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A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities

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Really liked the art. Informative and to the point. This can’t stand on it’s own though. You need information from other sources to fully comprehend this.
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This is exactly what it claims to be: a short, readable comic about queer identities. It's a great, approachable introduction to some fairly complex and heavily debated topics, even within the LGBTQ community. I would definitely buy this for any teen or young adult questioning their identity or coming out. It has great advice on coming out and healthy relationships as well. The style is cute, although sometimes the different storylines feel a little forced, and some of the topics end up a little glossed over. But I think it definitely accomplishes what the authors set out to do.
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In one sentence: This book should be in every library, school, and Human Resources office. If you care about creating an inclusive space for your students, employees, and/or customers but don't know where to start with understanding all of the terms and definitions used by the queer community, this is the book for you. It is exactly what it says on the cover.

As with the last title in this series, A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns, this graphic novel is approachable, funny, and educational. I like to consider myself fairly well versed in queer terminology, but this book has given me a few easy ways to explain things to my peers. I've referred a few romance novelists to it (even though it's not out yet!) as a reference as they work to make their books more inclusive and welcoming.

While nothing can compare to actually being queer and/or having a queer community around you, this is a primer for anyone who feels confused and/or needs to explain their community to an outsider. In this way, I think it's a helpful (and fun) resource for people both in the queer community and outside of it. 

Chapters include:

What is Queer?
Gender Identity
Gender Expression
What Does Dysphoria Mean?
So, What is Asexuality?
Here are Some Relationship Basics (This chapter seems aimed at teen readers and covers things like  self-esteem, recognizing abuse, and more)
What Does it Mean to Come Out?
The last couple of chapters of the book are aimed at the queer or questioning reader, but they're helpful for anyone to read. If you have a child, friend, or coworker who hasn't yet come out or is in the process, it can be invaluable to read a bit about how intimidating the process can be.

As with any educational text, the contents of this book will likely be out of date within a decade, but the book acknowledges that everything is fluid and changing. It also stresses the point that each person is an individual, so we shouldn't set expectations or make judgments of a person's queer identity and/or performance thereof.
Overall, the tone is optimistic, hopeful, and encouraging. It's a lighthearted book but contains the depth and nuance we need.

And it's full of adorable "sproutlings" and queer snails! The art is super cute and makes the density of information much more palatable.

Suzanne received a review copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.
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Such a vibrant book! The art style and color template is beautiful.

The book does exactly as it says on the title. It's an easy guide to understand all the different identities, the difference between gender/sexuality, relationships, the journey and the community. It's told from the perspective of a very chipper snail. The tone of the book is very optimistic and educational. It's simple, straightforward and informative. I can definitely see how important this book can be in the right hands and how it can be used to educate so many people. Sometimes non-academic resources are needed for one to wrap their heads around new things or new terminology -especially with how language in rapidly growing- and what better way than in a graphic novel format.

If you're well-read on the topic then I would say don't go into it expecting theories or expecting to learn a lot  as this serves more like basics 101 (for some not all). But I still think anyone can find something they could enjoy in this book. I mean.. it's cute, adorable, fun, lighthearted, educational and has great art!
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This is a cute breakdown of queer identities that is easy to understand and approachable enough for the general public. The artwork is cute and the terminology is very accessible.
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By contrast, I received a copy of A Quick and Easy Guide to Queer and Trans Identities by Mady G and J. R. Zuckerberg from NetGalley. I am in love with this book, and I want to give it to everyone I know. What’s great is that at $9.99 USD, it’s actually feasible for someone at a limited income to purchase!

This book is wicked trippy, and I’m into it. And I learned things. Legit. From a 101 book. It’s current, it’s inclusive, it explores more in depth concepts (eg, non-binary dysphoria, the first time I’ve ever seen this in a published text; warning signs of abuse in relationships; aftercare; alternate personas) alongside the more basic ones. Although it’s cutesy, it is also nuanced. Also? The protagonist is a snail. YUP.

This book is slightly more wordy than I want it to be, but it’s appropriate for any age, and it is affirming of the most marginalized of LGBTQ+ identities, including non-binary and ace. Unfortunately, an exploration of Two Spirit identity is notably absent. There is no discussion of sex or sexual acts, and the complex, fantastical illustrations provide charming balance to the text.

