I Owe You One

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Really enjoyed this, a very typical Sophie Kinsella book, she will always be in the best sellers. My close friend loves her books so I was able to recommend this one.
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You know what you're going to get with Sophie Kinsella. 

For instance, I know that the main character, Fixie Farr is going to annoy the crap out of me but that she will grow on me eventually.   Fixie works in the family shop and she needs everything to be perfect which is how she got the nickname Fixie.  
She has no self confidence at all when it come to her siblings and they walk all over her.   She allows this to happen though by reminding herself of the motto "Family First" 

Trying to waste time from going to a family party, Fixie goes to a coffee show where a man called Seb asks Fixie to keep an eye on her laptop while he steps outside to take a phone call.  Unfortunutaley, the roof of the coffee shop, literally comes crashing down on Fixie but because she's a woman of her word, the laptop is safe.    Seb is so grateful and writes an IOU on a coffee sleeve to Fixie.  

Meanwhile, Fixie's mother is unwell and disappears off with her sister to recuperate and leaves the shop in the safe hands of the siblings.  Unfortunately, all three siblings have wildly different ideas of what the shop needs and of course, Fixie, being a doormat, can't (or won't) tell them that they're wrong. 

Throw in the boy from her childhood that Fixie has always adored (and of course treats her like crap)  and you have a typical Kinsella novel. 

This is a lighthearted, fast read with characters who I just don't get.    Fixie did indeed grow on me but only once she grew a backbone and stopped making excuses for everyone. 
I don't doubt that the authors diehard fans will love this.
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Sometimes I really hate giving honest reviews but here goes… I'm more than a wee bit disappointed to discover that I appear to have outgrown Sophie Kinsella. I devoured (and adored!)  the Shopaholic series, plus various standalones, but "I Owe You One" didn't hit the mark for me. It felt frivolous and a bit vapid. Perhaps I'm just an old duffer who can no longer relate to the issues within the novel. I suspect that's the case. Nevertheless, this wasn't one of my favourite reads from Kinsella. I prefer my heroines less hapless and hopeless, more feisty and self-assured. The only saving grace is that the men don't come off well in this tale either - falling into the categories of complete cads or dreary drips. In that regard, Fixie and her beau are a match made in heaven - the most insufferably boring couple in fiction. I gave up at 70% and felt I deserved a medal for plodding on that far. Sorry Sophie, it's a no from me. You're miles better than this.
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Sophie Kinsella has done it again! A beautiful book with great characters. I was hooked from the first chapter right to the last. A must read for any Sophie Kinsella fan.
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Fab read. Could not put down. Highly recommended to all. Believable characters. Great author. Will be watching out for more titles.
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I think I made a huge mistake listening to this rather than reading it!! The narrator was so annoying!!

However that said Sophie has lost her way all her books are the same the main character is always some drippy female with a heart of gold who everyone takes the pee out of!

The main character Fixie (what sort of a name is that?, this sort of ridiculousness gets right on my last nerve! Choose an ordinary name please) is the most annoying character ever her brother and sister don’t fare much better and if left me feeling totally sorry for their poor mother having made such awful kids!!

Please get your old spark back Sophie and jazz it up a bit
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This book is one of Sophie Kinsella's best novels. I made the mistake of thinking I could read only one chapter before getting out of bed; nineteen chapters later I was still under the duvet and accepted I would be there until I reached the end. It has been a long time since I binge read a book in one sitting but when it happens it is glorious and very decadent.

