The Noble Guardian

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My heart was punctured along with Abigail Gilbert as her stepmother practically throws her out of the house to travel to meet her soon-to-be noble husband, who’s a baronet. I felt the firry darts this woman spit out as the girl left. All she wanted was to see her father before she left. She replied, “…You didn’t actually expect anyone to see you off, did you?”

…”I merely wanted to thank Father one last time for arranging my marriage to Sir Jonathan, but you can tell him for me...”

“Oh, Abigail, don’t be ridiculous. We have other things to do. Now that we have your association with a baronet, the chances of my daughters marrying better than you are within reach…”

…”Why had she been so foolish to expect anything different?” So Abigail sets off on a journey with some money and no guardian.

She doesn’t get too far before trouble finds her. It’s there she meets Captain Samuel Thatcher, a Bow Street Runner who patrols the roads to London to keep them safe. He comes to her aid. She realizes she needs help to get to Penrith; so, she hires him to be her guardian. The pathway is dangerous he knew from riding these roads and run in’s with the Highwaymen that robbed and murdered coach passengers.

There is something about Abigail that tugged at his heart, he couldn’t say no. He was tickled by how this woman carried herself. Abigail stands up strong forging ahead to be married to a man she didn’t know. Abigail says to the Captain, “May I remind you, sir, that my name is not lady, and the truth is that as a baronet, Sir Jonathan is a very busy man. He doesn’t have time to waste, so it is no surprise our courtship is a whirlwind.”

“Courtship, you say?” The captain folded his arms. “Your man is up north in Penrith. You are coming from the south. How much of a courtship could you have possibly had?”

..”It’s not the length of the relationship that matters, but the depth. Do you not agree?”

The Captain smiled, ‘I suppose you expect to live happily ever after, then.”

“I do. Oh, of course I know there shall be hardships, mind you, but with Sir Jonathan at my side, I am certain we shall face each trial as a united front.” …“What do you know of the man, other than he’s busy?”

I enjoyed these two, their crazy situation, and the wild ride neither one of them thought they’d be on. What follows is seemingly endless perils, making you wonder if they will ever reach their destination alive. This is a page-turning, nail-biting action adventure from beginning to end. I loved every minute of it. I’m sad it had to end. This is the authors best novel to date. I think this would make a GREAT MOVIE!! Just saying. It would be a wonderful book club pick too!

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I didn't realize this book was part of a series when I requested it so I went back and started reading the first couple of books. However, I couldn't get into the first book so I will not be reviewing this title.
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Traveling through the English countryside in 1815 was not easy, nor was it safe. Thieves and murderers, some with a strong appetite for revenge, were prowling about, looking for their next opportunities and victims.

Abby Gilbert was attempting to travel through known dangerous territory to join a man she had been promised to in marriage. Abby was anxious to leave the home she had grown up in, due to a nasty stepmother who seemed to enjoy making life miserable for her.

As Abby travels farther from the only home she has ever known, she encounters many things, including serious danger and career criminals. As lawman Samuel Thatcher is trying to rid the countryside of criminals, he encounters and rescues Abby, not once, but twice. Will he agree to be her guardian and deliver her safely to her destination?

Worrying that he will live to regret his decision and feeling like Jonah in the Old Testament, he takes on the challenge of being Abby’s guardian. What could possibly go wrong? Might things go impossibly right?

Let the adventure begin! Join Abby and Samuel , unlikely travel partners, as they journey through a not-so-peaceful English countryside. So many experiences to be had...danger, illness, trust, suspicion, uncertainty and my favorite...divine appointments.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing through NetGalley and GoodReads. Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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The Noble Guardian by Michelle Griep is a good christian romance. I liked both of the main characters and the baby was adorable. The Bow Street angle was new for me and I enjoyed it a lot. There is a sweetness about Emma that was not overdone and she balances Samuel's world weary cynicism perfectly. I will certainly make time to read the other books in this series.
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Truthfully I've had the first books in this series on my TBR pole for as long as I can remember and not gotten around to reading them. Don't know why but I'd definitely be doing that now. The author writes superbly.

A truly awesome book with lots of twists and turns that captivate you from the start and keep you craving more all the way to the end.
Abigail leaves the home she knows where she feels no love on a journey to meet her betrothed. Little does she know that this would be the journey of her life.
Samuel Thatcher a bow runner who has lost faith in humanity and still struggles to see the good that comes with men. He stumbles upon Abby and saves her from highway men thus beginning their alliance that is filled with adventure, chases, gunfights and bits of comedy in between.
The side characters each added on the way both good and bad are a delight to the story. It's funny how Abigail never really saw through her intended until it was nearly too late.
The Christian elements are spot on too. God is in control always is and he cares about you so let go and trust him
A truly delightful read. Although it I the third in the series, it can be read as a standalone without feeling lost just a few minor spoilers from the first two books.

