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Each story was different and  special in its own way.  I cannot pick just one as my favorite.  They were all very good and I will read again.
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I read this a while ago ... I didn't realize until now that it was the same collection I had picked up at the library.

With the usual sweetness that can be found in each of the Barbour collections this one follows farmer's daughters, which, I loved!

My favorite of the collection would have to be Susan May Warren's, for as short as it was it is a favorite of her books.
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Romance, clean; strong Christian faith elements
This was strongly faith based, so if you aren't a believer, this might not be for you. I wanted to like this better than a 3 star, but the novellas weren't as strong for me as I have enjoyed by other authors in the past. Some elements seemed a bit forced? I have one author in the group that is a favorite, and even her novella wasn't my favorite. That being said, if you enjoy stories with strong faith elements, this is a good read. There were many characters that had their moments of finding faith, being saved, and learning to trust God. Nice to be able to put it down between novellas.
I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. My opinions are my own.
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Enjoy romances from the farm
Barbour Publishing presents stories by different authors in "The Farmer's Daughter Romance Collection. 5 Historical Romances Homegrown in the American Heartland". "Marty's Ride" by Mary Davis starts out in 1887 in the Montana Territory where eighteen year old Marty Rowlings is annoyed by Tommy Jensen's treatment of her for wearing a dress. Arriving home from church she tries everything to keep Reece Keegan from "kidnaping" her nieces to take them to the other side of the family in Seattle. Marty faces many trials and challenges, but will she be happy when her nieces are finally back home? Kelly Eileen Hack starts out her story "A Time to Keep" in 1874 in Ireland when fifteen year old Evan Gailbraith and his mother get the long-awaited letter from his father in North America. But what will America bring them?
The other stories "Beyond Today" by Tracie Peterson, "Myles from Anywhere" by Jill Stengl, and "Letters from the Enemy" by Susan May Warren are similar: men and women meeting, trying to live their lives with the challenges, opportunities, and joys they face while trying to decide if they have a future together as a couple, as a family.
Although the stories have been written between 1994 and 2007 it is the first time that they are published in this collection. I knew all the authors except for Mary Davis, who was new to me, from other stories and books and I appreciate the different contributions. I highly recommend this book to readers who are looking for nice stories, and for a relaxing read with historical romances that also offers inspirational and wholesome characters.
The complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley free of charge. I was under no obligation to offer a positive review. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I loved these stories of faith.  It is so nice to escape with a book like this. All stories are well written with great plots.  
Many thanks to Barbour Publishing and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Marty's Ride by Mary Davis

Marty the tomboy. If there was one girl that could take care of herself it was Marty and this put a wedge into her relationship with God. Reece had never met a woman like Marty. She was unconventional and that was what attracted him to her.
She was firece and when his path and Recce crossed and she had to protect and stand up for her nieces, she did it without reservations. Through the journey they made she learnt to let go of her childhood hurt and trust God to take care of her. 
Reece was an honorable man and sort to fix his wrongs. When he was sent to Montana by a client he didn't know he was fighting on the wrong side until he met Marty and together they helped each other. 
I loved reading about the lenghts he went through to help Marty realize she could love him and they could have have a shot at being together. I loved reading about how he didn't try to change her but loved her uniqueness.
I loved reading about Marty because she was bold and courageous and went after what she wanted. 

A Time to Keep by Kelly Eillen Hake.

Ewan and Rosalind. 
Rosey-mine as her father called her was sweet and committed to her family. Her maturity was very remarkable and something I wish young girls of now would have. The ability to discern good and right with the help of God. That's one of the beautiful things I loved about Rose, she loved to pray and ask for wisdom before she did anything especially when it was difficult. She could be serious minded some times and her friend who is full of life Marlene was always there to remind her to loosen up and enjoy her youth. They were delightful girls to read about especially when the men they loved came to court them. I loved reading about how together they started a business and were able to maintain it and maintain their reputation also. 

The serious Ewan! I love reading about how keen he was to protect Rose and respectful of family. Family meant a lot to him especially not been separated from your kin. 

Even though loss weighed heavily in thier hearts they found joy in God 

Beyond Today by Tracie Peterson.

