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A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities

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This book is so, so useful. The main audience seems to be folks who are questioning their own identities, but it is also a useful tool to pass on to loved ones of queer & trans folks as well. I've already purchased multiple copies to give out. Is it comprehensive? No. But it's an excellent primer and I highly recommend it.
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This is a great informative title! The graphic novel format makes it easily accessible to readers, while working through a very challenging topic.
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This is just the most super charming and informative little book. Continuing the trend set in the first Quick & Easy Guide book, this book is designed to help a variety of people understand the many queer and trans identities that are out there! It's not all inclusive, of course, but it is a wonderful introduction and resource for those looking to expand their knowledge in this area, or educate others in a lighthearted but informative way. Highly recommend!
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This is a cute and informative graphic novel that not only talks about gender and sexuality but also toxic relationships. It does this in a respectful manner and in way that is easy to follow and understand. This is a book I feel that everyone should read in order for us all to be more empathetic and understanding of others and their identities.

I gave this 4 out of 5 stars.
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A wonderful introduction into the topic of queer identities. A must have for any inclusive collection.
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This book is so.....PINK!

and I love pink, it's my favorite color.

Sadly, that is what will stick in my head and be the lasting impression I have of this book.

3.5 stars

It's unclear who the intended audience is. If it is for youth, teens, or young adults, then the format is just fine. If it is anyone older than that, the graphics are going to be way too much. It's almost like a 70's drug trip. There is just too much going on in each panel that the text gets a little lost.

Okay--outside of that, the content is good. and applicable. It's very similar to other books out there, but that's okay. Different books will speak to different people, and with being comfortable in your identity, you need a book that will speak to you.

It was a little difficult to follow the Sproutlings storyline, especially in the gender expression/identity. It took analyzing the images a bit closer to realize what was happening. Not using humans as the characters was a good plan, but having so many different "species" muddied the message.
It is an entry level book, to use to open communication.
The resources at the back are helpful.
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A beautifully illustrated book with lots of fantastic information about a whole range of identities. I did find the use of snails and sproutlings a little strange although they were cute I think the parts with humans made it seem easier to identify with. As a pansexual cis female I found so much of this informative, learning more about other sexualities and gender identities different from my own. Not only is this book a great tool for those struggling with their own sense of self but it's full of great tools to help others understand as well.
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This is a quick, visually pleasing read that gives a solid overview of queer and trans identities, as well as a sketch of what abuse in relationships looks like. I didn't expect the abuse coverage, but it was well done, and super important for young people to be exposed to (over and over). I feel like this is most appropriate for late elementary/middle school readers, possibly older if the subject is really new to the reader.
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True to the title, it is quick and easy. People of all ages could read this book and gain a better understanding of the LGBTQ+ Community.
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This was an adorably illustrated book that really approaches queer and trans identities in a respectful and open way.
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In a world where I feel that every other day I see and hear news about LGBTQIA youth being misunderstood, mistreated. discriminated against and assaulted I felt a certain type of way reading the first few pages and getting to the foreword. Written by author, cartoonist and mother Roz Chast, they open with how much of that they know was learned from their son when he was figuring out who he was and transitioning. An expression of mother's love is one of the first words we read in this title and it is affirming as the reality is that most trans, queer,etc  persons often find themselves cut or broken away from family and support systems when attempting to put words to who they and living as their best versions of themselves.

 I am a big fan of the structure of this title; we start off with the basics, with the definitions of gender vs sex which, today’s society has a better nuanced grasp on.  Another reviewer on here has pointed out that " a constant use of LGBT+ or LGBTQ+ (such as used in the outro) would have been better" which I totally whole heartily agree with as there is such a broad length of detail and info here. 

The art has a coloring that almost reminds me of risograph illustrations and art and the funky little insects, animals and other creatures are cute and expressive as they act as guide and commenters along our journey. There are humans in this book, people and little life stories like someone being closeted and uncomfortable by the opposite sex to the happy yearnings of seeing other, happy trans women online.

