Facing Your Fears

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 16 Feb 2020

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I seldom give 5 stars but this one was really good and inspiring. I usually stay away from this kind of books but I am sure glad that I read this one. After reading this I think I have to check out other books by the author although they are fiction. He is a really good writer. I can really recommend this work. I have to thank Skyhorse Publishing and Netgalley for letting me read this.
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Much more of a guide to using introspection, planning and visualisation than other books by Navy Seals. For this, it's very useful and affirming of a process that so many successful people use. However, like most of these books the recommended approach is gradual exposure to the object of fear to build confidence and competence.

This does work but... There are faster methods available. For really strong fears there is the fast phobia method which takes ten minutes instead of six months. There's reframing your fears and the notion of failure ( which to be fair, this book does do). 

As a basic approach that does work this book is worth reading. But if you are so inclined investigate NLP, Neurosemantics and even read Widening the Window to make your changes more effective.
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