Two sisters in fact twins in love with the same man. Well, at least Amy was. She's the calm one of the twins but her sister Angie had dreams to live in the city and be a city girl while Amy was the hardworking home girl. 
Then came the Pastor Tyler. 

It was beautiful to see how the story turned out and who got the Pastor. 
One profound lesson I learnt from this book is to take one day at a time.
Favorite quote from Amy
" I want whatever God wants for me. I'm not always patient but I know his promises are rich. I do not want to miss out on a single one of his gifts. 

Myles From Anywhere by Jill Strengl

Myles was running away from  a lot of things and people until he met Beulah. 
The hot headed, quickest tempered Beulah.
I enjoyed reading about how each of them got to accept God's love and change. 
This was a beautiful story of love, forgiveness and second chances.
A beautiful book filled with allowing God take over the reins of our life. 

Letters From The Enemy. By Susan May Warren.

Lilly and Heinrick!! The hurdles they had to cross. 
I loved reading about their meetings of bumping into each other. 
Lilly was stocked up in her world of self-righteousness until she learnt better. 
Heinrick, treated like the enemy. 
This story is an eye opener into the pains of our world and we should live and treat others as children of God. 

I received a copy of the is book for my honest opinion. All opinions expressed here are mine.
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This is a collection of six great cowboy stories from bestselling authors Leigh Greenwood, Rosanne Bittner, Linda Broday, Margaret Brownley, Anna Schmidt, and Amy Sandas.  I love how we get to read about six different types woman all set around Christmas in the late 1800s that are passionate, heroic, strong, independent and mostly loving.  Let’s see how many Christmas miracles can happen?

A Fairy Tale Christmas by Leigh Greenwood     ****
Nan Carson though she was going to be alone this Christmas but when there is a knock on the door bring more than one surprise for Nan.  Can Dreams really come true or has Nan missed the boat of having a family of her own?

Christmas in Paradise by Rosanne Bittner     ****
I found this story so emotional and loving.  It was love at first sight for these two even when one was at the lowest point of their life.  The other turned out to be the most caring and loving person you would have never guess they would be.  This story is about a recently married couple who live in Paradise Valley Wyoming, it about when you are in love but you still do not know each other complete.
This is a short story that following on after the Novel of Sage Lightfoot and Maggie Tucker “Paradise Valley” but don’t worry you won't need to have read it to enjoy this great story as the author fills in all the backstory you will need to know about.

A Christmas Wedding by Linda Broday     ***
Rebel Avery lives in a very small town of Hope's Crossing in Texas a town that has given her a new start in life.  She is now a mother of two orphaned children Ely and Jenny and no longer a Saloon girl.  But she is a single mother in love with former outlaw Travis Lassiter that has not returned to town in many months.

A love letter to Santa by Margaret Brownley 
Have not read as yet
One Snowy Christmas Eve by Anna Schmidt
Have not read as yet
Though the Storm by Amy Sandas
Have not read as yet
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Another romance collection winner from Barbour Publishers.
I live in the country myself and this book had a great interest to me.
This book features prairie farmer's daughters from Montana south to Kansas.
These ladies are up to all sorts of adventure and this book will definitely keep you entertained.
Great character development in faith filled stories.

Pub Date 01 Aug 2019
I was given a complimentary copy of this book. Thank you.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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The five stories in The Farmers' Daughter Romance Collection is more than growing up on farmland in the American Heartland. Each of these characters exudes the tenacity that they garnered from taking care of their farmlands and translating it into how they handle their everyday situations. Readers will enjoy meeting tomboy Marty who will do everything to save her twin nieces; appr and appreciate  Rosalind's entrepreneurial spirit when she begins a diner and empathise with Lily when she befriends the "German enemy". In Barbour Brides, readers will appreciate the heartwarming novellas that are preferably enjoyed in small doses.
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Loved this collection of novellas.  Each selection is well written with good character development and nice settings.  I thank the publisher for my advance ebook.  This is my unbiased review.
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"Lord, I can see I’m coming to the right place for help.’ Tis gonna take nothing short of a miracle."

