Forget Me Not

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I was very excited after reading the prologue of the book, I was slightly disappointed that it didn’t really fit in to the book.  

This book is told from alternating perspectives of retired nurse Elizabeth and Rachel. Elizabeth is walking her dog when she finds a dying girl, Clare, on the side of the road. She tries to help her but the damage is to severe.  She is haunted by Clares last words”warn them”

Rachel was best friends with Clare. She is completely gutted by the death of her best friend. It isn’t long after that she starts to receive threats. Was the warning meant for her?  Is there a connection between Clare, Elizabeth and Rachel?

The book started a little slow but it picked up. The characters are written well and I was compelled to find out who did it.
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I was confused from the start with this.
The prologue did not appear to tie in with the story.
I just found the whole story boring and it really struggle to hold my attention.
I know others have found it far better but it was not for me.
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Clare dying was only the beginning. The beginning in a long line of games, threats and odd feelings for a close group of friends. Elizabeth can't seem to escape the weird events either. 

Each friend of Clare deals with her death and the threats differently. Neither really wanting to believe that anything more sinister than a random attack is going on. That's the only thing that makes sense in their minds. Who would want to hurt Clare? 

A story that will have you rethinking the events of your own life. The people who you've crossed paths with and the interactions that have taken place. You never know when you could inadvertently or leathaly offend someone.
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A good thriller which I really enjoyed up to around the three quarter mark then it started to unravel. Then lots of the action became unlikely especially without giving too much away how Rachel behaved when her family were at risk. 
Overall I would have liked to give it three and a half but as that’s not possible it’s a reluctant four stars from me.
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Claire Allan wow... what can I say another absolute corker of a book.
You get sucked up in this book you can’t put it down 
definitely a gripping read for all you hard core thriller fans
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this book will keep you glued to your seat, reading into the night (well, that's what I did!) - the narrator pulls you in right from the beginning, and we begin to sense the sinister and creeping danger too - these two women were great friends, but now her friend is mysteriously dead - why? and the twists and turns go on until the very last minute. but, okay, this is very good and skilful, but what is extra special about Allan as writer is how she brings it home - it feels all just like my life, my friends, my dilemmas from tiny details to broad strokes. and that's why she is really so very good and unique. highly recommended ...
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What an absolute page turner. Forget me not had everything you could ask for in a thriller. There was death, secrets and plenty of twists and turns. It had me gripped from the opening page.
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I have to be honest here and say that this book became a must read for me entirely based on this brilliant cover! As soon as I saw it I had to grab a copy and read it right away. I’m so pleased to say that the novel lives up to the great cover and I very much enjoyed this crime thriller. It follows the discovery of the body of a young woman who has been murdered. The novel is told from the viewpoints of Elizabeth, who found the dead woman, and Rachel, the murdered woman’s best friend. Both woman have a lot in their own lives and so when the murder happens their nerves are brought to breaking point. I loved both strands of the novel and was keen to see how it was all going to turn out. I was thrilled that I was kept guessing until the reveal happened as it’s not very often that I can’t put the pieces together in a crime novel. I did have my suspicions and I was close but I didn’t get it figured out. Huge kudos to Claire Allan for keeping me on my toes! I loved this book, it’s Claire’s best thriller to date and I highly recommend it!
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Thrilling story, great plot and characters that keep you guessing right til the end.  Great for fans of this genre.  Really enjoyable.
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After devouring Claire Allan's first two psychological thrillers I was so much looking forward to reading her latest book Forget Me Not.

I certainly wasn't disappointed and this book had me gripped from the very first page. A great storyline, good mix of characters and a fabulous double twist towards the end was the perfect recipe for another great read from the author who is fast becoming one of my favourites.
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Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for a copy of this book.

Fantastic read, this book kept me hooked from the first page! cannot wait to read more from this author
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The second book I have read of Claire’s and I wasn’t disappointed. Such an intense psychological thriller that’s set in Ireland.  Two narrators and one murder that has many twists and turns. An exceptional read
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Forget Me Not by Claire Allan is a psychological thriller set in Derry, Ireland where Claire is from. Clare is found brutally murdered on the side of the road.. managing to whisper a warning to Elizabeth before passing away. Soon Julie, Elizabeth & Rachel are receiving similar flower arrangements with strange notes and Rachel insists she is being followed. So who is behind it all and what links these women together?

