Rosa Parks

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I love this series, it's always a joy to read about someone who I may a lot, a bit or nothing at all. The art style is pleasing to look at, these are books would be a great addition to many elementary classrooms.
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This is a delightful book for young readers. The illustrations are lovely. My daughters loved this book and we highly recommend it.
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Rosa Parks has been one of my heroes, for as long as I can remember. I loved this book and am excited to hear it is in a board book format. I think that children will be inspired by Rosa Parks courage. She is a shining example of making a difference in an admirable way!
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The ‘My First Little People, Big Dreams’ series provides a great introduction to young children about people making a difference in our world.  Always informative and inspirational, these biographies are totally relatable to young children and written for easy comprehension. 

As a pediatric speech language pathologist,  I am always looking for great board books with substance.  Rosa Parks, an important figure in history, is another beautifully illustrated book for young children, teaching about respect, equal rights, kindness, and civil rights. I loved the book. This should be in every school library, as well as teacher’s classroom libraries.  
 Thanks to #NetGalley and the publisher for a complimentary copy of #RosaParks in exchange for an honest review.
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Once again, I learned something new thanks to Little People, Big Dreams (I’m starting to think I didn’t get a very good education as a kid!). Everyone knows Rosa Parks as the woman who wouldn’t give up her seat on the bus during segregation. What I didn’t know is that she did so much more than that (though that was a truly brave thing to do). She was an activist prior to that famously refusing to give up her seat, and harnessed the energy that action sparked, to fight for and create real long-term change.

In addition to highlighting events in the inspiring life of Rosa Parks, this book touches on the history of slavery and racism, while explaining at a very basic level how Rosa’s persistence paid off.

Definitely a critically important edition to the Little People, Big Dreams collection.
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This was the first book I read in the "My first little people, big dreams" series, and I feel like it's a perfect book to first introduce someone to reading, and it's also an amazing way to spark conversations and interest in civil rights movement for children of all ages. 
This book relies more on the illustrations than the text, but I don't feel like it takes away from the experience. All the books in this series have illustrations that tells the story with very few words needed.
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New in the Little People, Big Dreams series, discover the incredible life of Rosa Parks. This book also appears to be from the sub-group to the series for younger children and is subtitled, "My First Rosa Parks". The end pages with notes, timeline etc. is present, but it is quite brief. This book was especially of interest to me as living close to Detroit, Michigan, I grew up hearing about Rosa Parks as she fled to Detroit to escape the death threats etc she received as a result of her activism. Rosa Parks stood up for what she believed and put herself in danger for standing up against racism and segregation. This act, was one of the beginnings of civil rights movement. This is a child friendly biography with great illustrations. It is a story that shows a young woman striving to achieve her dream. This book could be used to teach young children how to write a biography, show that it is important to have a dream and strive to achieve it, as well as teaching about racism and loving others no matter what colour their skin, their nationality language etc. I recommend this book to all public and school libraries.
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I adore this series - such a fantastic way to introduce history and spark further discussion and learning!
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This is a short overview about the fascinating lady - Rosa Parks.
I love these books and think that they are an excellent way of introducing these people to young children.
I can't wait until my daughter is old enough for this series and I hope they will encourage her to want to read more about these brilliant women when she is older.
Four stars from me for this one.
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This is a strange little history.
It’s good in that it goes back to her childhood, which I don’t remember ever seeing before. But the famous incident in which she refused to move to the back of the bus, while present, is glossed over. It merely shows her refusing to give up the seat, but nothing of what happened after. From there it merely says she worked for change.
Can’t recommend it if the whole point isn’t important enough to explain, especially for those who’ve never heard of it.
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A beautiful and powerful retelling of the story of one of the most important women in the civil rights movement. it is the perfect level of difficulty for the age range it is aimed at but isn't sensational. Once again, wonderful.
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*I received a free copy in exchange of my honest review* 
I really love this series ! I have read a few now and I actually regret not having them when I was a kid . It was a fun read and I learned a little bit mire about rosa parks
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I wish the 'Little People, Big Dreams' series had been available for my daughter. I remember looking at the shelves and shelves of children's biographies of brave, active boys leading countries as presidents or armies as generals. Now we have the latest in this necessary series, Rosa Parks by Lisbeth Kaiser, about women who do big, very important things too.. 

