I Owe You One

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I hadn’t read a Sophie kinsella book for a while and I did think....will it be silly? Can i be bothered? Yes I can! It was a lovely read with entertaining characters and a totally predictable plot I loved! She has a knack for writing fabulous stories you want to devour! Thank you
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Silly and over the top and also with a heroine that can make you go bat-shit crazy ... but it is Sophie Kinsella, after all, and after the rather 'serious' ones of hers lately (Surprise Me comes to mind here), I was glad to go into the no-rhyme-no-reason kind of chick lit Ms. Kinsella does so well. Yes, it's not literature, and yes, Fixie makes some cringe-worthy decisions at times. But stick with it - it's a good escapist beach read or for one of those time when you just can't be bothered to have to go too deep into a book. You'll love this in those times, I bet.
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I was so disappointed at the book in the beginning because of the whole Ryan incident. Fixie was completely infatuated with him and I thought "Is this what people in this century really want to read?" I am so glad that Ryan was not her love interest as it would be very worrying.

I do like Seb (her actual love interest) though. He is soft and helpful and has a kind heart. 

But what I loved most about this book is that it wasn't that much about love but more about family. It was so entertaining reading the dynamics between the siblings and their each unique relationship between each other and their mother. Also, Fixie's self-development story is very inspiring. She goes from being a flaccid, easily pushed around character to a strong woman who can speak her mind. The ending was especially touching when the whole family is brought back together.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. It was a nice light read but nothing great.
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I've not read a Sophie Kinsella book for a while so this one was a treat.  I like her style of writing and this book didn't disappoint.

You were cheering on the 'heroine', hoping that she would get her happy ever after while supporting her dysfunctional family!
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When Fixie Farr saves a stranger's laptop from certain destruction, he, Sebastian, is so grateful he scribbles her an IOU. Does he really intend her to take it up? Certainly, Fixie treats it as a joke, until former boyfriend Ryan re-enters her life down on his luck, and she decides she has the perfect way to help him by taking up Sebastian's offer. 
Fixie is known in her family for being able to solve any problem. Show her something wrong, and she can't help but try to put it right. The only thing she can't seem to fix is her own life.

This is another enjoyable rom-com from Sophie Kinsella. It's an easy, light read; comforting in its familiarity as the story-line progresses from meet-cute, through various troubles and misunderstandings, to happy-ever-after. 
Fixie is similar to many of Kinsella's heroines - naive, gullible, put-upon and manipulated by family and friends, and too easily taken in by a guy's handsome appearance - but one I quickly sided with. The guys seem to polarise between kind-hearted good guy and irritating manipulators, and none of them seem to really appreciate Fixie's charms or intelligence. All of this is, again, par for the course with rom-coms, but familiar and comforting were what I was looking for when I picked this up, and this soothing predictability worked its charm on me.
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I am a big fan of Sophie’s ever since I read the first Shopaholic book about 12 years ago. True to form this was heartwarming and uplifting and an amusing, east to read novel that I was unable to put down.
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This is a typical Sophie Kinsella book  -brilliant from the start, and one of her best yet. I loved it . Don't just take my word for it. Read it and judge for yourself
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Fixie is so named because she is always determined to fix things. And one day in  a coffee shop she lives up to her name by protecting a strangers laptop. And so begins the whole I Own You One.To be honest she drove me insane half the time. With her incessant fixing of the most minor of things. And then there was her childhood crush. To be honest the less said the better. What a toerag! And then the side characters encompassed one cliche  behaviour and had no personality.Actually, I'm struggling to think of any character that I particularly liked. All were whinny, self-centred and intent on putting each other down. And no one listens to one another. Causing chaos, bittiness and nearly the destruction of the family business.Then we need to talk about Fixie's and Seb's relationship. One minute they are together, then they are back with their ex's, then they are together again and so on.  i just don't understand it. I was left feeling like there was little spark between them and depth to their relationship.While this was not my favourite Sophie Kinsella book, I have to admit that it did keep me hooked and had me laughing at insignificant moments.  And I read it in one sitting. But whether I pick this up again is another matter. This is definitely more a read for a Sophie Kinsella fan rather than a introduction to a new reader...
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Ingenious. Really enjoyed this romp. Felt so much frustration for Fixie as she donned her martyred cape and took the troubles of the world on her shoulders. Low self esteem and a self-absorbed brother and sister to a degree means that she is unable to let her light shine. The return of an old flame does nothing to alleviate this until a handsome stranger crashes into her life. Will Fixie see that she has as much right as anyone else to fulfill her dreams?
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I am a big Sophie Kinsella fan so when I didn't enjoy the last book I read, I knew I was safe to pick this up! True to form, this was laugh-out-loud funny, heartwarming and uplifting – I devoured it in just a few hours. 
Fixie, is a sometimes frustrating pushover but you can't help but like her as she is flawed, but charming and loveable. The star of the show is Seb, who is a bit dreamy! When they meet Fixie, in her trademark style, saves his bacon and he insists he 'owes her one'. Their quid pro quo arrangement provides moments of comedy and is a great romantic storyline. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this e-copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Fabulous book! Great fun story and written well. Another resounding hit for this author. Always finds a sympathetic main character and makes you root for them all the way through, feeling their ups and downs as if they’re your own.
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I’ve always been a Sophie Kinsella fan. You can always rely on her for a light, amusing read with a main character who gets herself into a bit of a mess, but who manages to come right in the end.

I Owe You One doesn’t really stray from that theme, but for some reason, I didn’t love it as much as most of Kinsella’s other books. It was still enjoyable, easy reading but I just felt that the main character, Fixie Farr, didn’t get as much credit as she deserved. Firstly, she got landed with a really crap nickname: ‘Fixie’ – due to her constant urge to fix other people’s problems, and issues in general wherever she saw them. However, her own life is a bit of a mess.

