Batman: Nightwalker (The Graphic Novel)

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The graphic part of this book is ok, the story not so much. It really shouldn't be called "Batman" when Bruce isn't even close to becoming him yet. Basically the same story as the original novel, so I felt like this graphic adaptation wasn't really needed. 

It is a fun read for reluctant teens not familiar with Batman's story.
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I liked the artwork a lot, but to be honest nothing really stood out about this story wise. There’s just so much Batman material out there, and I don’t think this really added anything to what we already know about Batman.
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Very fun and well developed. I loved the interactions between Bruce and Madeline. The illustrations were very well sequenced and executed.
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First of all, Batman should be removed from the title and the book renamed Bruce Wayne: Nightwalker. This Bruce Wayne feels far removed from the traditional character of Bruce Wayne. He's more your typical YA hero. This is definitely a YA book at heart. It focuses way more on the romance than the action in this book. However, it's not nearly as bad in that area as the novel was. I actually liked this better than the book. Wildgoose's art brought this to life more than the novel. I enjoyed the muted color palette as well. Bruce also doesn't seem quite so lovestricken and naive in this version. While still not great, this works better as a graphic novel than prose.
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I loved this graphic novel by Marie Lu. I hope she does more because I think this is a unique way to read books. I thought everything was done quite well.
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Ahh!!! this was such a fun read!!! I loved every bit of it! Its so fun to see the story we loved so much from Marie Lu turned into this visually stunning graphic novel! I also loved that it wasn't over within 10 pages. This is a full length graphic novel with all the details and guts inside to keep you interested and completely intrigued all the way to the end!!

The artwork is fantastic, I loved the mainly monochrome with a splash of color here and there to make certain key things pop. There is so much to take in that I found myself at times starting at a single page for a few minutes before I could bring myself to switch to the next.

The story is so much fun too, learning how Bruce came to be batman and his history with certain characters before things become estranged. And how good ol sweet Alfred has been there for him from the start. 

The romance was a little bit too much too fast for me and also a little unnecessary but it didn't distract from the plot or the graphics in the least. This story is so much fun and so unique on its own that I am really interested in how the rest of the story plays out and also for the other DC Icons graphic novels and how they might turn out!!!
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Marie Lu's Batman novel was a great introduction to Bruce Wayne, not the dark Bat detective that we know today. The graphic novel portrays this well with a fairly monochrome color scheme in the purple/black category (of course). Bruce's character is shown not just in his writing, but in his relationships with his friends.
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I was never much of a Batman fan, but I did want to give the original novel a chance after meeting Marie Lu at an event and going on about looking forward to the upcoming Wonder Woman novel (she brought it up after I told her my name) then not remembering until I got home that she was also writing a book for the series. I figured this graphic novel was the best way to read it and also deiced if I want to try out the novel now that I've gotten to know Bruce a little bit. I think I would like to spend some more time with the story. Marie Lu did a great job setting up who Bruce is and who he wants to be. And I definitely came around towards a character I was completely indifferent to.
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I really enjoyed Marie Lu’s version of Batman so I was super excited to read the illustrated graphic novel of the novel. I was not disappointed. The characters and the scenes were just as I imagined them to look and I loved being back in the world of Batman: Nightwalker. 

I highly recommend this if you are just starting out in the Batman world, or if you want to just be back in the world that Lu created!
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A pretty good graphic novel based on a book I've actually never read before. You definitely do NOT need to read the original story in order to read this graphic novel. I thought the artwork tended to lean towards one color palette, but other than that, a good origin story.
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While I haven't read the original novel this adaptation is based upon, I have read other Marie Lu titles and this certainly feels like her, which is a great thing as her works are immensely popular at my library. I really liked that even though this is a Bruce Wayne before Batman story, it isn't an origin story. It's just Bruce Wayne being a stupid kid getting into things he shouldn't necessarily get into, but who we all know does go on to become Batman; sure there are bats randomly through the book, but Bruce never dons the cowl he's so famous for and it's just kind of a refreshing take.
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Thanks NetGalley for this beautiful ARC, in exchange for an honest review.  First, I really loved the art style, the action scenes pack a punch without getting “lost in the lines”.  Per usual, Lu gives a fast paced, grab you by the collar YA novel.  I really enjoyed the original and this adaptation certainly stands up to it!  I can’t wait for the fanboys & fangirls get a hold of this, oh the conversations to be had!  Excellent!!,
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'Batman: Nightwalker' by Marie Lu with adaptation by Stuart Moore and art by Chris Wildgoose is a graphic novel and it's part of the DC Ink line.