I only have a few critiques to offer about this delightful comic. First, it is strange that the first block of text inside the cover is from the parent of a QT person. I wasn’t sure what this introduction achieved, and it felt disingenuous to the purposes of the comic. Second, there was a slightly problematic focus on self-love. I don’t think it’s too much, but it did feel a little ableist to me as someone who struggles with dysphoria and depression. Finally, there was no overt affirmation of non-monogamous identities, but to the creator’s credit, there was no overt monogamous normativity either.

My favourite thing about this book, though, is that there are creative activity pages at the end! INCLUDING HOW TO MAKE A ZINE. I loved them, and I can’t wait to make a sproutsona with queer fam one day!

This title is available for pre-order now, and will release on April 23, 2019.

NOTE: This review will be online at the attached link on March 4th, 2019
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I found this book trying to be everything and ending up all over the place. There was no glossary in the back which I found necessary as the book over explains some things and require background knowledge for others. The section on asexuality was confusing. 

I did like that information about healthy relationships and communication were included and that the overall vibe of the book is everyone is different and love yourself.
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I really liked this book.  It contains concise and respectfully presented information regarding a range of Queer and Trans identities.  I found the simple format user-friendly and appealing.  I love that there is a section included that discusses what a healthy relationship looks like, and that everything written in this book comes from a place of love and respect.  I hope this book ends up in every library.

I also think that a snail wearing a backwards cap is the coolest thing ever.

Thank you NetGalley and Oni Press for providing me with a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A book that needs to read by everyone. This guide is not only useful for those who are trying to discover who they are but also for those who are trying to understand the new world we live in. The amazing and vibrant artwork really made the explanations stand out for the reader. I don't think it would have been as effective if it was in  black and white. It did not sugar coat the truth. It really disaplyed the raw emotions that are needed when talking about LGBTQ issues.
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the art

the diversness


I really enjoyed this! It was cute, funny, and very informative. The art was very nice and comedic in places. This under 100 pages graphic novel contains a lot of information and text, but it's divided into several chapters including what is queer, what is trans, what is asexuality, what is a healthy relationship, etc. It was a quick but informative read. 

In the beginning, I didn't fully understand why they were snails, but later on, in the coming out chapter, it all made sense.

The synopsis says it's for anyone and everyone, and it truly is. I am asexual and I like gaining knowledge about other sexual orientations and other genders, and even for me the was new information in here. As an asexual, I am comfortable with the label, but I've never researched it just in case I don't fit into its boxed walls. I didn't know this book would contain a whole chapter on asexuality, but I m quite relieved it did. Does small questions I had in the back of my head were answered and I'm oh so totally happy about it. Asexuality does not have boxed walls and it does not have gatekeepers. I could never be happier.

I highly enjoyed it and learned a lot about myself too 🥰

Strongly recommended to everyone
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Short but informative guide specifically of queer and trans identities. The artwork is wonderful, and I loved the use of anthropomorphism. A lot is covered, but it's done so in a way that one unfamiliar with queer or trans identities can grasp the concepts without being completely overwhelmed, or it being too much like a textbook.
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This book has some fantastic information for trans individuals, their loved ones, and people who want to be better allies. The slug parts were more informative than the parts with the forest beings and to be honest, I thought the forest beings were unnecessary. The book would have been better without them as a straightforward and informative non-fiction book. This is not to say that I'm not going to buy it for my library, because I certainly am.
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This is wonderful, a friendly, cute and approachable guide to sexualities and gender. It's a calm and factual exploration of labels and why we need them with a trippy distinctive art style. Very very good.
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This book is necessary but hard to read. First, the visuals remind me of sitting in a Mellow Mushroom; they're mostly pink and yellow pastels that are psychedelic and trippy. I feel like it's supposed to give a peaceful, hippie feel to it, but it's mind melting. I particularly felt like the section on relationships and self-love are wonderful and useful regardless of identification.
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A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities by J.R. Zuckerberg is a free NetGalley e-comicbook that I read in late December.

