The Noble Guardian

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I always enjoy reading a new Michelle Griep novel, and this one is no exception. It's the final book in her Bow Street Runners Trilogy, but the connection to the other two books is loose, and each book functions as a stand alone novel. (That said, Nicholas Brentwood [Brentwood's Ward] and Alexander Moore [The Innkeeper's Daughter] do make appearances, and fans will enjoy checking in on them.)

Abby and Samuel are a reluctant pair in the beginning—she hires him to escort her to her fiance's estate, and they end up the reluctant guardians of his friend's baby Emma on the journey. Their relationship slowly develops as they get to know one another on the journey, which keeps getting extended due to all manner of road troubles.

The aspect that kept me most curious and anxious to read was the unknown of Abby's fiance Jonathan. What would happen once they got to him? How would she get out of the engagement? Or would they even get to him? Griep's answer was not at all what I expected—but it fit the novel perfectly and gave Abby an opportunity to exhibit her spunk and determination.

While this novel didn't captivate me in the way that some other Griep novels have (I didn't reach the "can't put it down" point until about 3/4 of the way through), I couldn't read the final chapters fast enough!

Fans of regency romance will find much to enjoy in this novel—as well as in the others in the trilogy!
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Abby is escaping her Stepmothers wrath and going to her new love.  She is traveling with one of her ladies across the country. She had no real escort and soon found out she really needed one. Captain Samuel can’t let her go into the wild alone he offers to escort her.  
Sir Jonathan is not what Abby was led to believe. How can she live with someone who loves someone else.  
This was a very entertaining book. I really liked the characters.
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It's usually bittersweet when a series ends, but oh, what an ending to this series! London - check. Robbers aka outlaws - check. Samuel Thatcher - that's a big check! It was cool to get to read the rest of his story. Samuel and Abby were fantastic in this book. It has little "cameos" from the prior books woven into it as well. It has tons of action, adventures and some suspense. A regency series with extras, it has history, and the underlying foundations we are always looking for in Griep's books; that Christ-centered lesson or theme. God is in control, are we listening? This excellent read stands alone but is even richer as the ending of this trilogy.

My copy came from Celebrate Lit. My review contains my thoughts and opinions of this book. It's left of my own free will.
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I love Michelle's stories, since they are rich with history and she does a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life. I enjoyed the chance to take a trip with old fashioned coach travel in this story!
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Barbour Publishing recommended the ARC of Michelle Griep’s The Noble Guardian to me. It’s the compelling conclusion to her Bow Street Runners Trilogy. They know I love historical fiction and historical romance. Now I need to read the first two. Almost a Cinderella story, but not quite:  the heroine has a mind of her own; some of her ideas are very modern for her time — others, not so much.

What do you get when you pair a stubborn and very proper English lady with an equally stubborn English lawman? Sparks, of course! Abigail Gilbert is on her way to meet her fiancé – alone, thanks to her very evil stepmother’s machinations. Captain Samuel Thatcher, in pursuit of roving gangs of thieves, finally agrees to escort her through dangerous lands. Will they survive? Will they strangle each other? Or, will they admit their feelings to each other?

The Noble Guardian is a wonderful story for those of us who love historical romance and historical fiction. I know you will love it, too.

What makes The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy?  Again, because this was an advanced reader’s copy that that was sent to me before its final editing, I will let the verb tense disagreement and typos slide. Still, it had more than  its share of split infinitives, and the use of “bring” in place of “take” – which most editors these days seem to ignore.

Look for me online as The Grumpy Book Reviewer.
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As a stand-alone, this story is top notch. While it may be a trilogy, it does not depend upon the previous books, very straight forward and quite an excellent read.

As a historical read, it left a lot to be desired. 

There were far too many modernisms in dialogue ("save your drama," "suit yourself,") and narration that would jerk me back to the present. There were no rubber pants back in those days, so the sheer work of hygiene would be almost insurmountable on a road trip because diapers were rarely changed and the waste was not washed out. The smell would have been unbearable in a closed in coach. Historical readers care about this kind of thing.

 This is the problem with today's historical romance. No one seems to care about historical accuracy and authenticity--such as an upper class lady going cross country without a lady's maid or companion. For Regency times, this would be enough to completely ruin a woman's reputation to the point of equating her with harlotry. Griep did a good job of making the reader believe going back was impossible and the only way was to go forward not matter what awaited. But--servants and the lower class innkeepers and merchants were just as snotty as the upper class. No innkeeper would allow a woman traveling by herself to have a room. That would ruin his reputation as a good place to stay.

