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The Stoic Challenge

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"This is why no one likes moral philosophy professors."

The first quarter of this book started out strong and I was really enjoying it. The author presented some interesting ideas and interpretations. I'm even interested in reading further about stoicism. 

Unfortunately the section after that goes way off  the rails into full on Boomer-yelling-at-cloud rant mode. The author even brought up the infamous "participation award." Even the rest of the book, after this section bemoaning the societal ills of therapy and kids-these-days, is not up to the first section. It becomes repetitive and too focused on definitions, and no new ideas are presented. 

It was a quick read, and for the most part the writing was conversational and easy to read. People who are philosophy newbies like me would probably get some things out of it.
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Really interesting book. Gives you an overview of stoic philosophy and practical ideas to bring a bit of stoicism into your life. I was very pleased to read this and I think many of the idea will stay with me for a while.
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Clearly articulates Stoic philosophy with many practical examples on how to live a good life. An excellent introduction to Stoicism and an ideal starting point for anyone wishing to improve their quality of life through adopting a more philosophical outlook.
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