A comic book in whirly, curly, colorful doodles from the perspective of wild snails looking at humans and talking to a domesticated snail owned by a queer educator. They speak of sexual orientation being altogether different from gender identity with fanciful creatures called 'sproutlings' existing on a spectrum of gender identity and expression. They also describe dysphoria as being kind of AWOL in one’s own body; finding freedom through community with others; transitioning into a form of personalized expression to tell people of as you see fit; loving yourself before opening up and sharing love with others; and safety within a relationship, intercommunication, and going separate ways.
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This is exactly what is says on the tin: a quick and easy guide. Some of the information is a little simplistic, but it's a good introduction. The art is lovely and really helps what could be an information dump turn into something more engaging.
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At first glance, I wasn't sure how this book would turn out. This proves that you REALLY shouldn't judge a book by its cover! Its colorful animation is fun and engaging but then the wealth of information keeps unveiling like layers that the reader can't help but read for more. This book had an amazing use of illustrations and artistic metaphors to describe some very serious topics and issues. Besides delving into the seemingly-daunting world of queer terms and identities, there is also great advice for an individual's mental health and maintaining health relationships. I especially loved encouraging readers to make their own zines as a way to express themselves like the authors did. I definitely would love to add this to my medical library collection because this would be a fantastic reference tool for many, many people who identify with the subject themselves or for professionals who want to learn about how they can help and do more.
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This is a really cute and accessible book for those looking to understand trans and queer identities. The story is framed that a group of snails comes upon a camp circle where another snail, the pet of the queer educator Bowery, lets the other snails know all about trans and queer identities. One snail encounters a group of creatures called sproutlings, and their stories reinforce the concepts and ideas talked about in the previous chapter. The illustrations are really cute, and the text is very accessible for anyone, whether you know a lot or very little about queer and trans identities. There is also great advice about relationships and how to love and accept yourself. I think this book would fit in on most library shelves. Whether a person was questioning their gender or sexual identity, or someone was looking to be a better and more effective ally (like I was), this is a great place to start.
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A Quick and Easy Guide to Queer and Trans Identities is a great introduction for people wanting to know more about gender, orientation, and self expression. The book provides definitions of words, histories, and encourages people to treat others with respect.

What I really loved about this book wasn’t the great illustrations or the friendly manner in which it’s written, it was the topics that were included. The book doesn’t just explore transexual and gender identities it talks about coming out, healthy relationships, and also different contexts currently at work within the world.

There are multiple ways in which these topics are framed, when talking about coming out, the book lets readers know that yes, coming out is great but not everyone can. Short discussions occur where examples are offered about why people do come out and why they can’t, but also not to judge those that don’t.

In addition to this, healthy relationships are looked at with negative and abusive behaviours being listed. The book not only lets readers know about these things but also prompts them to be aware of their own behaviour.

Throughout the book there are moments like this, moments taken to say ‘hey, not everyone is the same, don’t judge, be nice, everyone is different.’ It’s beautiful and exactly what you need in a book like this. While I may not be the target audience of this book as I have studied Queer Studies at a university level, it is an marvellous resource for any reader who is looking to learn more about the topic or themselves.

Favourite Quotes:
*picture of frame from  from page 37 of A Quick and Easy Guide to Queer and Trans Identities. - quote 'the world has plenty of feminine men, masculine women, and everybody in between. Just be polite and respectful, it's not that hard.'

“No matter the outcome or whatever decision you make, you will grow and blossom into who you’re meant to be and that’s an amazing thing. Try new things, take some chances. You might be surprised at what you discover and what feels ‘right.'”

Recommendations: I would recommend this book for young adults, children, or parents wishing to find out more information about queer and transgender identities and issues. The book is an excellent and very positive resource for people looking for an introduction into this subject.

I cannot stress how much I would recommend this for young adults who are trying to come to terms with their body and self expression. Not only is it written in welcoming and positive language but it stresses the point that everyone is different and that is there are no rights or wrongs.

Please note: I received a copy of A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities from NetGalley.
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A Quick and Easy Guide to Queer and Trans Identities is a fabulous comic for all ages that both introduces and expands knowledge of LGBTQ+ identities. 

Whether you are queer or trans yourself, you have friends, family, colleagues, peers who are, you're questioning, or you just feel the need to expand your knowledge, this book offers a great knowledge base in an accessible way. It goes over different sexualities and genders, what different terms mean, advice for relationships and coming out, and more. The art style is cute, pastel, and lively in a way that makes it accessible to children, but leaves it open for all ages to enjoy. It doesn't feel watered down, it's straightforward and helpful. It is generous in information and style for all knowledge levels.

If you want a place to start for yourself, for someone you know who may be questioning their own identity, or someone you know who just isn't able to get the hang of what these identities mean, this is the book to go for. It's short, so it couldn't cover everything, but it packs a lot into a small space and serves as a great starting point for all.
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