Pardon my little rant here but no gentleman of those times would consider taking a gentlewoman on a trip like this without a maid or companion. Samuel is written as a gentleman and sharply compared to a born gentleman who doesn't act as such. This puts it in the realm of a fairy tale, but wait! Even fairy tales keep princes in their correct social status. 

However, the storyline and the romance was pretty good. So if you don't care about authenticity, you'll enjoy the read.
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The Noble Guardian is a Regency Era novel set while traveling across England. Michelle Griep, the author has written an adventurous tale of traveling across the Heaths while portraying the true nature of Highwaymen and the coaching inns and not romanticizing either of them. I enjoyed watching Abigail, the lead female from the story grow from a timid young woman whose Stepmother sent her out without an escort to a woman confident in herself. However, I was confused about how a lady of privilege would know how to care for a baby as easily as she took to Emma. Captain Samuel Thatcher was a very intriguing character. I wish he would have chosen to see Abby safely to her destination on his own, but understand that he thought it would have been better for her to turn back. The story has a sweet romance that accelerates at an advanced speed due to circumstances. The host of supporting characters, good and bad, came together to create a journey that will not soon be forgotten, even if you are just the reader and not in the middle of the story like the author makes it feel.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit, this in no way influenced my opinion. All opinions shared are my own.
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This is one of my favorites in a while. It is the last in a series about the Bowstreet Runners but can stand alone. I definitely recommend it for your keeper shelf. From the opening scenes you are thrust into a world of adventure, action, and simmering romance.

Abigail Gilbert has been thrust out to travel alone and unguarded, except for a ladie's maid, across a dangerous expanse of country to get to her intended. Although, it does seem strange that a man who is claiming her for his bride is not concerned that she safely get to him. She is rescued by Samuel Thatcher, a horse patrol captain, who is a dark brooding man and extremely miffed with her for traveling unguarded.

She attempts to purchase Samuel's services but he has a job to do and his life is in danger from the biggest thug in the area since he killed the man's brother in saving Abigail and her ladie's maid.

In the end, Samuel ends up escorting Abigail the rest of the way along with a child that an old friend has gotten him to promise to deliver to her aunt. Things go from bad to worse along the way and Samuel is forced to use his expertise to rescue Abigail several more times. Abigail, finds herself falling in love with the enigmatic Captain and with the motherless child.

Abigail arrives at her intended's home with a severely wounded Captain and child in tow to find all is not as she expects. You definitely will want to read this one. Thanks to Barbour Publishing for allowing me to read this ebook through Netgalley. The views and opinions expressed are my own.
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Author, Michelle Griep has written a compelling book with "The Noble Guardian"; it was hard to put down.

This is my introduction to The Bowstreet Runners and the character traits of this particular one were admirable to a fault. The relationship between Abigail and Samuel is entertaining to the point of a chuckle. 
I enjoyed this book so much and would read again!

Thank you Barbour Publishing and NetGalley for the complimentary copy in exchange for my thoughts.
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It has been a long time since I have had such strong opinions and feelings about the characters in a book. Some of the characters never spoke or even made an appearance in the book. Yet, I didn’t like them. The Noble Guardian was the book that pulled me in with strong opinions and feelings.

Even the main character was not one I like at the beginning. I thought she was naive and she was. That is part of who she is at the beginning. Through the book you watch her change. I thought she was foolish. You know what desperate people do things because they are desperate and want out of a situation.

So the journey begins. While I think the drive between our house in the north and London takes time, I am driving on the M1 and have services at regular intervals. The journey for Abigail from London north is not the same. It is dangerous. There was a point that I felt like this trip was just one night after another in an inn along the way. The trip seemed to drag on and on. I am too used to jumping in my car and heading out. The journey was needed to begin to change Abigail.

Everyone wants a hero like Samuel Thatcher. He was one who was fighting justice and what is right. Would he escort her all the way to her destination? What would happen along the way? He has his own struggles that he is facing and has faced. You see how he helps a boy escape wishing that someone had done the same for him.

This was the conclusion of a trilogy. Each book tells a different Bow Street Runner’s story. These can be read as stand-alone books through this one did not have as much background on the Bow Street Runners. I love the historical facts that back up the story. I learned a bit about the first professional police force in London. The book inspired me to learn just a bit more about Bow Street Runners.

