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Top Ten Reasons to Dump Trump in 2020

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Skip this silly little pamphlet (it's not really a book. It is less than 100 pages long.) The author simply strung together 10 blog posts and took it to her publisher. It simply is not worth a dime -- this unserious diatribe.
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This is a well-research, well-written book that makes its case in a well-paced but well-organized way. Of course, the true feelings of the author are the elephant in the room throughout, but she does logically and, in as unbiased a way as she can, make her points about why we should vote, and why our voting  will contribute to our democracy.  She begins with a short but well-researched and organized section on lying, which she contends may well be the basis for everything else. She then follows covering the abuses that she demonstrates have occurred relating to immigrants, women, etc. As I read the book, I found her ideas well thought-out and expressed, though not too long-winded. Kelly Hyman has a varied resume, with experiences that go from life in the entertainment world, to that of a law student and prominent attorney in the Miami area, to life and a job in the past administration, to life as a TV legal analyst.  I think her resume has provided her a wide berth from which to express her ideas, which are, as I said, quite interesting and well presented.  Though many readers may not agree with her, I still feel the book was well worth the effort to read  and hopefully better understand the interesting, well researched and organized expression of her thoughts, conclusions and feelings, and should be read by all with an open mind, since the content is important and can be helpful when deciding the vote. I received this from NetGalley to read and review.
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Unemployment is down, housing is booming, companies are investing in their employees....REALLY?!
Kelly Hyman lays it all out on the line in plain descriptive easy to read and understand language.
Now, the question, who will pay attention>who will follow the law-Who will enforce the Constitution and be held accountable?
We all know 10 reasons to dump the current man in the highest office of the land is lengthy beyond just the basics set forth here.
In fact, as a malignant narc survivor there's so much more but suffice to say read my full profile and learn.
It's dangerous to allow someone of his caliber to continue to wreak havoc unchecked. No transparency. No education. No permanent staff positions. Nothing is able to contain it.
We are in danger of not only losing our democracy but everything our country stands for. The foundation that our fore fathers set in stone, the checks and balances in keeping a dictator out, the laws are meant to be followed.
With individuals such as this one it's not hard to see what the end result is but I need not warn as his actions speak volumes.
It's a simple power and control issues all for THE ONE. The supply , the attention, the adulation, and praise is the ultimate goal. Stay loyal be rewarded.
Gaslighting is rampant right alongside triangulation, love bombing, hoovering, smear campaigning, threats, intimidation, manipulation, mirroring, projection, co-dependency and more.
Please educate on malignant narcissism as the Goldwater Rule won't allow anyone to diagnose from afar but the idea that even fool's gold shines is a reminder.
The unemployment is not low. It's the U6 not U3 that's important to note. The latter of which accounts for those like self who are in extreme poverty, w/o employment for longer than 6 months, the working poor, the grant funded and temps, and those who ultimately as Kelly noted gave up trying to secure jobs.
As the author notes, Since 2009 the job growth has gone down to 25%. That's much lower than in '80 at 38% and in '90 at 43% so please don't believe the Kool Aid being sold by a professional con and chronic liar.
We live in an instantaneous world that gravitates for the need for speed but not accuracy and truth telling. Fake news is rampant so too is propaganda.
Be knowledgeable that every action has a re-action.
Beware of those who sell you a too good to be true idea or campaign.
America was great before DT and will be even better once out.
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Top Ten Reasons to Dump Trump in 2020 from Kelly Hyman is a wonderful book that has information everyone needs to know.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the books that are more hyperbolic in their trashing of the trashiest President we have ever had, Trump. Those books, however, usually don't serve much purpose beyond entertaining those who understand what a complete and utter waste of a person Trump is. Any useful facts are often obscured by the tone. This is not one of those books.

The premise is every bit as straightforward as the title implies. Ten reasons, any one of which would normally be enough to make a person unsuitable for another term (or to even finish out the first), why Trump should be defeated in 2020. Each reason is explained with facts, comparisons with previous administrations and/or Presidents, and a clear explanation about why each is important. 

I said above that everyone needs to know these facts and assessments. For those of us trying to save this democracy, we need to have more than just an appeal based on Trump's immorality and cruelty, since those features are exactly what appeals to his heavily white Cult of Evangelicalism supporters. But by knowing these facts we can try to engage those who haven't already ODed on the Kool Aid. Those who might have supported Trump but claim to not really be a supporter, they need to read this and within their own minds and hearts come to terms with what they believe this country has been and could be. If nothing else, they will know specifically what unethical and cruel policies they are supporting and why (because they are also bigoted hateful faux-Christians on the whole).

Don't judge the book by my snarkiness, Hyman is far more clear and concise with valid historical and political reasons for why these reasons are important. The snark is all on me.

Reviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley.
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Eek! Fantastic book that makes me squeal in delight! I must first say that any book that bashes Trump and his bigotry is a win in my book (pun intended). But this book really takes the cake! I love how the author wittingly and effortlessly bashes Trump and his minions to pieces. It leaves me wondering how their are still Trump lovers in the world today. Perhaps they need to read this book!
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This is an intelligent and well-researched book highlighting why we need a new President in 2020.  I found the author to be passionate about this, but the writing was done in a straightforward manner to really get the points across.
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This book was a very insightful read. I mean, I personally have never liked Trump, but it was nice to know some facts.
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