The Heart of the Great Mother

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 06 Jan 2020

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In the opening section, much is given and requires contemplation, acceptance and application providing the groundwork for all that comes afterwards.  The pace is slow but steady providing time for remembering, aligning and anchoring all into the consciousness, energy field and heart.

Next comes Maiden,  Mother, Crone or Virgin, Mother, Crone who are the three aspects of the Feminine or the Goddess or the Divine Mother.  Here we are shown how throughout the ages, even though the feminine was forced to hide herself, there were still ways she was recognized, remembered and honored.    Even if such was unconsciously, it proved She was not forgotten.

Oval arches in churches and cathedrals are seen as examples of the Vesica  Pisces a geometric sign of the Triple Goddess, Sheela-na-gigs carvings in stone found over doorways or on walls of said churches and cathedrals in Europe, Ireland and Great Britain are a sign of the Great Mother.  Then there is the Celtic Cross and the beloved Shamrock of Ireland.  This latter symbol has an interesting story to it.

Creation myths of ancient civilizations and times reveal the Triple Goddess as “The One Thing out of Which emerges Her masculine counterpart, the One Mind”.   Merging the two allows the focus to create.   Force plus focus equals intention, or match, tinder, spark/flame.

Other topics explained in detail are birth of the ego, the zodiac and how the 12 signs are either masculine or feminine, and that the sun passes through each sign.  In the section on Rhythms of the Moon, the moon phases are also explained and how they affect us and all life on earth, and that both sun and moon signs affect natal charts.  The author also speaks of lunar and solar eclipses, procession of the equinoxes (which term is mentioned in the Bible) and moon standstills.

This last fascinated me as I never heard the term before.  Moon standstills occur “when the moon appears to be at a standstill which happens when the moon is at right angles to its nodes”.  

Another fascinating reference is the fire of the Vestal Virgins of Rome, protectors of the hearth and considered the Heart(h)of the home and the Fires of Brigid extinguished in the 16th century and relit in 1993 in Kildare Ireland.

I particularly devoured her description of the Heart and the Torus in the section Triple Goddess—Capricorn, The Perpetual Fire.  Pictures also were greatly appreciated.

Thank you for sharing your journey to/with the Great Mother.  It touched my Heart deeply, and I am pleased we have connected again in this Now of Her Heart.

Again much thought, research, personal experience, will, strength and focus has gone into this manual.  There is something for everyone Within it’s pages and everyone can take away gems of wisdom to enrich and enliven their own lives.

I so thank the author, NetGalley and Inner Traditions—Bear & Company for allowing me to read this book before its publishing date.
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3.5 stars

This was a very dense read. There is a lot of information here to unpack. While I enjoyed a lot of that it also was a struggle at times to keep my interest. It felt more like a textbook than an actual book. That being said, I wish that this was a class in college because I would take that class in a heartbeat because it is apparent that this author is VERY knowledgable. I also think that if this book was an actual book instead of an eread this would have been even better at least for me. This is definitely something that I could see myself taking endless notes on.
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