Save Me the Plums

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Five stars to Ruth Reichls’Save Me The Plums 
Loved this gorgeous book her memories going with her dad a book designer to used bookstores.When she discovered gourmet magazine the young Ruth’s love for cooing was born she cooked her fathers favorite childhood dish something he hadn’t eaten since he came to America.
We follow her path to Gourmet magazine her shock at being offered the job as its editor.The famous people she meets & her descriptions of them like the Si Newhouse has them in all their quirks jump off the pages.Ruth loves what she does shares her joys art times insecurities .She is a warm happily married proud mom to Nick a girls girl with a gang of friends
Included in this memoir are delicious recipes.This would make the perfect gift for foodies those who love Ruth& still morn the closing of Gourmet  magazine,#netgalley #savemetheplums #randomhouse
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I love Ruth Reichl, so reading about this fascinating piece of her life was a true joy.  This book gives us glimpses into her years heading GOURMET Magazine, part of the Condé Nast empire. 

She doesn’t write about the daily struggles of editing a magazine, but brings the reader into the world of food and publishing. Reichl has a wonderful knack of selecting the best tidbits of her years there while generously blending in stories about her life outside the magazine.  

Her food descriptions are so rich that the reader can practically smell and taste the dishes. 

Of course, the book is full of lots of gossip and inside stories, such fun for those of us who love these well-written memoirs. As a compulsive reviewer and insistent recommender of books, I urge everyone to read Reichl’s earlier book, TENDER AT THE BONE, as well as Tina Brown’s THE VANITY FAIR DIARIES. Since both Ruth and Tina worked for Si Newhouse, there’s lots of crossover gossip, making both books juicy and very readable. 

I really enjoyed the multiple sensory memories that Reichl shared. I think all my book clubs will love this, and follow up with a spectacular meal. Thanks Ruth and Netgalley!
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Reichl's tales of her years at Gourmet are just as entertaining as her earlier works. Highly recommended.
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