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This basically felt like a Rachel Hollis book but written by her husband.  Same format, same rich white folks perspective.  It didn't ultimately offer anything of value for me.
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I wanted to like this but I didn't. The connection wasn't there. Maybe it is more male oriented or maybe it's just not for me. It just felt like he was trying to be like his wife and it showed.
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I waited 1-year for “Get Out Of Your Own Way,” and it did not disappoint!
I remember one-year ago listening to Dave taking over the podcast saying, “if someone has a problem with something you are doing; it is likely that they are challenged by it, feel insecure because of it, are jealous of your willingness to chase after it, or are frustrated that your belief in yourself creates an awareness of their disbelief in their own abilities to break away from convention.”  Those words not only hit home for me in that very moment of my career, but his statement inspired me to continue pressing forward like the warrior that I have grown into.

​Whether you are a follower in the area of self-improvement and continuous education on achieving the best version of yourself, or a skeptic, or are have tried it all before and are skeptical because you have stumbled in your own way.  DAVE’S MESSAGE IS FOR YOU!  I received an advanced reader copy from Harper Collins Publishing, and I have read “Get Out Of Your Own Way” twice.  The first time encouraged me, and the second time I color coded my copy with post-it flags of advice, actions, insights, quotes, metaphors, beliefs I need to debunk, and affirmations.
There is no debate as to whether to click ‘buy’ on this book, get out of your way and allow yourself to learn.  We are all capable of growth and fulfillment, and Dave openly shares his experiences from a skeptic’s point of view.  Our journeys were not made to be identical.  While some of us aim to wake up every morning with that fire that Rachel and others have acquired, we all know that our journeys will truly be different.  Each of Dave’s chapters allows for us to travel at a pace that allows for us to absorb those areas that have caused our journey to take a little longer than others.  Our own personal journeys become our very own messages.

​I have been using my post-it pages as a guide when my conscious has me stepping into my path to greatness.  

The chapters that I find myself going back to most frequently are:

1. The Lie: My Work Is Who I Am
2. The Lie: I Have To Have It All Together
3. The Lie: Being Right All The Time Doesn’t Make Me An Ass
4. The Lie: I Can Achieve Balance If I Work Hard Enough

I get in my own way in areas of work/life balance.  But I also have gone back to chapters related to my personal life and my relationships.  Get Out Of Your Own Way is one of my top book recommendations, and I cannot see what future works Dave releases as he continues to grow.
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Huge thanks to Netgalley, Dave and Harper Collins for allowing me the opportunity to read this one!  I absolutely loved it.  I am all about growth, leadership and self reflection these past many months, and when I started to dig into this read, it met all of my check marks for a “good” book.  

It was witty, engaging, fast paced, chock full of real life stories and very well written!  Way to go Mr. Hollis.  I actually intend upon re-reading this book as well.  Far too many take always, nuggets and learning points to absorb in just one sitting and, it really depends upon where you are in your journey, how you will absorb the data.  

I have a place upon my self for this reference book and really do suggest that everyone pick up a copy and read it!  You won’t be let down.
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I like the Hollis couple. I launched GWYF as well as Rachel’s second cookbook (LOVE) and GSA. 
To me, I feel like Dave Hollis is just an ordinary guy. He knows he’s married to a badass, and he embraces it. He also recognizes that he’s only human. I enjoyed this book, maybe more than Rachel’s, because it seemed more familiar to me. Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing we’re very clearly written for women. Get Out of Your Own Way might have been written more towards men’s viewpoints, but it’s very clearly applicable to everyone. Do I think men will go out and buy it? Probably not. Moms, sisters, and girlfriends will be buying it for the men in their lives with high hopes. But, if a man is willing to read through the book in it’s entirety, he’ll surely get some good life tips out of it.
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I love Dave and Rachel’s daily live on Facebook as well as their podcast so how could I resist reading this book!?

