Code Blue

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 07 May 2019

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An eye-opening, inside look at the broken state of American health care. Magee, formerly a physician-spokesperson for Pfizer, takes on everything from the American Medical Association to big pharmaceutical companies. You will feel better informed after reading this book, but much worse about our nation's health care system, although Magee offers practical suggestions for how our political leaders, medical providers, and others can fix things.
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Everything you should know about the Medical Industrial Complex in the United States in one riveting book! As a physician, former hospital administrator and former pharmaceutical executive, author Mike Magee takes us into the corporate world of one of the most complicated and costly industries in the US.  This book dives into the history, context, back story, key players, legislation, competition and collusion that have shaped the nation’s present-day health care industry. Although there is quite a lot of content, this is anything but a dry read.  It is insightful and thought-provoking.
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This is a very well written book. It provides an overview of what the author calls the medical industrial complex. He tells the history of the medical industry up to the present day. Very readable and enlightening.
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One of the most extensive yet interesting books I've read to date on this subject matter.
Mike Magee opens up about the greed, the collusion, the profitability factors, the fleecing of America in the name of dollars and cents.
Personally this hits home as I suffer from a variety of ailments requiring medical treatment on a regular basis and have seen the attempts to get America hooked on drugs.
For example I'll show two of the most recent:
1. Pertained to childbirth pain from a high risk section in which I was offered repeatedly oxycontin like candy. You know the famous nurse's line: Just press the button if you need it!
2. When I was younger ADHD was not the phenomenon money maker it's now. It was often treated with medicine such as Ritalin but it was glamorized like today. Now if you can't sit still it's offered without hesitation. Thankfully my mother declined not knowing the risks and I'm forever grateful she did. I have always been hyperactive with that constant need to keep moving at all times. I function fine and can't imagine what these god awful drugs are doing to our children. In fact I graduated with top honors, inducted into national criminal justice societies, and graduated with MPA/CJ degree with Points of Light Award from Pres. George HW Bush in 16 all with ADHD.
Folks today want a quick fix and will do anything for it.
Buyer beware especially with regards to meds as you honestly don't know the reasoning behind the fleecing until deaths occur.
Sadly we now have an epidemic with opiods and pain killers among others such as Viagra and it's all for profit.
It's sad that America has become the guinea pig for corporate and or individual greed.
Please do yourself a favor and read this book in its entirety.
As a mother of a son born with Vater Syndrome who went code blue and who knows every hospital code over the years of his extensive treatment I urge everyone to get a copy and crack this open.
You won't regret you did!
The best way to stop the problem is to educate oneself as ignorance is not an excuse.
Protect yourself, know your body, know your limits.
Thank you to Mike, the publisher, NetGalley, and Aldiko for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.
A real eye opener in more ways than one!
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