This is a book full of adventure with people you might not like but some that you will like. Mr. Hawker was one that I loved at the end. Travel back to the early 1800s and travel with Abigail and her Noble Guardian on a trip that changes everyone.
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Miss Abigail Gilbert is engaged to be married to Sir Jonathan Aberley, but first she has to travel alone from her childhood home in Southampton to his estate in the north of England.

Captain Samuel Thatcher is a Bow Street runner patrolling Hounslow Heath to locate and arrest notorious highwayman Shankhart Robbins, to keep the road safe for travellers. The two are thrown together when Abby engages Captain Thatcher as her guardian, to accompany her safely on her journey north.

There were a few logical leaps at the beginning of the novel. Yes, we get that Abby’s stepmother makes Cinderella’s stepmother look angelic. But there is no logic in Abby’s father sending her halfway across the country on her own to her fiance’s home. The fact that her father wasn’t willing to escort her and her fiance wasn’t willing to allow her to be married from home didn’t speak well to either of their characters—or to Abby’s, given her professed expectations of marital bliss.

The story also seemed to take a long time. Even allowing for the horrible weather and the delays in crossing Hounslow Heath, a journey which should have taken days took weeks. All in all, the setup felt contrived rather than realistic, and that did affect my overall enjoyment.

However, these faults were partly made up for by Captain Thatcher, the titular noble guardian. His sense of honour highlighted the weakness of most of the other male characters, and it was obvious Abby would fall for him.

The writing was solid, and the novel was firmly placed in Regency England with no noticeable Americanisms or anachronisms—always a good sign. But I found the story all too easy to set aside, which is less good. As a result, it didn't engage me as much as I would have liked. 

Thanks to Shiloh Run Press and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.
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I was captivated! A true page turner and my initial draw to the book and author was justified tenfold with The Noble Guardian by Michelle Griep. I selected to join this book tour because of my experience with Ladies of Intrigue by Michelle Griep and because I was immediately drawn to the cover of this book. (Read my review of that book here.) However, I cannot review this book as a conclusion to the Bow Street Runners Trilogy series by Michelle Griep as I haven’t yet read all the books.  As a master of details and depth I couldn’t miss out. The Noble Guardian did not disappoint, even reading it stand alone. I love the dichotomy of good and evil, how Griep weaves faith, romance, and suspense together so beautifully and you cannot help be drawn along on the spiritual journey of the characters.

I am particularly partial to stories that bring you along as characters grow in their faith. Additionally the masterful weaving of this regency novel is everything I love of the era! Plus the characters and dialogue are entirely realistic. I love Griep’s dedication to detail and also to tackling challenging topics like the effects of abuse. That takes courage as an author and it’s something I have come to appreciate in Griep.

I hope you will grab a copy of the book, maybe the entire series! I know I’ll be returning to read both Brentwood’s Ward and The Innkeeper’s Daughter.

“It’s more noble to love, even if it’s not returned, than to live without it.”

Thanks to the publisher for a copy of the book, all these opinions are my own.
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The Noble Guardian by Michelle Griep is a historical romance page-turner! The book itself is packed with excitement, romance, and suspense! Abigail and Samuel have such great chemistry together that it makes the book that much more enjoyable to read. Whenever you try to put the book down for a break, something exciting happens! I highly recommended this book if you are looking for a historical romance with some exciting twist and turns! 
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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This is the 1st time reading this author. It was an excellent read with everything that's wanted in a book. The drama,action, and some romance.
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Loved the cover of this book. It was what first pulled me to it unlike other romance novels where the female is half naked, this was intriguing. You can tell the author did a lot of research about the time period and the jobs and lives if the Bow Street Runners. From the start this novel was gripping. So much action! I have never previously read anything by Michelle Griep however I saw in the numerous reviews that people loved her writing and now I can see why. She writes very vividly, you can truly visualize the places and experiences she writes. This book is part of a series but can be read as a standalone. I really liked Captain Thatcher’s character and oddly enough at first I didn’t but he grew on me. Abby and Samuel’s romance is obvious (not graphic) but the author lets you imagine more rather than writes it for you. The religious inferences are subtle but have a way of leaving a lasting impression. Overall I would highly recommend this novel and I look forwards to exploring more Michelle Griep novels. I received an advanced copy from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review.
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The noblest heart birthed from a wounded heart.

