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I thought this book was a lot of fun, it had one of my favourite tropes, fake dating. The characters were interesting and made the story for me.  I do wish that they acted a little more like 40-year-olds at times it felt like I was reading from the perspective of a younger person and I wanted more of a backstory on Johnathan to understand him a bit more. I love romance and was really intrigued by this one from the beginning, I liked Frank and Julio so much and I really needed a happy book! this was perfect.
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Not quite for me, I have a thing about multi-person first-person writing and it always feels jarring to me. If you don't mind this style of writing you'll probably really enjoy this one.
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liked the concept but the writing wasn’t my cup of tea. sadly DNF :((( maybe i’ll try again some day
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I just.could not get into this book. The writing style was not for me.  I really loved the concept but I had to DNF
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If there's something about Chris Delayani's 'Best Man' that sets it apart from the rest is that his characters in this story no only so very different, but they were surprisingly realistic?  Especially in their flaws and their emotions.  I say this because, there's characters I read that annoy me to the point where I just stop reading the story altogether because the ending is obvious and then there's annoying to the point where I really want to finish the story so I can find out what happens in the end because if I don't  then it'll bother me.

Anyways, 'Best Man' is not your typical MM romance; it's kind of a rom/com-slow burn-no b.s.-a little depressing kind of story.  It’s a story about four men (and from their POVs) but mainly about Frank, our main guy who is currently divorced and is madly in love with his best friend Jonathan (who is none the wiser and if we're being honest, co-dependent and manipulative eventually).  Jonathan is planning on marrying Marcus and asks Frank to be his best man and of course Frank says yes.

In between all this, we learn that Frank might have some social issues?  I could be wrong but I felt like Frank is more of an introvert who doesn't welcome drama and doesn't have many friends, also he keeps to himself. 
Enter Julio, our feisty dance instructor who is also Frank's roommate and is secretly crushing on Marcus (who attends his dance sessions) but doesn't know about whole Frank-Jonathan-Marcus connection UNTIL Frank asks Julio to be his pretend boyfriend to Jonathan and Marcus' invitation to dinner one night and he agrees.  At this point I'm thinking "Oh the cat's out of the bag now' but nope, not yet!  This is where my appreciation for the slow build up to the climax comes in because it makes the story more realistic.  

After all this, we learn that although Julio is not attracted to Frank and is under the impression that Marcus is in some kind of open relationship, agrees to help Frank out as a friend.  Again, this is not your typical MM romance because through all this we have: cheating lovers, lies, manipulation, lust, depression, greed, etc.  There is no sugar coating in 'Best Man' and I find that quite alright because of the raw emotions.  All in all, it was a wonderful story that gives you a surprising ending! Happy Reading all!

*I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley *
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Wholeheartedly enjoyed this! Very full, vivid characters, and I loved how the story (and the truth) evolved. Couldn't stop reading!
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I really enjoyed this book and give it a solid 4 stars. This is a great beach/summer read.

I didn't know what to expect going into this book and I have not read anything else by Chris Delyani. The book was well written and definitely held my interest. It reminded me of chick lit, which I am sure many of us have a love hate relationship with. However, there are times when you need a little "chick lit" type reading. Something that's not too heavy, has a happy ending, and makes you smile. This is chick-lit with a's M/M.

Frank loves Jonathan, but Jonathan loves Marcus, so Frank enlists yoga teacher Julio to be his pretend boyfriend. With that as the set-up, you just know something is not going to go as planned. 

This book is interesting in that on one hand, with a few tweaks, it could have been really funny and over the top. Or, with a few tweaks in a different direction it could have been really serious and dramatic. What we end up with here is a blend. Julio's somewhat flamboyant nature and free spirit attitude add levity to the book. Also, all of the men are in their 30's and 40's but a lot of their behaviors are reminiscent of people in their 20's. These aspects, imo, keep the heavier stuff like a 40yr old man with a broken heart and no real prospects of love (Frank), and his life-long crush (Jonathan) who is in a broken relationship that he doesn't even realize how broken it is, from being too heavy. 

Frank is the most well developed of the characters in terms of knowing his motivation and his backstory. But, I also enjoyed the glimpses into Julio's past. It was harder to relate to Jonathan and Marcus because we don't know as much about why they are the way they are. I would have liked to know more about Jonathan. 

Not to get too deep on a book that is towards the lighter side, but, there is one point that would make for an interesting discussion:

-What role did each man's family play in shaping his identity? Frank is reserved and a little rigid, Julio is a free-spirited party boy, Jonathan is timid and needy, Marcus is macho jerk. 

