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Edisto Tidings

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Hope Clark never disappoints. Edisto Tidings brings a busy holiday to Edisto Beach and Chief Callie Morgan has her hands full of missing gifts, the legendary Edisto Santa who is now Robin Hood stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Really? What's up with that Santa? 

The discovery of a body in the nastiest councilman's lot comes with more surprises, liaisons, and confusion. Is the big guy responsible or someone else? He certainly has the motive. 

Enter a handsome new restauranteur to the island, with a past, of course. Doesn't everyone? Who interests and repels Callie in equal measure. 

Sober and without much sleep, Callie is racing against time to wrap everything up in time for Christmas. I highly recommend this book and all of Hope Clark's mystery novels. The scenery is rich, the characters interesting and the mysteries complex. Enjoy the ride folks, I sure did.

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