I love how he outlines the many lies that we tell ourselves and proves to us how very wrong they are. And he explains what he’s learned about each lie by telling his own personal story and how it relates.  My husband is currently reading it as he just underwent a huge job transition much like Dave did.  I recommend this book to anyone who has ever felt like they needed to get out of a rut or just simply needed to make some changes on your way to finding your path.
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Unpopular opinion here. I think Dave should have named this book "A Rich, White Guys Guide to Life". I didn't feel like he dug as deep as his wife when it came to any hardships. I mean, having a hard time getting a girl to go on a date when he was younger isn't exactly the stuff that shakes you to the core. A lot of the advice was broad, general advice that I have already forgotten. Some of the stories were rehashed from Rachel's book and just weren't told as well. Unfortunately for him, it is about impossible not to compare his book to hers since he modeled the same format. Rachel wrote it better.

***Copy obtained from HarperCollins Leadership via Netgalley***
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What a great book! If you love Rachel, you will also love Dave. This is a very real look at what Dave did to get out of the rut he was in. There is so much encouragement and practical advice on how to get out of a rut and find your true self. 
Dave is extremely real and honest throughout the book. He gives words to many fears and feelings that we often keep hidden. It's a refreshing take how to analyze yourself and determine what has you stuck in your rut and what is needed to get out of it.
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This book hit the spot for me. As I was reading, there were so many ah-ha moments as well as confirming things I had tried implementing on my own. This book will make a difference in your life!
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Thank you to NetGalley for the free copy of this ebook to review. All opinions are my own. 

This book was …. Fine. 

I give this book 2 stars (it was okay, but I never need to read it again). Honestly, I probably won’t even really think about this book again. 
I did read Girl, Wash Your Face when it first came out and felt it was *shrug* okay. Even at the time, I reviewed the constant use of clichés, “If you haven’t had someone tell you something like this before, this book is perfect for you.”

While reading through Get Out of Your Own Way, found myself with two reoccurring thoughts:
1. This feels a LOT like Girl, Wash Your Face (with good reason, 10/20 chapters are direct parallels to a chapter of GWYF, probably more with deeper comparison)
2. Dave is exactly that guy at a party, in the office, whatever, who starts EVERY story with, “When I worked at Disney….” or “My wife Rachel thinks/says/does…..” 
Both felt a lot like name dropping, humble-bragging, and got really irritating.

The best chapter of this entire book was the Conclusion: Stay Out of Your Own Way with Intention and Discipline which was filled with actually help and advice, though much of this advice is borrowed or repeated from other sources. (High five to Dave’s team for actually citing sources in this book!)

In conclusion, this is a quick read if you are looking for Dave’s story, but if you’ve already read GWYF, you probably don’t need to waste your time.
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Get Out of Your Own Way is Dave Hollis's take on the brand of motivation and self help that his wife has become famous for. A lot of the book provides us his perspective on the struggles and stories that Rachel Hollis covers in her book Girl, Wash Your Face. I think it is valuable to have Dave's perspective out in print, but I guess I was hoping for a little more Dave in this book, and a little less Rachel, because I felt like I was reading Girl, Wash Your Face all over again (but written by Dave). 
I almost don't think it's fair to critique the book over this, since Dave and Rachel are married to each other and run a media empire together. The face is, if Dave had strayed very far at all from Rachel's point of view, I would have been unhappy with that and felt like maybe he didn't really believe in what his wife puts forth in her books. But I was hoping for a little more new content and perspective than what I thought was in this book. Dave also writes as though he expects his readers to have read his wife's books already--which is fair, since the majority of his audience would likely come from his wife's fans, and the majority of Goodreads reviews so far reflects as much. But again, it feels like Girl, Wash Your Face 2.0, not a new book.
I will say some of Dave's perspectives on personal growth are interesting, particularly those that come from his years working for Disney. He makes some good points with humor and grace. Objectively, this is an ok book in the self-help genre. 
I received a free galley copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins for the opportunity to read and review.
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I became aware of Dave Hollis from reading GWYF and GSA.  I became a fan because Dave's approach to self improvement matches my style of pragmatism.  Dave also has an understanding of how to hack a preference for extrinsic motivation which I  can also identify.

