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Emmeline Pankhurst

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A really great introduction to Pankhurst for younger readers. A great way to get children into history.
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I love this series, it's always a joy to read about someone who I may a lot, a bit or nothing at all. The art style is pleasing to look at, these are books would be a great addition to many elementary classrooms.
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This is a delightful book for young readers. The illustrations are lovely. My daughters loved this book and we highly recommend it.
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This is another book in the ”My first ____” series, which is for younger readers than the ”Little people. Big dreams” series. 
I adore these books, and I love how well the writing and the illustrations go together. Together they tell the story of a famous person’s life, and what they overcame to reach their goals and dreams. 
This book tells the story of Emmeline Pankhurst.
In this book, we hear about suffragists and the fight for women’s rights. It is perfect to open up the conversation about rights and oppression, and I feel like a lot of children can benefit from knowing this story!
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Emmeline Pankhurst is a name I recognized, but I didn’t know why. How could she be so famous that I knew her name, but nothing about who she was? Enter another edition of Little People, Big Dreams! 

At this point, I’m certain you are tired of me saying this, but…I love this series! It’s a wonderful way for children to get essential information about historical figures. And while I have appreciated every edition, those that focus on women of historical significance are by and large my favorite because the contributions of women are at risk of being forgotten, having often been disregarded as less important (hence why I suspect I recognized Emmeline Pankhurst’s name, but knew nothing about her). 

In a nutshell, Emmeline Pankhurst was an early suffragette, an early feminist, who fought her entire life for women to be offered the same opportunities as men. And – spoiler alert – she lived to see some of her dreams come true, including women earning the right to vote!

As ever, Little People, Big Dreams act as a stepping stone, for children (and adults) to learn more about important figures of our past.
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I really like the Little People, Big Dreams series. This offering does not disappoint. This is the story of Emmeline Pankhurst from her childhood in Manchester, England to her becoming a founder and hero of the Women's Rights Movement. I enjoy reading about the childhood of these brave, talented dreamers and how it inspired them to do what they did in adulthood. We learn about what Emmeline had to deal with including prison in her journey. This is a child friendly biography with delightful illustrations. It is a story that shows a young woman striving to achieve her dream. This book could be used to teach young children how to write a biography, show that it is important to have a dream and strive to achieve it. It is also a great choice for Women's History Month. I love the end pages in this series that gives a timeline, pertinent information and resources etc. These books are a must for public and school libraries.
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I adore this series - such a fantastic way to introduce history and spark further discussion and learning!
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I think this book is too simplistic.  My guess is it is for ages birth through 3.  Just a very basic overview.  The whole book can be summed up with one sentence. Emmeline pankhurst wanted women to vote.  That’s it. The entire idea of the book.  No why, no depth, etc.
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This lady is not as famous as most in this series. I didn’t know who she was, and it takes to about halfway through the book to be told she was a suffragette.
“Deeds, not words.” One of my favorite sayings.
This one’s a little better than some of the recent ones, but still light on facts and structure. A return to the style and substance of the first few volumes would be welcome.
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A beautiful book that I read just in time for International Women's Day. A gorgeous illustrated book telling the story of a giant of the women's movement and what drew her to that path. perfect for the little lady in your life.
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Nostalgic ~ Age-Appropriate ~ Enjoyable

tl;dr: Women who make change are the best. 

I love the idea of telling the youngest readers about a woman who changed their lives, long before they were born. This well-written book tells the story of Pankhurst, the suffragette. I like that this book is about a woman who isn't a household name, but should be. The illustrations are very nice, having a sort of vintage feel. 

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Simple illustrations accompany a simple story telling the story of Emmeline Pankhurst. I wish it had just a little more detail and context (e.g., the year/era) to help ground it for little ones. It was a little to sparse for me (The Stephen Hawking volume had more depth and arc in its biography--perhaps different writer guidelines/slightly older audience--and was more interesting as a result).

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I had never heard of Emmeline Pankhurst and this book made me so interested in learning more about her. Any story that begin with a child loving reading is a winner for me. I love the pictures and they tell a great story of woman leadership and empowerment.
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I've read 4 books of the Little People, Big Dreams series, and since they're very similar (thus I can only say the same things about them), I've reviewed them together:
These are exactly the books I would love to dive in with my kid (once I'll have one)! They're very short, with very simple and short text - well, they're picture books. It's definitely suitable for only very little kids, toddlers. In themselves, at least. I can imagine telling a more detailed story about Hawking, Parks, Fitzgerald, Pankhurst, or any other hero of these books to a bit older child - I think when an adult reads it with them, adds things, and it's possible to discuss, than it could be quite enjoyable for even 5-6 year-olds. I find it very important to give role models to kids, ones who'd done something in their lives worth mentioning, especially in this age when all these celebrities and influencers are thrown at us who have never done anything useful that would earn them respect. These little board books (I've downloaded like 4) give help with that from a very early age, and that's wonderful!
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I thought this book did a really, really good job of getting the essence of Pankhurst's story across in a board book. It was simple enough for kids to understand, but did really tell her story.
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Emmeline Pankhurst was an amazing woman!! She fought gender norms for her time to help woman gain voting rights. The illustrations are gorgeous and engaging.

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Another charming addition to the Little people BIG DREAMS series.

This time it’s Emmeline Pankhurst and her fight for women’s rights and the Suffragette movement. 

With a lovely flowing text and charming illustrations this will be loved by children and adults alike. Educational too and inspiring.
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A more familiar story for me growing up in the UK.
Emmeline Pankhurst did a great deal for women's sufferage and poorer families in industrial towns and cities. Born at a time when girls became wives first and mothers second she was inspired as a child and through her marriage to live and act differently.
As she was moved, this series, Little People, BIG DREAMS hopes that the young children listening to these stories will be equally aware of their own potential, to dream dreams and realise their potential.
so a basic biography with intriguing illustrations for further questions and simple sentences pitches in with the start of understanding our world and your place init for children to learn and embrace.
I have vague memories of David Livingstone and Elishabeth Fry from my early reading and being read to by adults. Parents and carers should welcome books that lift ones eyes beyond the nursery.
Recent centenary of right to vote for women and part of the strength of the City in the aftermath of the Manchester bombing at an Ariana Grande concert, Emmeline Pankhurst should be a more familiar figure; as a women she should be remembered and known to all our children.
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These books are great for inspiring young minds to become who they are meant to be. Emmeline Pankhurst shows young girls that the sky is the limit and women can do anything men can do.
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I actually didn't know anything about Emmeline Pankhurst (or even who she was) prior to reading this children's book. It was informative- I thought it was the perfect amount of detail about women's suffrage for a child- and the drawings went well with the information.
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