Secondly, she was also given what I considered really horrible siblings. I didn’t really understand how the family motto of ‘Family First’ that had been so deeply ingrained into Fixie’s psyche, and she had such a strong sense of commitment to their family business, it seemed to have conveniently skipped her brother and sister. Why was she the only one who had such a deep sense of family pride? And why did her mom not see this?

Thirdly, Ryan, who she’s had a crush on since she was about 10 years old turns up and immediately jumps onto the ‘take advantage of Fixie’ bandwagon … and everyone just stands back and allows it! They’re all so busy admiring his wonderfulness, that nobody notices what an absolute tosser he actually is!

Is Fixie truly as naive as she comes across? Well it would seem that she is. But thankfully her natural instinct to help people leads her to meet Sebastian, a successful businessman who attempts to show her that she needs to look out for herself first before thinking of everyone else all the time.

Kinsella has focused her positive characterisation on Fixie and Sebastian, while it seems she’s aimed at making most of her other characters as shallow and unlikeable as possible.

It’s an enjoyable, easy read, and I give it 3 stars.
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I Owe You One follows a fresh set of characters who for the most part are unlikable and awful to our protagonist Fixie. Unfortunately for me this was not one of Sophie's strongest books.

Fixie is somewhat a pushover and begins the story as quite a weak character who doesn't like to stand up for herself and whilst we all enjoy and underdog story where the lead finally gets a backbone, sometimes Fixie just came across as irritating. 

However, in true chick-lit fashion, romance ensues and the fluff is wonderful and exactly what chick-lit readers need, this was a redeeming feature of the novel for me. 

There are some light-hearted and funny moments that are true to Sophie's style which is great to see. All in all, a light and easy read that is great for any Sophie or Chick Lit Fans - just not one of her strongest to date
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Having never read a Sophie Kinsella novel, and having seen films based on her books I was pleasantly surprised. The second half is definitely where the book finds its flow and I enjoyed it better than the first. I Owe You One is the right amount of real life, romance and lightness. An easy read.
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Easy to read, well written novel. I read this whilst on holiday and can confirm that it is a good holiday read.
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Another perfect read from Sophie Kinsella. The main character Fixie was easy to like and the family dynamics was very realistic. Very enjoyable !!
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What can I say Sophie Kinsella never disappoints her readers and this is another great book..

In this book we meet Fixie who always puts her family first and foremost, however her dad dies and been honest she is getting tired of always fixing her families messes...

One day she literally bumps into a handsome stranger in a coffee shop and  sje saves the day so he writes her an  IOU on  a coffee sleeve and so the rollercoaster begins ...
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If y0u want a nice and gentle easy read this is the book to pick up.  I've been a big fan of Sophie Kinsella for years and could not wait to read this one.  

Fixie Farr is a family girl who is determined to keep her family business thriving whilst at the same time look after her family and 'fix' any of their problems.  Fixie is a bit of a doormat who is afraid to speak her real mind to her family.  By chance she meets Seb whilst in a café when she saves his laptop from a flood.  Seb is so grateful that he tells Fixie to contact him at anytime if she needs a favour.  It is only when Fixie is manipulated by her lazy 'boyfriend' Ryan that she calls in this favour.  But the spark between Seb and Fixie is a lot more credible than her relationship with Ryan.  Over time Fixie finds that she must choose to either ignore the manipulations of family and friends or stand up for herself.  

To be honest it was always pretty obvious that Fixie and Seb would become more than just strangers in a café but I didn't care.  I wanted a nice and easy book to read and that is what I got.  The only disappointment was that there wasn't the usual laugh a moment minutes that Kinsella is so famed for.  But overall this is a nice read.
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3,5 Stars

One random act of kindness, leads to a stranger giving Fixie an IOU, and starts a chain of events that you may not have predicted from the outset. 

Fixie so named as she likes fixing everything is lovely, passionate about the family business, loyal to her family but honestly comes across as a doormat.  She drove me mad half the time, as she wouldn't stand up to her siblings. 

And the least said about her long term love and crush, the better. He was utterly despicable. 

I'm really not sure if I liked most of the characters. In fact my favourite character is one that doesn't talk back -its the family shop Farrs.   We get enough description, plus of the vibe of the place and what it sells, that it feels like a character in its own right. 

I suspect had I read this any other week I would have loved it more, but given how exhausted I am, I have to say that reading this felt a bit like hard work.  It didn't really draw me back into it, which is odd as I normally love a Sophie Kinsella book. 

It's not a bad book in the slightest, and I did enjoy most of it, but its also not the best or funniest of Sophie Kinsella's standalone books. There are moments of humour and the further I got into the book, the more I was enjoying it, especially once I started to see the evidence of character development as they became more rounded people. 

Filled with characters you love to hate, a lovely small business, a complete mix of personalities in one story and a series of favours and good deeds done, thanks to one IOU note, this is a good story, which frustratingly felt a bit short for me. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Black Swan for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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I am a massive Sophie Kinsella Fan especially the shopaholic series which is actually the series that got me into Chick Lit.

In the book the author brings us fresh new characters....when we meet Fixie Farr a character that I adore. I have to admit that I totally got her sense of humor because it is so much like my own.  She has a tendency to fix things. 

We follow her on a journey where she finds herself torn between the present and the past when her teenage crush Ryan comes back into her life. But can she fix her own life?!

This is a brilliant laugh out loud love story you cannot help but route for Fixie.

I Owe you one is a fun, witty engaging read which I highly recommend.
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