall, I enjoyed it.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I love the artist and follow her on Instagram so I may be bias. I just love finding other book nerds. I love that the artist can convey the way many book nerds and introverts feel about books.
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Title: Book Love

Author: Debbie Tung

Genre: Nonfiction, Graphic, Teens, Bookworms, Art, Comic, Books

Plot: The love of books has fueled an entire industry for centuries but more importantly, it has fueled the imaginations of readers all over the world. Books inspire us, connect us to complete strangers, provide conversation starters, distract us, inform us and force us to expand our horizons and consider other worldviews and whole worlds. Books comfort us when we are feeling blue or in need of some companionship in a lonely point of our lives. Books can be our shelter or the diving board of life. And you are never too old or too young to pick up a book and dive in.

Through her beautifully drawn artwork, Debbie Tung visually captures what it means to be a book lover, to value reading real books in a digital world and what the definition of book love really is. This is one book that every book lover should have on their shelves.

Likes/Dislikes: I told my husband he has to buy me a copy of this book and he said, "You want a book about reading books?" I enthusiastically said yes and shoved it in his face to look at but he was more amused than interested. Fingers crossed that I get a new book for Mother's Day. In the meantime, this book is perfect. The size is adorable and very travel friendly, the artwork is beautiful while still being accessible to non-artistic people like me and it exactly captures what every reader goes through. Plus, it smells amazing! You have to buy this book!

Rating: G-all ages. Highly recommended

Date Review Written: March 25th, 2019

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley, lost that digital copy and found it at my library. I wasn't required to write a positive review and the opinions expressed in the above review are my own.
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LOVED this comic on the love of reading and books.  Any, every, book addict will understand the scenarios that Tung depicts.  I could find myself nodding and smiling to myself as I read through.  I highly recommend this to any book lovers out there!

***I received an eARC from NETGALLEY***
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I saw a page from Quiet Girl in a Noisy World in one of my groups on social media and it made me laugh, so I decided to check out Ms. Tung’s Book Love and I am unbelievably glad that I did! I absolutely loved this book of comics — it was beyond wonderful to read and I truly enjoyed every minute of it! Every thought and feeling I’ve had about books, Debbie Tung managed to capture perfectly. If you’re a bookworm, every page of this book will have you nodding and laughing because you feel that exact same way as the girl in the comic or you will do the things that she does. Book Love made me feel so happy and warm inside, it made me love and appreciate books and reading even more and feel so connected to the author. I can’t wait to see what Debbie Tung comes up with next!

~ A Hopeless Romantic's Booklandia, 5 Stars
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This is the cutest book ever! Every book lover should have a copy of this on their shelves. Not only is it the most relatable thing that you will read, but the graphics are spot on. 

This book is for all of those who read the book before the movie, who cannot pass up a book sale, who walk in to buy one and walk out with 10. Each graphic is unique, all telling a different part of being a book lover. From the passion you may have towards a book, to the defensive nature of not wanting to lend them out, Debbie Tung has covered it all. 

This book had me laughing with how relatable it was, even tying in bookstagram into a few of the images. 

Even if graphics are not your preferred genre, you will definitely want to check this book out. It is a super quick read, but it will have you referring back to it, letting you know that all book lovers are alike in one way or another.
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Book Love by Debbie Tung is a charming collection of comics from the prospective of a book lover. Fans of her first collection, Quiet Girl in a Noisy World, will find much to enjoy here - Tung's art is sweet and light, and her reflections are easily relatable to those of us who live in a world of books!
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A book full of black and white illustrations that depict the varied aspects of the love of books. What an excellent  gift book, for the book lover , the librarian, the bookseller, any reader at all.  The sentiments are simple but well illustrated.  Debbie Tung is talented and expressive.  
 I received my copy through NetGalley and am under no obligation to the publisher.
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