As for audience, I’d be sure to give this one to older kids, like teens and adults. Not because the content covered is controversial but because there are layers of understanding and I’d suggest starting small for the much younger ages groups. While, A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities is a pretty straigtforwd book having some basic knowledge of terms and identities will come in handy which is why again, I'd recommend for the older readers. Yet the pages of illustrated notebook paper for note taking and doodling and the fun activities detailed like zine making and making patches to adorn your favorite jacket should hopefully make it so every reader (teen, young adult or older) can find themselves in this book and finds ways to express themselves. 

Not quite an introduction yet a informative book that cover so much ground and sprinkles in many grains of truth that should be lovingly told to those who need to hear it. Such as when the author elaborates on how coming out is a privilege--there are environments where one may very well not be welcomed in like in the workplace yet still a very much important time in the life of an LGBTQIA' person's life. . Having healthy forms of communications is key and taking time to enter such important convos means you need to be in a good headspace, you don't want to win against your partner if you have one, you want to aim at solving a problem together. Another great lessons is knowing that there us life and relationships after highschool--not everyone ends up with their high school crush or sweetheart. Not detracting but a firm statement on how we live and grow as persons and find who and what is for us.

(A Important Note About this ARC: I really do wish the alignment of the pages was easier to read. How the pages were broken up made for a choppy read and really made the experience one that could have been more immersive. This is is a book that you can read in one sitting yet it took me more than a handful of time to get through and finish)
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Queer and trans culture can often feel elusive in a hetero-normative world. The feeling that you are different, but not knowing exactly what that means can be overwhelming. This graphic novel is fantastic for young people learning about their queerness and people who just want to know more about the queer and trans community. 

Feeling fairly well educated on queer and trans identities myself, but often feeling intimidated that I will do or say something wrong as a cis gender ally, this graphic novel helps breaks everything down in an easy to understand guide that recognizes the many facets that contribute to people's identities. 

The art is absolutely delicious too! Every page is frosted with pink tinted story lines and expertise on how to accept ones identity and be part of a positive community of people. I especially loved that section on positive relationships, as that is something that needs to be talked about with all young people, especially those as vulnerable as our queer and trans youth.

While I received a free ebook copy of this novel for an honest review, I will definitely be purchasing a hard copy so that I can keep it around as a reference for students who need to feel that they belong in a larger community.
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Thanks to Netgalley for letting me read this in exchange for an open and honest review. This guide is accessible, simple and openminded. It provides definitions and explanations while staying open and inclusive. I like how the comic format allows for really hard and confusing concepts to be illustrated through words as well as pictures. The pink and purple tones of the art make everything feel less intimidating than a traditional prose text that might feel clinical or complicated. I can imagine many situations in which I would recommend this book.
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Language in terms of self expression is constantly evolving and sometimes that makes it difficult to explain.
This is where the book comes in.
And while you it to nobody to do so explaining the complexities of gender/sexual identity is made easier in this form, making it accessible for those with little to no understanding on the topic.
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I could only access for a short time so I can't write a full review but I loved what I read. I thought it was smart and accessible. A phenomenal way to introduce ANYONE to the nuances of gender and sexuality. I thought the set up was clever - one snail(?) educating others about what his friend/owner(?) a gender/sexuality expert taught people about gender/sexuality. Really fun! Informative without seeming didactic.
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This graphic novel really lives up to its name. It definitely is a quick and easy guide. It uses this very very pink bubblegum style with snails to appear more friendly I guess? Those snails guide you through a couple of questions, varying from ‘what is queer’ and ‘what does it mean to come out’ to ‘what does dysphoria mean’. While some of the subjects are things that are easily found online, it is really great that you can have this guide lying around if people are too scared to ask questions or don’t know how to look for certain answers. 
This  guide focuses on transgender and non-binary people. A part of the LGBTQ+ community that isn’t discussed nearly enough. I always thought I was informed. I have a lot of friends that teach me things everyday, or clear up any misconceptions I might have. But I never heard of social dysphoria (only physical dysphoria). It was nice to see that things were so easily explained. 

