The Little Book of Being

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 05 Mar 2019

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This is a meditation book that feels more for someone who has been practicing for a while and not a beginner. Even with that said the beginner may find some use as well as the text is written in an approachable manner. The chapters are short and the small glimpse practices are a wonderful addition. In face those anyone can use at many moments during a day. The small reminders and brief moments may be something to start building upon.  

The main focus of the book is of Natural Awareness, which is a different type of mediation than a focused or object based meditation. The Natural Awareness is more encompassing and the author uses many examples and metaphors for explanations of that state. A highly readable book.
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This is a wonderful book on mindfulness. I love the idea of cultivating natural awareness, and how that can impact daily life. One of my favorite sections of the book was "Don't be a bliss ninny." The author takes an honest, insightful look at how important awareness is. It's not about creating a practice that gives you a view through rose-colored glasses, but rather helps you navigate the ups and downs of life with a little more ease and resilience.

I like that the book is equal parts how-to, reflection, inspiration, analogies, and ideas. I also appreciate the range of meditation options, schools of thought, questions that invite deeper exploration, emphasis on making the practices work for you, and ideas for overcoming common meditation pitfalls.

New and experienced meditation practitioners alike will enjoy the various practice options.

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I enjoyed this title very much.   I find my peace and center in nature and looking at things from a specific context improved my "me" time spent in nature.  It was nice to see some of my thoughts and feelings articulated in a way others can share and "see" what I do when I'm walking or just enjoying a bit of the outdoors.
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Approachable ~ Gentle ~ Useful

tl;dr: Ways to center yourself that seem doable

Meditation is often approached as a luxury and a rarified experience afforded the prvilieged few. This book presents mindfulness in an accessible manner. Winston points out that everyone has natural moments of clarity, often in nature. She creates a gentle tome, with short chapters, and concise activities to help people access this feel of mindlessness in a more conscious manner. Winston's tone is approachable. The book has been framed for the frazzled, busy reader, with bolded elements, short sentences, and simple directions. In other words, all onboarding challenges have been met. This book would be a great gift for that meditation cynic amongst your circle. 

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This book is really informative, it's just a little intimidating for beginners. I think it would be great for people that have a lot more experience with meditation practices. I will say this about it, the glimpse practices are a great addition, and are easy enough for anyone to engage in. They're a nice way to end each section and I think they add a really great touch to a meditation book that I've never seen before.
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The Little Book of Being is a comprehensive yet down to earth book about natural awareness practice.  It is brimming with information, explanations, and 'glimpse practices'.  It's easy and enjoyable to read in addition to being informative.  If you're interested in meditation and mindfulness, this book is sure to be up your alley.  it's inspiring and may be just what you need in your life right now.
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The Little Book of Being by Diana Winston was really interesting. I've always been interested in learning about mindfulness and meditation, but never really knew where to start. I found this book to be a nice, easy to understand introduction to a topic. I really enjoyed it and have purchased a copy for my library because I think our patrons will enjoy it once it is released.
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