Looking forward to more from this author.
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This story made me laugh aloud at some places. Because this is a Christian novel, no cussing is allowed. So the hero has some inventive expletives to share, and they are hilarious. Well done. Overall, the author’s humor is fun throughout.

That said about swearing, there were a few places where the prose seemed to take the Lord’s name in vain, which made me cringe. Like: “Lord, but his bones ached.” Or “Oh God, if I’d known.” These instances didn’t read as prayers. There were also phrases in the ARC (advanced reader copy) that seemed far too modern, like “crying jag” and “kicking back.”

There was a lot of melodrama in this novel. I’ve seen this in a few historicals lately. It was overwhelming at times. I ended up skimming now and then. The heroine struck me as immature, indecisive, and foolish. It was difficult to respect her because she seemed incapable of wisdom. She could be strong and brave, but her foolishness nearly canceled out those good traits. There were contrived elements in the plot, and there was a bit too much gore in some scenes.

The author did a good job with male characterization. Her hero is a “man of intention” and easily respected.

I think with less overstated emotions and descriptions, and with fewer contrived scenarios, plus a competent heroine, this book would have appealed to me more.
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An excellent, enchanting read! The Noble Guardian begins with a bang and ends in perfection. Michelle Griep guides the reader through the old English countryside on a journey of intrigue, danger, and love as a bow street runner fights for his lady's heart. Laughter, smiles, and tears are seasoned with heart stopping suspense as Samuel and Abigail learn to trust God with their lives. Griep has outdone herself yet again with this fantastic finally of her Bow Street Runner trilogy.
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I loved this book!! Michelle Griep is excellent at creating characters you care for with a writing style that flows smoothly and beautifully. I particularly enjoyed seeing two characters who felt unlovable find peace in the Lord and each other! 

I have read the entire Bow Street trilogy but this was my favorite!
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It’s 1815 and readers are introduced to an ugly family. It’s like Cinderella, except we only meet the stepmother and Abby hasn’t quite been reduced to servant status. But she is being married off and has convinced herself that she’s in love with her intended. That’s despite meeting him only once and, when pressed, she can’t quite describe his character. She can barely remember what he looks like either. Meanwhile, those who’ve read the first two books of the Bow Street Runners trilogy will remember Thatcher as a mysterious figure who seemingly got around without making a sound. He’d appear out of nowhere to interact with the main characters and blend easily into crowds.

This was a novel where I knew what should happen by the end, but didn’t know how the narrative would get there. There was action and romance, joy and sadness, and scenes with good families and bad families. If I have one criticism, it’s that none of the wealthy characters – with the exception of Abby – were portrayed in a positive light. Getting to know Thatcher was a real treat, and I’ll probably see him differently should I re-read the earlier books.  I felt bad for Abby, who was put in a terrible situation with her own reputation and life at risk. Arranged marriages were nothing out of the ordinary for this time, but the way in which this one was handled by her family was mind blowing. In my opinion, The Noble Guardian is the best book of the trilogy. But you’ll want to read the other two books first, just to really appreciate Thatcher at his most enigmatic.

Thank you to Barbour Publishing for my complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of The Noble Guardian.
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Y'all, I just have to start off this review by saying how much I loved this book! Oh. My. Heart! Absolutely loved it! If you're a fan of Michelle Griep, do yourself a favor and just pause everything you have going on and grab this book. If you haven't ever read a Michelle Griep book, seriously do yourself an even bigger favor and go get one of her books to read. I had been eyeing the first book in this series for a while but was unable to get it to read. Then a couple years later I happened upon a book of hers for review on NetGalley and jumped at the chance. After that I've been an avid fan of hers!

So, this is book three in the series, and the final book. I still haven't read the first book in the series. Ugh. I know. I seriously need to rectify that and read it. Because I've wanted to for years. But I have read the second book and this one and really enjoyed them. I think you'd probably be just fine reading this as a stand alone novel. There are a few moments that tie in the main characters from the first two books but the author does it in such a way that you could understand.

Abigail sets out on an epic adventure when she leaves her home to head to her betrothed to be wed. Little does she know all that is about to transpire and how she will be tested. Especially to keep her wits about her so she can arrive safely where her heart desires...with her betrothed. 

Samuel is a Bow Street Runner trying to find some good and humanity in the world, trying to find hope. When his path throws him on the same path as Abigail's, he might start to see a flicker of hope.

I loved the twists and turns throughout this book. Especially the many characters throughout. There are some hardened and dangerous characters. There are some despicable characters. There are some comic relief characters. There are some characters that offer love and hope. Yes, a great and well rounded cast of characters are within these pages. There were some that I just wanted to shake. Ugh! How could they be that way???!!!!!!!!!!! There were some characters that I just absolutely adored and wanted to snuggle (you'll understand when you read it)!