Family always come first for Fixie Farr even if her siblings make her feel inferior and has a strong compulsion to fix things if she sees a problem which can have chaotic  consequences. As the youngest child, I instantly connected with her and understood her emotional journey dealing with her family.  Sophie Kinsella has a talent of combining a likeable character and an unusual situation to create something magical and believable. It made me laugh and cry. All the characters are memorable and will be revisited again.
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One of the books that I had a problem with. I couldn't relate to Fixie and found her very irritating and this affected my enjoyment of the book. Probably just me.
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Good fun lighthearted read by Sophie Kinsella.
The main character Fixie gained her nickname because of her need to fix everything, from straightening lopsided pictures to sorting out everyone’s problems.  Fixie has had a crush on her brother’s best friend, Ryan since school. When he returns from LA, will they get together? Will it be happy ever after? It appears unlikely as he doesn’t appear to be the right man for her - but who knows whether he change his ways?
Fixie meets Seb in a coffee shop. She saves his laptop and he ‘owes he one’. It starts a series of IOUs. Where will this lead?
A great lighthearted read perfect for a wet weekend or holiday read!
Thanks to NetGalley for a Kindle copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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At first I found this book quite frustrating. Fixie's brother and sister are simply awful, and you just know from the start that her crush, Ryan, is extremely bad news. But she just doesn't see any of it, sometimes I just wanted to shake her! Thank goodness for her mother, the only stable, sensible person around her. Of course it doesn't stay that way and when Fixie's mum falls ill and decides to take a holiday, Fixie is left holding the fort and trying to keep both the family shop, and the family, from falling apart. A chance meeting in a coffee shop leaves the gorgeous Seb indebted to Fixie, but when she claims the favour she ends up causing so much trouble that she owes him big time. The favours go back and forth between them, entwining their lives and you just know they should get together, but will they???
Once getting to know Fixie a bit more I really liked her and wanted her to succeed. The book was touching and hopeful and as usual (I'm a big softie) had me tearing up a little.
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Lovely fun book and love story, great characters, really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend, Sophie Kinsella always writes books I enjoy reading
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Although I loved most of Sophie Kinsella's stories, I unfortunately didn't enjoy this one as much as I thought I would. I found the whole plot a bit too silly and the characters a bit too predictable. Although I do think it has a nice message of standing up for yourself and believe in your ideas, it all came a bit too late for me. By then I was already tired of the abusing family and friends and the main character just accepting them... I think Kinsella has created some very special and unique stories over the years and this one was not on the same level. I am already looking forward to reading the new Shopaholic novel later this year.
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Oh this was a beautiful read. I enjoyed this so much. From that first chapter I was hooked I just couldn't wait to see what was going to happen. It was so exciting.
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Where to start with this.
All the characters were difficult to like being unrealistic and far too over the top.
The story itself was fairly predictable and was a light read.
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Fixie Farr can't help herself - she has to fix everything. From family to friends. She is constantly comparing herself to her brother, feeling very inferior to him, until she meets Seb in a coffee shop. The ceiling caves in, and she rescues his laptop. From here on, they have a tit for tat relationship, which develops into something else. He helps her to see that her brother is not all he seems. 
A very lovely uplifting fluffy book, ideal for the upcoming summer. A great book if you need something light and uplifting.
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Unfortunately, I just couldn't connect with the MC. I didn't get why she allowed her family, especially her brother, to treat her as he did and it really took me out of the book. I get being nice but she felt a bit like a wet blanket. I know I would have seen her growth as the story progressed, but I couldn't like her at the start and wasn't convinced I'd like her at the end.

I did feel like the writing was typical Sophie Kinsella. It was fun and humorous but unfortunately, that didn't overcome my issues with the main character.
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I hadn’t read a Sophie kinsella book for a while and I did think....will it be silly? Can i be bothered? Yes I can! It was a lovely read with entertaining characters and a totally predictable plot I loved! She has a knack for writing fabulous stories you want to devour! Thank you
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I was so disappointed at the book in the beginning because of the whole Ryan incident. Fixie was completely infatuated with him and I thought "Is this what people in this century really want to read?" I am so glad that Ryan was not her love interest as it would be very worrying.

I do like Seb (her actual love interest) though. He is soft and helpful and has a kind heart. 

But what I loved most about this book is that it wasn't that much about love but more about family. It was so entertaining reading the dynamics between the siblings and their each unique relationship between each other and their mother. Also, Fixie's self-development story is very inspiring. She goes from being a flaccid, easily pushed around character to a strong woman who can speak her mind. The ending was especially touching when the whole family is brought back together.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. It was a nice light read but nothing great.
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I've not read a Sophie Kinsella book for a while so this one was a treat.  I like her style of writing and this book didn't disappoint.

You were cheering on the 'heroine', hoping that she would get her happy ever after while supporting her dysfunctional family!
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When Fixie Farr saves a stranger's laptop from certain destruction, he, Sebastian, is so grateful he scribbles her an IOU. Does he really intend her to take it up? Certainly, Fixie treats it as a joke, until former boyfriend Ryan re-enters her life down on his luck, and she decides she has the perfect way to help him by taking up Sebastian's offer. 
Fixie is known in her family for being able to solve any problem. Show her something wrong, and she can't help but try to put it right. The only thing she can't seem to fix is her own life.

This is another enjoyable rom-com from Sophie Kinsella. It's an easy, light read; comforting in its familiarity as the story-line progresses from meet-cute, through various troubles and misunderstandings, to happy-ever-after. 
Fixie is similar to many of Kinsella's heroines - naive, gullible, put-upon and manipulated by family and friends, and too easily taken in by a guy's handsome appearance - but one I quickly sided with. The guys seem to polarise between kind-hearted good guy and irritating manipulators, and none of them seem to really appreciate Fixie's charms or intelligence. All of this is, again, par for the course with rom-coms, but familiar and comforting were what I was looking for when I picked this up, and this soothing predictability worked its charm on me.
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