I really enjoyed this book. Although I guessed some of the twists - I definitely didn't see them all coming!

Great read!
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This is my first Claire Allan book but won't be my last! The narration goes back and forth between Elizabeth, an elderly woman who finds a girl brutally murdered down the street from her house, and that girl's best friend, Rachel. This is a difficult one to give a plot summary for because of all the twists and turns. The characters in this book are a little underdeveloped, and some are downright unlikable, but the story is so much fun it's easy to overlook that. I flew through this creepy little thriller.
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Elizabeth, a kindly grandmother, is out walking her dog early one summer morning when she makes a shocking and gruesome discovery - the body of a young woman, savagely mutilated and on the verge of death, dumped on the side of the road. Whispering just two words ‘warn them’ before expiring, the message haunts Elizabeth, leaving her unable to rest until she can work out just who she needs to warn, and about what.

The narration alternates in first person between Elizabeth and Rachel, whose closest friend Clare was the woman murdered on the road. Though at first glance this seems to be the only link between the two, it’s slowly revealed that there is a much deeper and darker connection, one which may lead to more deaths before Clare’s killer is brought to justice.

Elizabeth is easy to sympathize with, especially as the tragedies she’s suffered through are revealed. Rachel is harder to like, even though we first meet her as she’s thinking about the tragedy of her mother’s death, because she’s in the middle of imploding her own marriage by embarking on an affair. With two daughters to think of, she has moments of pure selfishness and even though she’s scaldingly self-honest too, I occasionally found myself irritated with her behaviour.

The author does a fantastic job with building the suspense here, sowing the seeds right from the beginning for the conclusion, but revealing information in carefully rationed tidbits, with a few red herrings for good measure, to keep the reader guessing right up until the end. This is a genuinely engrossing read and I’d definitely read more by this author. Five stars.
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There are two points of views in the story. The point of view of the one who saw the murdered victim and the other one was the possible victim.
I liked how this story started. They were betrayal, loss, love, friendship, and problem with marriage.
The connection between Elizabeth and Clare was amazing! Hands down to you Miss Claire Allan!
I had a hunched who was the real killer and I was happy that I was correct.
I love the plot and I can't wait to read more of your wonderful work, Miss Claire.
Thank you to Avon and Netgalley for the ARC!
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An average thriller plot line which was well constructed. Good dialogue. I struggled with the characters and the intricacies of their backgrounds, however, and ultimately struggled to keep going with the story, only doing so because I wanted to know the conclusion. 

The market is saturated by twisty thrillers at the moment, and unfortunately this one wasn’t for me.
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A psychological thriller with an adrenaline rush from beginning to end. One of those "I couldn't put down books", full of twists and turns and misdirection. Great read
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A run of the mill thriller with some passable twists but nothing I didn't see coming. The problem is that the main threats were against people I wasn't given a chance to like before they became threatened, so the outcome wasn't tense for me.
I also felt it could have been set anywhere so wasn't sure why it needed to be Derry? I'd have liked more of a sense of place than a passing reference to the Troubles at the start which was never referred to again.
The character of Elizabeth was nicely-drawn but I didn't like being bounced around between her and Rachel and he third friend (whose name I've forgotten though I only finished the novel yesterday!) seemed to have no purpose at all except to dilute the intensity.
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Many years ago I read "Five people you meet in heaven" by Mitch Albom.  One thing I kept from that book, was the principle that what you do to people you meet, even if only in a store, might have an influence on your life, and theirs, without you even realizing it at the time.
And this book is the perfect example of that. The past catches up with Rachel and her friends without them expecting it.   The book "jumped" between the present and the past, and gives you a bit of an idea of who the killer was, and just as soon as you think you've got it figured out, it changes again!  I did not expect the ending, but it was done well and I hope there is another book featuring my new favorite copper, DI Bradley!
Highly recommended.
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