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This book wasn't quite a mystery, but it was an enjoyable thriller! It was a very quick read for me and I enjoyed almost every minute. It definitely had a few bumps along the way, but it was a solid read for me. I am typically not a big fan of 'ghost hunter' type stories, but the plot of this really pulled me in and kept my attention!

Some characters left me longing to know more about them, which is both good and bad. Others I felt like had little purpose being in the story. For example LeBlanc and his backstory was really unexplored, yet his was a primary supporting character for Raymond. I really had the desire to know more about LeBlanc, so I could connect on a deeper level emotionally, but I was left with little to hold on to... which resulted in me caring very little for the events impacting him or his feelings about the other characters (which was critical to one of the smaller romance events sadly!).

The plot was fast paced, but I felt like the later half of the book was a repeating event as they tried and failed during the conflict over and over. Don't get me wrong, I loved the plot overall, but at the end I was just getting exhausted. I am not sure if it is because the fast events never had a slow down, or if it was because the final show downs took multiple tries with the protagonist, but I had a hard time staying with it at the end. Additionally, in hindsight I really wished I wouldn't have known from Chapter 1 that the ghost was real... I wish I could have been bouncing back and forth within the theories the agency had all along the way with them.. instead I just felt like I kept having a sense of "hurry up and realize the ghost is real, lets go!". With all that said, the ending itself landed for me, it was rough in some ways, but it landed and felt complete.

Action scenes were hard for me to keep up with as it was difficult to envision how things were playing out around the diner and Dead House locations with the multitude of characters on site and multiple shifting perspectives. I read a lot of large fantasy epics, so shifting perspectives isn't new to me, but something about the writing for this felt like the perspective shifts during the major action sequences was jarring and left me having to back up and obtain my barring's again before continuing to read at times.

I am honestly really excited to see how this authors writing evolves and improves as he continues to publish more books in the future - I will be keeping my eye out for sure! This was quite an adventure of a story and is something I am glad to have had the opportunity to read. If I had one ask, beside the change with chapter 1, it would be to have the book be a little longer with a slow spot in the middle to explore some of the backgrounds on key characters such as LeBlanc so I could connect with them before the events of the second half of the book.

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