In this story, Bruce Wayne is just turning 18 and isn't quite Batman yet.  A group of criminals called Nightwalkers has started causing problems in Gotham City.  Bruce makes a bad choice and ends up getting probation by cleaning Arkham Asylum.  While he is there, he meets a young girl named Madeleine that is part of the Nightwalkers.  Bruce tries to help, but should he?

Batman doesn't show up in costume in this story, but his shadow is all over it, from Bruce's friendship with Harvey Dent to his relationship with Lucius Fox.  There are other foreshadows as well.  The art was really good, and like other DC Ink books, the colors are muted except for an accent color that has to do with the story.  I consider these DC Ink stories to be sort of alternate universe stories and this one was pretty satisfying.

I received a review copy of this graphic novel from DC Ink, DC Entertainment, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.
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This was a fun read!
Like Raven, this is a fresh new start for Bruce Wayne. The main story remains the same: he still lost his parents and is still a billionaire.
But somehow adding Harvey Dent to his circle of friends was actually a very good idea, And introducing him to Gordon at the end made it Beverly bittersweet. I loved every part of the story!

Marie Lu’s storytelling in comic book was very good and the art itself was amazing!
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This is soooo stunning. Marie Lu's writing style is impeccable as always and the graphics are breathtaking. I highly recommend this to any DC fan, comic book fan, or lover of graphic novels.
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I loved this just as much as I enjoyed reading the actual book. 
The art style in this fits the mood of the story perfectly and its exactly 
how I pictured it when I read the book. 

I of course still love the plot, the characters and the little hidden Easter eggs that point
at Bruce being Batman in the future. 

I'm definitely gonna buy this the first chance I get and I love that it fits in with the other DC graphic novels coming out now. 

This was a super fun read and as always Marie Lu does not disappoint!
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This was amazing! I love Batman and Marie Lu so when I saw this book I knew I would LOVE it. Marie Lu did not disappoint. Her writing is amazing and there was so much action. The art was beautiful and I really enjoyed the style.
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A Batman graphic Novel written by Marie Lu, I didn't have to think twice before requesting this title!  I love her books and my teen is a huge Batman fan.  We loved the story and this new take on the dark knight.  The illustrations are fantastic and really kept us engaged.
This is really the story of a young Bruce Wayne on the cusp of starting his life as an adult. He has extra challenges being super rich and an orphan. But he seems to have good friends and of course Alfred to help him along the way.
Great action and story telling.  All of the characters were interesting.  I loved the whole look of the graphic novel.  It is in black and white with blue tones, once in a while something yellow to get your attention.  The style is really stunning and we enjoyed it!

I want to thank Netgalley and the publisher for our free copy of this graphic novel in exchange for our honest opinions!
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Batman: Nightwalker (The Graphic Novel) begins with a young Bruce Wayne inheriting the fortune of his deceased parents. At the same time, a criminal group called The Nightwalkers is menacing the wealthy citizens of Gotham. As he travels through the city, Wayne observes police cars in pursuit. He follows them and realizes that The Nightwalkers are going to get away, so he intervenes. The police do not view Wayne's participation in the capture of The Nightwalkers positively and Wayne is sentenced to spend the summer doing community service at Arkham Asylum. At Arkham, Bruce Wayne meets one of The Nightwalkers that was arrested, Madeline. Wayne believes that there is more to Madeline than her criminal past and he conducts an investigation of his own to discover who she really is. 

The illustrations add to the graphic novel by portraying the emotions of the characters effectively. The majority of the illustrations are done in black in white, but the occasional yellow serves to highlight especially climatic scenes. The graphic novel is filled with action and fans of the DC Icons series will enjoy this book as well. It was an interesting portrayal of the beginning of the journey Bruce Wayne takes toward becoming Batman.

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