Danger, heartache, carriage rides, horse chases, sneak attacks, sorrow, carriage chases, lies, laughs, deceit, marriage, evil villains, silly maids, death, new life, hope, fear, money, longing stares, love, truth, and much, much more!

This book, I really didn't want it to end. I didn't want to set it down when my reading time was up. I just wanted to keep being immersed in this world, especially with Abigail and Samuel. Oh, my! ;-)

Content: Clean. Some moments of peril and suspense. Not overly graphic. There is some death and killing. This is a Christian fiction so there is talk about God and finding Him in your lives. A couple very mild innuendos but nothing more than kissing.

I received a copy from the publisher, Barbour Publishing, via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions in the review are my own.

Happy Reading!!!
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What a wonderful story! I loved the characters. They are so unique and well written. The book pulls you in quickly and doesn’t let go! It has adventure, peril, heroism, a sweet and clean love story, and a wonderful ending. This is a book that I could enjoy reading again and again. I definitely recommend it! 

I received a complimentary copy of the book. All opinions are my own and are expressed voluntarily.
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This book was received as an ARC from Barbour Publishing, Inc. - Shiloh Run Press in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own. 

The series ends on a thrilling note that will leave you breathless and speechless. The Noble Guardian continues with Abigail and the perfect life she has built for herself. About to marry one of the richest men in the town, she gets caught with some criminals and relies on a lawnman to save her and bring her back to town. Along the way, the lawnman grows fond of Abigail and their relationship starts to spark and may end up at a different direction when she returns home and she will find happiness with someone else. Christian Fiction is a popular genre with our patrons and community and I know this book will be among the most popular that gets circulated.

We will consider adding this title to our Christian Fiction collection at our library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
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This book had me in a state of suspense for several chapters!  
I love the historical facts woven into this story.
I love the magnetic attraction between Samuel and Abby that is strong and clean.
Samuel is a complex man. He is so good at heart, but struggles with his painful past, and so comes across as gruff and almost indifferent.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  He is loyal, and desires a good life, but doesn't think he is deserving of anything good - including Abby.
Abby is just an awesome woman!  She is kind, brave and wants to love and be loved.  She has been treated terribly by her family, and is looking forward to a 'happily ever after'...
Samuel and Abby are thrown together in the midst of extremely trying circumstances:
~ Villains, bad weather, a broken carriage, a lying scheming baronet (also a villain), and a baby to boot - among other things!
Through all of it, they are both struggling with their faith, and searching for hope.  But both know down deep that trusting God is the right way to go.
One of my favorite quotes is from Abby:
"Lord, I confess I am anxious and fretting and altogether not trusting in Your great providence.  It is not You who are in my debt, but I in Yours... for everything You give.  .... I will trust You for the best outcome whatever that may be, for I can do no more."
The suspense is continual -  wondering what will happen with the villains, and then also in wondering when Samuel and Abby will give in to loving each other!!
I received a complimentary copy of this book.  I am not required to leave a review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.  I highly recommend this book!  I throughly enjoyed it!
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Quality, clean historical fiction is my favorite genre. I don't mind a little mystery as long as it isn't too intense. Neither some romance, as long as it remains clean. A Noble Guardian by Michelle Griep filled these requirements well! 

This is the third title in The Bow Street Runner Trilogy. I have not read the first two titles, but this story stands alone and it is not necessary to have done so. I love that it is a pretty lengthy book! I love reading long books where there is plenty of time for character development. 

This particular title was peril-filled! Lots of action and adventure follow the heroine and hero along the way. I did have some trouble getting a good feeling for the setting, but I think this may have had to do with the nature of travel in the book. The heroine is traveling to meet her fiance and in the process the hero must accompany her for safety reasons after she is attacked. I do think if I had read the previous novels the setting would have been a little easier to grasp. 

I did like the heroine of this story. She is plucky, but also naive in many ways. At times I felt her reactions didn't match other parts of her expressed character, but then I remember none of us is able to be exactly predictable in our natures. 

Like most romance stories there is a lot of will-they/won't-they play back and forth. I appreciated that it was handled well and with tact. The more "romantic" descriptions were very tasteful, but were still a little deeper than I would have my daughters read until they are older, maybe college age. They aren't interested in romance yet anyway, but I do keep that in mind as I am reading. 

I was pleased with the closure. There was miscommunication and misunderstanding, not all the fault of the characters, but it was cleared up eventually and everything tied up nicely. I do not like cliff hangers or unresolved endings and I was quite satisfied with how things tied up with both of the main characters as well as the young child who plays a significant role in their story. 