I will definitely be looking for other books by this author and would love to see a part 2 to this story.
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Welcome to this book review,
disclaimer : I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

This book was a surprise, I wanted to read a cute wedding setting love story and am always on the hunt for those diverse stories stepping into this "classic" summer contemporary trope.
I was expecting a sort of comedy surrounding two people who never realized they were made for each other, but rather found a profound and somehow, unfortunately, condusing.
There where instances when characters made deductions from things that didn't necessarily mean had happened/were happening. 
Like him and Frank not sleeping together because he slept on the sofa.  (deduction by Marcus)
I unfortunately did not enjoy the characters, which was a huge problem for me, I usually don't mind a sad or moving story but this one felt like too much, Julio was so full of energy and Frank so bland. Marcus also was the "villain" because he cheats on his partner repeatedly whom is also Frank's "I want to be with" person and friend. 
Certain aspects such as Julio being Marcus's Yoga instructor and a romance interest for Marcus while fake dating Frank who is interested in Jonathan (Marcus's lover) felt like too much. 
Everyone one knew someone and it all felt so impossible in the scheme of things for all those things to happen at the same time.
However while I didn't enjoy the story, the redeeming parts of it was  the author's writing style which was really enjoyable. 
I wished I had enjoyed it as I was really looking forward to it, and while it never said it was a comedy the story  blurb or rather the impossibleness of the story blurb made me believe it could only be a comedy, which is what made it's downfall in my eyes ultimately, as it would've been really enjoyable as a comedy. 
Thank you for reading, 
2.25/5 stars
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It's tough to describe Best Man by Chris Delyani. It isn't the best book ever, since all the men are flawed, and not very likable. But damn it, I couldn't put it down. For that, I am giving it 4 stars.

This tale involves best friends, roommates, and some serious cheating. There's an open relationship, where only one man tends to stray, and stray often he does. 

In short, Frank's in love with his friend Jonathon, who happens to be engaged to Marcus. To save face, Frank pretends to be dating his border, Julio, who happens to catch the eye of Marcus. And this is how it begins. 

This story involves jealousy, with one man desperately jealous of another, to the point of purposely trying to hurt him. Frank may just get his happy ending, but the path he travels is one of the most complicated paths ever. He has to endure a whole lot of mess before he's ever going to find real love.

That said, I could not put this book down. It didn't matter that I found Frank and Jonathon to be pathetically passive. It didn't matter that I hated Martin and certainly wanted to strangle Julio at times. I couldn't stop reading. I needed to know what was going to happen. 

This romance may just be one on going shit-show, but it was definitely an intriguing shit-show. It was a train wreck I couldn't look away from. 

I find the cover to be interesting, as it would indicate a fun, happy romance, instead of this most complicated of romances. We certainly aren't laughing with this tale of dreams and longing, of pain and hurt. 

Best Man is complex, with some horrible characters, but it's one of the most riveting books I've ever read.
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I’m evil, I know, I just loved the cheating, the manipulation and the lies. This story is nothing I expected and goshh is that a pleasant surprise.

I must say I’m not sure I loved the personalities all the time, but I can say they were all realistic flawed. No sugarcoats and no one is really who they seem to be. The story has a wonderful build up. Bit by bit I got more involved and felt more connected.

It’s not an upbeat read, more a bit depressing, when I was a bit further in this story things changed, almost unnoticed. The story was well put together. I really loved it. Even with the somewhat flat emotions throughout this story I found it quite captivating, the further I got in this book the more engaged I felt. I had some feelings while reading only not the ones that made my eyes blurred or my heart hurt. Still, with all this I enjoyed it greatly.

It’s a story about four men. The main character is Frank but there are more POV’s. 
I found it clarifying to know what played in other heads. 
Frank is divorced and his heart belongs to his best friend Jonathan. Jonathan will marry Marcus. Jonathan asks Julio to go with him to the engagement-party as his boyfriend. Julio is not happy about it, Frank has nothing that attracts him in a guy, still he goes. Marcus is more what Julio is looking for in a man.
Don’t expect a passionate sexy story because it’s far from it. What you can expect are some realistic encounters, cheating partners and lies. Friendship and lovers are mixed up. 
I loved it all!
I found it quite refreshing to read a down to earth story. The end was surprising and lovely.
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Not what I thought to have a good time reading.
The cover,looks to me like a light,comdy romance.
Butt that is not the story say the least.
It took me a lott off time to read it.
I did not enjoyed it,I do see that the author is talented.
I did simply not enjoyed the way the story goes,Friends do not
tread each other like that.other wise you`re better off as enemies.
so 2 stars.
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I really enjoyed the characters. At times the story gets a little dark and it's much more developed than the comic romp I had expected. Sometimes it borders on believable but never gets too far out of hand. This is intended as a more realistic take than a farce, as the title and synopsis might suggest. I just never found the moment when the 'chemistry' developed between Frank and Julio. Best Man is a bit of a different take on this M/M Romance scenario. Overall, enjoyable reading.