The Rosa Parks narrative, as the other wonderful books in the series, brings us alongside her during moments before and after her pivotal decision to remain seated. We come to understand how her circumstances shaped her decision to join the civil rights movement and fight the Jim Crow laws. What the author tells us about her life as a person of color in Alabama is spare but imparts what young people should know. The stylized illustrations will help to engage young readers in a story that for them happened a very long time ago and, depending on the audience, in a place as foreign to them as Mars. This is a book that should be added to all school libraries.
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Gorgeous ~ Thoughtful ~ Age-Appropriate

Tl;dr: Disobedience can be the most appropriate action

This might be my favorite in this series of non-fiction stories. The illustrations are wonderful, simple yet detailed, luscious yet toned. And, the text is so good, particularly the point that there is still work to do. What an important message to impart to the young readers. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This empowering series is very worthy of collecting.  It is intended for kids of all ages and comes in a range of formats.  Its mission is to inspire the next generation of outstanding people to shine their light and uniqueness and in so doing make positive and often life-changing contributions to the world! 

Rosa Parks grew up in Alabama.  One day, in 1955, while on a segregated bus, a white man approaches her and demands that she give up her seat so he can sit down.  Rosa refuses his request and as a result is put in jail.  

Her refusal ignites the Montgomery Bus Boycott.  This woman's very courageous stand against injustice sparks a movement that miraculously ends segregation on public transit.  

What happened to Rosa Parks?  She continues on to become a civil right's activist and never stops working for just causes.  This book can be a call to action for others to take a stand and fight for truth and righteousness. Rosa proves that one insignificant woman can make a difference and accomplish significant changes in the world.  

The illustrations enrich the text and are powerful advocates to the positive message.  The author has included a biographical timeline with photos of the real Rosa Parks. She incorporates a more detailed profile of her for those wishing to learn more about this extraordinary woman's life.  I highly recommend this book and the others in this wonderful series.
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This is the first I've read in the series, and the illustrations are lovely, and the story simple and easy to understand for children. I wish it came with a little more in-depth background, perhaps for parents, to help give context to their children, especially if kids have questions after reading. 

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Rosa Parks is a great picture book addition to the Little People, Big Dreams Series. The story begins with Rosa’s childhood, talking about her family and her unfair experiences in school and in her home town. She didn’t like all the unfair rules and decided she wanted to change things. This is a great introduction to Rosa’s place in history. And like I’ve said in my other Little People, Big Dreams review, I love this series! 
Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing for this e-copy, my opinions are my own.
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I've read 4 books of the Little People, Big Dreams series, and since they're very similar (thus I can only say the same things about them), I've reviewed them together:
These are exactly the books I would love to dive in with my kid (once I'll have one)! They're very short, with very simple and short text - well, they're picture books. It's definitely suitable for only very little kids, toddlers. In themselves, at least. I can imagine telling a more detailed story about Hawking, Parks, Fitzgerald, Pankhurst, or any other hero of these books to a bit older child - I think when an adult reads it with them, adds things, and it's possible to discuss, than it could be quite enjoyable for even 5-6 year-olds. I find it very important to give role models to kids, ones who'd done something in their lives worth mentioning, especially in this age when all these celebrities and influencers are thrown at us who have never done anything useful that would earn them respect. These little board books (I've downloaded like 4) give help with that from a very early age, and that's wonderful!
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A great edition to the Little People, Big Dreams  series. Rosa Parks is always a great example of hardwork and dedication to a cause. The illustrations really compliment the story. Readers will get a small exposure to race inequality and slavery. This book is a great introduction into Park's life and contribution to our world.
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A short summary of Rosa Parks's life and her struggle for independence and respect in a country where even after the Blacks were free from slavery, they were still discriminated and disrespected. She encouraged her people to stand up for each other and fight for mutual respect. She made sure Blacks were given equal importance and right in their country among their countrymen.

I would've liked a little bit more about her but this book is mainly aimed for children's education and it is apt for reading out loud in classes with pretty illustrations.

Thanks to Netgalley for providing a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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