I would highly recommend this title, but I think going back and reading the first two in the series might be beneficial to getting the most enjoyment out of this one.
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This is my first book by this author. I liked the writing and the characters. Abby was a bit naive and an incurable optimist but she also had spunk. The Captain was pretty invincible. A super hero of sorts. It seemed he could not be brought down. He was also caring and kind despite being jaded by his job. And little Emma was a cutie. I can't imagine what it would be like to take a trip like that with a young child. I think the book glossed over a lot of those difficulties but we probably didn't need descriptions for things like what they did with dirty diapers while traveling in a coach for days on end... ick. 

I think the characters helped each other with traits they needed. The captain needed to be softer and learn to have faith and hope and Abby needed to gain street smarts and learn to really stand up for herself. 

This is obviously Christian lit but not too over the top. Mostly they pray to God for guidance and assistance. 

There was some high drama with sadistic highwaymen along with the romance. I thought it was an enjoyable read. 

Sex: a couple kisses, some innuendo.
Language: a couple deities.
Violence: yes
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Abby Gilbert leaves a loveless home situation with high hopes that her planned marriage to a Lord will turn out to be a love match, even though she's only met the man once.  Along the way, she encounters Samuel Thatcher, a lawman with his own baggage and doubts, but one who takes his duties very seriously.  As the two travel long distances through dangerous situations and complications arise such as a request to deliver a small child to her aunt, they each must face whether the holes they're looking to fill can be met by a person, themselves, or whether they need to look to Someone greater. 

I am not a huge fan of historical fiction, but the more I heard about this book, the less I could resist it.  I am so glad that I finally picked it up; Abby and Samuel are such compelling characters that you can't help but want their hearts to heal and for them to find their fulfillment with God.  I always love when a male character appreciates the strong points of the female character, rather than just her curves or fine features, and Abby's bravery and inner strength were what drew Samuel to her over and over again.

I give this book 4 stars.  It seems that this is part of a series, but it was definitely enjoyable as a standalone novel.  I will be looking for the first two, though, if they're as good as this one!

I received a digital copy of this book, via NetGalley, from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review.
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As always I loved it!  This author is one of my favorites and once again I went without sleep reading late into the night.  I loved Captain Thatcher's gentleness with children  and Abby finally coming to her senses.  This was one of my favorite series!
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I enjoyed reading Michelle Griep's new book, The Noble Guardian. It has everything a reader could ask for; a damsel in distress, a handsome rescuer, and a good plot line. 

If you are a fan of historical Christian fiction, add this book to your reading list!
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Thanks to Netgalley, I received a copy of The Noble Guardian by Michelle Griep. This was the first book I read by this author but it will not be the last! Following the adventures of Abigail Gilbert in the Regency period in England, I absorbed the culture, atmosphere, and expectations of several layers of society. This tale was so descriptive and well written - I definitely enjoyed reading it! Realizing this is part of a series, I had no trouble starting with this book and following the storyline.
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With a cinderella-type backstory, Abby Gilbert leaves behind a cruel stepmother and unloving family to marry a man she's met only once, and very briefly! But she's a determined young woman, hopeful for a better life and for the love of her soon-to-be-husband. With only a maid to accompany her, the journey to this fiancé takes her across the heath--and into the path of the dangerous, murdering blackguards.

I love that we get Samuel Thatcher's story! He showed up in "The Innkeeper's Daughter" (my favorite Bow Street Runners novel) and everyone was clamoring to know more about this dark, handsomely-grim man. He's seen a lot of hell in his life and career. He moves like the shadows; his sharp, rough manners need a little work: from his 'devilish' intense stare, to his sharp, demanding tones. He always expects death to be waiting around the corner to claim him, but it won't stop him. He has a noble calling: To 'stop the wicked, and protect the vulnerable.'

It is this noble calling which leads him to the heath, drawn by a gunshot, and to Abby.

And in this headstrong, determined woman, Samuel meets his match. And dreams for an impossible future.

I sensed Samuel was a deeply intriguing character from the last book, and all I can say is my heart broke for him as I got to know him in this novel: He is my favorite. Griep made him real in a raw and tragic way that will impact and stay with you long after you close the last chapter.

I quickly connected with these two characters--their hopes, struggles, and their brave determination through it all. Moments of humor amidst the ever-shadowing danger. And moments of poignant truths and heart-felt connections. I couldn't stop highlighting in my Kindle!

I'm looking forward to adding a copy of this, another Griep masterpiece, to my bookshelf! It's high on my list, and I hope to have it soon. And what an absolutely gorgeous cover!

I received an advanced reader’s copy from the Barbour Publishing, Inc on NetGalley for an honest review.
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