I will admit, I choose this book to share with you without even reading the synopsis. All I saw was Michelle Griep’s name and I signed up to review the book. I am glad I did.

The Noble Guardian is a tantalizing mix of romance, adventure, suspense, and just the right amount of Biblical inflection to make this a gripping tale. (Another confession – I read it in less than 24 hours , staying up much later than I should have in a Sunday night.)

Who wouldn’t want a man like the Captain in your corner, even if trouble followed him rather closely? His brooding behavior only brought on by his constant watchfulness and only alleviated by the sweet Abby and tiny Emma. His dream for something better in life was understandable after witnessing so much torment and death.

All Abby wanted was someone to love her and cherish her. Your heart will ache for her situation as she puts on a brave face but inside she just cries to be loved. Abby is the poster child for so many young ladies in today’s world.

With all the sadness, the glimmer of light was sweet little Emma. She was such a joy to read and clearly she brought joy to the uncertain journey.

If you can’t already tell, I loved this story and found myself gripped and focused, ignoring my family on a rain Sunday afternoon. (Thank God for an understanding husband.)

**I was gifted a copy of The Noble Guardian by the publisher through CelebrateLit so that I could give an honest review of this story.
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This is the third in the Bow Street runner series. I read the second book and really enjoyed it so was excited to read this third and final book of the trilogy. 
The story is about Abby, a woman engaged to a man who lives cross-country. Because of some family drama, she sets out on the journey without a guardian and runs into trouble, which is where she meets, Samuel, a Bow Street runner. 
The story was a little slow to start but picked up towards the end. I felt like I really knew the main characters well and I enjoyed the author’s writing style. I felt that the voyage dragged on at some points but I really enjoyed the story when they arrived at their destination.  I preferred the second book in the series a little more but this story was still enjoyable and I liked the little references here and there to the other books. You could definitely read this as a stand-alone book but I recommend the series. 
I received a copy from Netgalley but opinions are my own.
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From a color scheme standpoint, I think Michelle Griep’s The Noble Guardian has one of the most appealing covers of the year.

This is the third and final book in the Bow Street Runners series. Set in 1815, it involves Captain Samuel Thatcher and Abigail Gilbert, the soon-to-be bride of an earl, as they travel across England for her wedding.

Abby is essentially driven from the home she grew up in by her stepmother (giving the reader a Cinderella-like comparison) and pledged by her father to wed Sir Jonathan. She’s launched on her journey to the man’s estate with nothing but a personal maid as her companion.

Samuel is tired of the seedier side of humanity and looks forward to retiring from his life as a runner to become a farmer on his own land. However, he needs a little more money for the venture, along with the competence to survive the vengeance of the criminal he’s tracking. Then he comes upon a damsel in distress – a damsel in need of feeling loved.

I enjoyed Samuel’s complex character – world-weary and tactiturn, yet with a moral compass that won’t let him pass anyone needing his help.

Abigail was a harder character to get behind. Not at all unlikeable, she was fine in the beginning and I could sympathize with her need to feel as though someone loved her. As the story went on, however, I felt her personality and actions were not always consistent, even allowing for character growth. Also, she had an attitude toward her upcoming marriage that came across as immature and naive. Seriously, did she not once wonder why her beloved hadn’t come to get her himself? And I would have liked a scene with the father (and, maybe, the stepmother) in the end – a portion of her life that went over a plot cliff, never to be heard from again.

The Noble Guardian is chock-full of danger, action, and adventure on the English moors. Did I mention the one-year-old girl? So sweet.

I’m giving the book 4 stars due to the things that bothered me. For the rest of the story, it’s well worth the read for those who like their Regency romances a little wilder than a plot filled with balls, debutantes, and pursuing the approval of the ton.
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At first it took me a while to get into this story, but the Cinderella story with a twist quickly grabbed my attention.

On top of the historical rich story, filled with interesting characters and a Noble hero, and a bit naive still feisty young lady, I was taken on an adventurous ride where the action had no ending, with the highwaymen out for revenge.

Michelle Griep's books was only a recent find, but I enjoy her writing style.  She has a unique way of describing things which I find quite entertaining.

If you enjoy historical fiction with a bit of suspense and romance, be sure to try this author's books, especially this series.
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This book by this author as usual was fantastic. I really enjoyed the book and would recommend you read it too. As always it was well written and the story was intriguing. I am looking forward to the next one! Loved it! What else can I say?
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