One of the most important messages, which is repeated throughout the book is that we should be more inclusive. This guide was exactly that. Inclusive. It states that not every trans person experience dysphoria, that one persons situation differs from other people. That nonbinary and binary people are different, and that they might experience transness differently. Asexuality is a huge part of this guide, which is something I talked about before, what I felt missing from Proud. We can all say we are part of the LGBTQ+ community, but that means that everyone is. There is not standard bisexual, or asexual. Everyone should be included.

It was also really easy to read. That might have also annoyed me a bit. I felt like it wasn’t supposed to target me, especially since the illustrations seem a bit childish I guess. While I liked it at first, I can understand people not really taking it serious, or not wanting to read it because of the illustrationstyle. This is my personal opinion ofcourse, but maybe use a bit less pink.. I’m not the biggest fan of pink and it might have thrown me off a bit. 
While this guide focuses on inclusivity, there are some things that bothered me, aside from the illustrationstyle. I’m really happy that it focused so much on asexuality, but it basically skipped aromanticism. Which is just as important.. aromanticism is only mentioned once if I recall correctly and it’s almost like it’s being insinuated that a person can only be aromantic when they’re asexual.. 

I would also have loved it if the book didn’t just focus on the basic things. I know it’s a quick and easy guide, but it can also be a quick and easy guide with a little more depth. 

This all being said, I do think that this is something that should be in every library and school. Somewhere with young people that are learning things about themselves, trying to figure themselves out and this could really help with that.
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This is one of those books that, almost by definition, is going to attract both praise and reasonable criticism. On the whole I think this book serves a purpose, namely, to help people, however they or others want to identify them, better understand the dynamic and ever-changing world. People are largely what we have always been, but we are starting to be more open and coming to understand ourselves, and hopefully others, better. The ever-changing has to do with terminology and definitions. I started in queer theory in the late 80s and many of the terms I used, and some I still prefer, are outdated. Some for good reason and some because part of taking control of ourselves when society isn't always helpful is to tweak terminology and then, occasionally, stand aghast that people not in the know couldn't magically guess what word of the week is preferred now. It is empowering, I agree, but also slows down actual progress. And I acknowledge I stand in the minority within my own community about this.

Having said all of that, I think a work that makes an honest effort to engage more people who are open-minded but not sure where to look for information is a good thing. Is this the book I would have written in the same situation? Probably not. Nor would anyone else probably. Those are personal differences based largely on what our personal histories would have us emphasize or deemphasize.

This is well worth reading, take from it what you can, look for better options where you think the book fell short. But if this book helps any people to begin to try to better understand those around them then I think it is well worth it, warts and all.

Reviewed from the publisher via NetGalley.
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Very informative and easy to understand.  Seems to be geared towards older kids to adults.  As an adult, it certainly helped me to understand more what people are going through in how to identify who they are and convey that to the people in their lives.  I didn't realize there was such a broad spectrum of how people identified.  I always enjoy learning something new, especially when it can help someone.
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Everyone, no matter their age, should read this little guide. The way everything is explained is very clear and colorful. It covers everything from sexuality to gender identity and what it means to come out and advice on how to do it safely; self-care, self-love, and relationships.
I definitely appreciated how they discussed the red flags in a relationship, how you should try to remove yourself from that situation and to take responsibility if you are the one promoting those toxic actions. It also discusses how sometimes it's important to remove yourself from a harmful situation or end a toxic relationship and to try to do what's best for your physical, mental and emotional health.
Overall, I highly recommend everyone to pick this up. I am definitely getting my own copy.
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This seems like it will be a helpful book, but the format that is shared in this eARC is atrocious. The images are sideways and seem to be out of order, which does not make for easy reviewing. Honestly, I expect better, especially when good reviews are necessary for niche books.
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