God filled. Each story holds lessons of God's love for us and how to live our lives. A book you won't want to put down; a book you won't want to end. 
A nice long read each. Some collections I've read tell a good story but get through it all too quickly.   These are great, and have a Christian message as well. There's a lot of detail, depth and expert storytelling.

  1887 A real tomboy of the wild west that will steal your heart, and you'll feel her pain and struggle in this effort to keep custody of her nieces. 
  1874 Ireland shows Ewan coming to America and meets an Irish family while working for the railroad.  Deeply Christian values on how to live with honor and treat others.
  Then There's Tracy's gentle story of pioneers in Kansas who are visited by a young circuit preacher, graced by inciteful preaching. Words to live by. She really poured her heart and soul into this story with such blessing and wisdom.
  1881 Wisconsin A circus performer turned farmhand, hiding from his wealthy family. He meets his boss's daughter and learns about life and living in God's plan. Trials and struggle blessed this couple. Wonderful teaching of how lives should be led in God's light.
"She hadn’t considered that a foreigner, especially a German, would know the same God she did."
  1918 South Dakota Two girls race to meet a train and send letters to their beaus overseas. A German immigrant is working in an indentured contract at a ranch nearby. I particularly loved this because of my German heritage. Immigrants before the war, but I always wondered how they were really treated here after the war started. If they had to be on the offensive. This is a beautiful story of finding God's plan for our lives. A story of true love.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher and NetGalley book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
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What a fantastic book! With great authors as Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Kelly Eileen Hake, Jill Stengel and Susan May Warren you get great stories all wrapped up in a nice package. Each book had wonderful characters that made each story jump off the page and come to life. I didn’t have a favorite story because each one kept me fully engaged. Great romance in each story with inspiration from God’s word. My heart was touched by each book, I enjoyed the small towns, community’s and families within each book. I wish the stories could have kept going as I was not ready for the end. All books were well written and each one deserves 5 stars!
Was given a complimentary copy through Net Galley. All opinions are my own.
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There are no words to describe how EXCITED I was for Marty's story. I remember finding her sister in-law's story "Cinda's Surprise" in a small local book shop YEARS ago and thinking "Man! Marty would be an amazing person to write about when she gets older". It did NOT Disappoint! I loved it! Thank you, thank you Mary Davis for writing her story!

That being said, all of the stories were wonderful and enjoyable. I love this time period and novella so much! Thank you to Barbour publishing for yet again allowing me to early read these stories.
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Five enjoyable stories! Each story highlighted a daughter's journey toward marriage. Different time periods and settings made the collection very appealing to a variety of readers. I liked that the need for God and faith were always in the forefront. My favorite was Letters from the Enemy. Recommended!
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Thank you to NetGalley and Barbour publishing for the opportunity to receive this ebook.
The Farmers Daughter was a sweet collection of five romances, all stand alone but tied together through love and faith.
I enjoyed all the stories but Martys Ride was my favourite, i loved to see her character grow throughout. 
Yes some stories were better than others, some were a little flat but on the whole a great collection.
Congratulations to all the Authors involved!
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The Farmer’s Daughter Romance collection by various authors is a nice set of five stories set in the 1800’s. Each story is unique and a quick read.
I enjoyed this collection by Mary Davis, Kelly Eileen Hake, Tracie Peterson, Jill Stengl and Susan May Warren. The stories are interesting and easy to read one and then take a break, if needed. The styles of the authors vary and adds to the uniqueness of each short story. I was familiar with all of these authors though I often choose collections such as this to “meet” new authors. I give this collection 5 of 5 stars. 
I received an advance copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Enjoyed this book. Kept me interested all the way through. Would recommend to a fellow reader.  Love the cover.
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Another Barbour gem, this time a group of five historical romances all centered around farming in the Midwest with faith an essential thread of the compelling narratives. 5/5 

Pub Date 01 Aug 2019.

Thanks to the authors, Barbour Publishing, Inc. and NetGalley for the review copy. Opinion are mine.

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I enjoyed these books, some more than the others. A couple were captivating and a couple were harder to get into. I’ didn’t know all the authors so enjoyed leaning of new names to watch for.
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The stories are very very good and keeps you interested. I also enjoy the historical background 
I would recommend this book to everyone..
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