I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This book was good really sweet it started off by being a fake boyfriend to a real one and coming to conclusions about your life and moving on.  Really enjoyed it.
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Jonathan is engaged to his unfaithful boyfriend marcus, he thinks sleeipng with his long time divorced friend will change things, but he does not know his friend has feelings for him. Jonathan then asks him to be his best man.
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What I liked most of this story was Frank's character. 
- in his 40's
- math teacher
- obsessed with his best friend
- divorced because discovered his husband cheating on him
- some insecurities about his physical appearance 
- hiding from his roommate "a nice guy as far as I could tell, but he felt like an intruder, a stranger who gave me a rent check".
I would have liked that the story had been told only from Frank's point of view and not from the POV of his roommate Julio too. I really hated Julio until about the 60% of the book. After that, his character evolved a lot, and he showed a growing maturity and wisdom.
My favorite scenes: 
- the dream at the beginning of the first chapter. It was sad and nostalgic. 
- the "door" scene towards the end of the book. It made my heart jump.
What I didn't like:
The last kiss described in the book is the one that happened for the wrong reasons between the wrong persons! 
I don't want to spoil the story, so I will call the characters involved in the last scenes Z, Y, X. 
"Z", a secondary character, stole a kiss from Y, a main character. Later Y will meet X, and they will confess their love for each other. But they won't exchange any kisses.
X: " [...] I love you too
Y: and your mother? [referring to something they were talking about previously]
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More LGTBQ+ than the slash fic I often read. This is a serious, often bittersweet romantic novel from the point of view of Frank, a man who has never got over a romantic attachment for a friend and Julio, who is Frank's housemate since he divorced. Poor Frank is in a rather woeful state, locking himself up in his house avoiding Julio, so he is thrown into confusion when Jonathan turns up in his life again planning a wedding to his evil boyfriend Marcus who utterly hates Frank. Julio on the other hand is busy crushing on Marcus at his yoga classes unaware that Marcus is engaged. As a favour for Frank, Julio pretends to be his boyfriend to Jonathan and Marcus.

I liked the characters in this book and the way that the plot kept me guessing, I thought that the first person narrative worked well in the way that the characters were not necessarily what Frank and Julio thought they were. They are all very human and every one of them does things that they are ashamed of (or should be ashamed of!). I loved the way that Frank and Julio grew as people. This is not an explicit book, but I didn't feel like it needed it, this is a beautifully told story.
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I really love this book! Frank is a sweet guy who was married to someone who cheated on him. Frank is love with his best friend Jonathan, who is married to Marcus, but Frank and Marcus don’t see eye to eye. Julio is a yoga instructor and Frank rents out a room to him. Frank finds out that Jonathan is engaged and Frank lies about his relationship with his roommate. I don’t want to go into detail because I might give the rest of the story away. There is angst, cheating, deception, romance, friends to lovers, and jealousy. The book is easy to read with a great flow. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. It’s a happy ending and truly enjoyed this book.
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Gah! This book was such a train wreck. It's nothing against the author, but I just really couldn't stand the characters. They were a mess. And the cheating to get revenge! How ridiculous. They were all cowards and jealous little bitches. Even Frank and Jonathan who were supposed to be best friends. What a friendship they had! It was just a mess and I would have put it down except for wanting to provide the honest review. This book was not what I expected and I really did not enjoy the story. :(
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Frank and Julio seem like the most unlikely of matches. Julio rents a room in Frank's house and they pretty much don't speak to one another. But a little while lie snowballs and these two are vying for the affections of two men who are engaged!

I wish that chapters were labeled by whose point of view they were in. Also, for awhile I had a hard time liking anyone enough to root for them. The last few chapters made all the difference to me. I finally got to see a more genuine connection. I would have enjoyed an epilogue, it was just getting to the happy and I wanted more of that. All in all, it was an entertaining story that was well written and easy to get into.
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I thought I knew how the book would play out based on the synopsis but the actual story was so much better than I had hoped. The characters were so well written and believably complex and messy that I kept cycling between wanting to shake, hug, and throat punch them. I went back and forth several times on who I wanted to end up together and at one point just wanted them all to be single and start fresh. At various times they were all villains and victims but in the end everyone's true colors were on display and they all got what they deserved, good or bad. I really enjoyed this book and will be looking for more from this author. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great story and a realistic view on how complicated love and friendship can be and the lengths people will go to keep it.
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