GOOYOW is a blend of motivation and good story.  Dave speaks open and honestly about his stuggles with what he admits was a midlife crisis.  Dave gives his tips and tricks he used to navigate a personally difficult time in his marriage and worklife. 

I appreciate the view of self help/improvement through the perspective of a male voice. 

I received an advanced reader copy received my HarperCollins Leadership.

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Dave Hollis speaks right to my heart! He addresses the lies I often hear in my own head and is real and vulnerable! I highly recommend this book!
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Most people have no doubt heard of Rachel Hollis. She’s the woman behind Girl, Wash Your Face, and Girl, Stop Apologizing and The Hollis Company. If you’ve read those books, you’ve obviously heard Rachel mention her husband, Dave. I’ve been following Rachel for quite a few years, but only recently started following Dave, after I heard them on the Rise Together podcast. The two of them together are incredible and honestly, unstoppable. So, when I heard he was coming out with his own book, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! 

Rachel’s books have always been geared more towards females. But, Dave’s Get Out of Your Own Way is easily geared toward both genders. He starts with his own introduction to the self-help genre, and how he himself was a skeptic. The chapters are divided into lies we all tell ourselves, and then he gives his own unflinching honest anecdotes from his own life, followed by things that helped him overcome this lie. There are a total of 19. I think anyone can relate to this book, and this is definitely something I will be gifting to many people in the future. It’s an incredibly honest, well done debut and I would highly recommend it. 

* ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!
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As a follower of Dave and Rachel Hollis, I was not surprised that I loved this book! Real, applicable lessons for everyone! He writes just the way he speaks so you feel like he is talking to you!
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Unpopular opinion: this book didn’t resonate with me like I thought it would but I totally respect and admire what Dave and Rachel are doing with their business empire. Thanks so much to Netgalley and the publisher for the free copy in exchange for my honest review!
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Oh, I loved this book! Dave truly went there, he had the conversation that he didn't want to and out of it wrote this book that called out most of the lies we tell ourselves. It does not matter that his wife is also a great writer- calling out BS in women and the lies society indoctrinates in us- or that he's writing from his life experiences as a man- this book is a great read because from the very beginning he calls out the truth on self-help books. 
He says "self-help is the tie between growth and fulfillment." He drives the point home "in order to grow, you need to put in the work and learn to kick the lies putting limits on who and what you can be." He calls you out before you give excuses. You've got to put in the work, like he learned to and continue doing so if you're to get any better.
A huge thank you to the publisher for granting me an eARC, this book will appeal to everyone who's ever felt like they aren't enough and the tone of writing makes it a book you can read anywhere at any time, with take away points for reflection.
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I think it's quite an interesting and useful read. I liked style of writing and it gave food for thought.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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I am a huge fan of Rachel Hollis's books, so when I saw that her husband had written a book similar to those that I loved by his wife, I had to read it. This book is full of inspirational advice and eye-opening realizations. I really enjoy reading self-help books like these because not only are they full of helpful advice but the author actually explains what happened to them to help get to that realization. 

Thank you NetGalleyand HaperCollins Leadership for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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After reading both of his wife's books I was VERY curious how this book would hold up to the hype of self help. Not only did it stand up - but it kicked down any doubt I had that this book was something I wouldn't gleen various pieces of advice. This book is for the doubting.... The "I wouldn't get help from a book like this" people.... Dave is that person - WAS - and this book explains how he overcame that thought process and moved toward a happier, healthier and better way of thinking and living. He mixes humor and seriousness and gets raw and honest until you find yourself shaking your head in agreement to so many bits and pieces. Success in life does not always mean happiness and sometimes it's difficult nfor people to understand that. Dave's experience proves this while he unravels his lowest low and how he crawled out of that hole with the assistance he wasn't originally going to trust or believe. This book is for everyone. Men and women! I received an advanced copy from Harper Collins, and Netgalley and these are my own opinions and thoughts....
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