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My Kind of Cowboy is the first book in the Wranglers of Wyoming series.  This was a new author for me, so I was pleasantly surprised at how beautifully written it was.  The characters were interesting and easy to connect with.  I loved the family atmosphere the book describes and the camaraderie between the Merrick brothers.  
Brand Merrick was the oldest Merrick brother and after taking a fall from his horse his injury is still causing him pain.  When the family doctor recommends physical therapy and his grandmother sets it up, he wasn’t thrilled.  He didn’t have time in his day for physical therapy and he was completely thrown off when the physical therapist is a woman.  Even though he insists he doesn’t need therapy he is impressed enough with Avery that he was willing to give her a chance.
Avery Grant took the job of physical therapist in Wyoming hoping that the mysterious threats she has been receiving will stop.  She wasn’t expecting to enjoy living with the Merrick family and quickly became part of their daily routine.  When the threats continue, Brand insists she files a report and he is determined to keep her safe.  
I really enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading the next one in the series.
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Brand took a fall and refuses to let it get him down. Problem is his family thinks he needs help to improve his situation and has hired a physical therapist who will stick around for a little while to help him out. They never expected city girl Avery. Brand will try to scare off Avery by showing her the real work of working on a ranch but Avery is a strong willed women who refuses to back down. 

I really enjoyed this book. I didn't really know much going into it. I liked getting to know the characters and seeing how strong willed very was she wasn't the type to leave easily. I liked seeing that connection between the two and how much they ended up liking eachother. I also loved that bit of the mystery when it came to Avery. She was receiving threats and wasn't entirely sure who it was, she had her suspicions but it was a matter of finding out who it really was and if the person would go further then just threats. Overall this was a pretty great book I really enjoyed it.
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My Kind of Cowboy was a really enjoyable and suspenseful romance novel with great characters, a sweet story, some underlying trauma and then a crazy twist. The biggest strengths of the book were the beautiful descriptions of the countryside and mountains; and the cast of characters that are the extended family. It immediately made me want to be a part of this family, to know these people and to eat the delicious meals that Billy creates. I so hope there will be more books written about the other brothers and the rest of the family.
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I enjoyed this light read by R.C. Ryan.  City girl and physical therapist Avery Grant is thrown out of her comfort zone when she is hired to work with a tough cowboy on his family's ranch in Wyoming.  

I enjoyed the characters and the interactions of this close-knit family.  Avery quickly steals the hearts of the entire family providing some much needed therapy beyond just the physical type.  The suspense aspect of the novel, which come in the form of mysterious text message threats on Avery's phone, are mild at best.  This appears to be the first book in the series and I'm looking forward to the next.
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I've loved cowboy stories since watching the old B&W tv shows when I was a little girl. Since I will most likely never go out west and experience the real thing, I live vicariously through these books. This is a very entertaining and well written story, the first in the series, introducing the Merrick Family, four generations living together, on the huge ranch that is their legacy. It starts out with a tragic event that sets the scene for the future. 

Brand, the oldest of the three brothers, the youngest generation, had a serious fall and injuried his leg, but being a stoic cowboy, did not follow his doctors advice and now has a limp and is in constant pain, so his grandmother, a former nurse, hires a well respected physical therapist, Avery Grant, to come to the ranch and work with him, something he is not happy about. But the biggest surprise, is when Avery arrives and she is a woman. One thing that Brand and Avery have in come, is they both lost their mothers at a young age. But while Brand still had his large family, Avery only had her father, a top cardiothoracic surgeon, who had little time for his daughter, especially when she decided while in medical school, to switch her interest from medicine to physical therapy. Avery is such a bright, kind and beautiful person that she quickly wins Brand and the rest of the family over, despite Brand's initial resentment. But Avery has a secret. One reason that she left Michigan to take this assignment, is because she has a stalker. I think most readers will figure out who the real stalker is, way before Avery, the Merricks and the police do, but that and the very corny ending are the only negative things that I could find in this book. And there is also a recipe at the end.

The characters are all engaging with lively banter and I look forward to reading more about the rest of the Merrick clan. Will Liz realize what she has with Chet? Who will win the hearts of Casey an dJonah? What about Bo?

I read an ARC from This is my unbiased and voluntary review.
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My Kind of Cowboy is the first R.C. Ryan book I've read, but it won't be the last. I enjoyed it very much. It was well written, had characters that were enjoyable and the story line kept me engaged.

Brand Merrick is the oldest of the Merrick great-grandchildren. When he fell off of his horse and injured his leg, he cut his physical therapy short because he didn't want his great-grandfather, grandfather, father and brothers to have to pick up his slack. While he wasn't totally healed, he's now paying the price and his grandmother has taken notice and taken things into her own hands by hiring a physical therapist to help him out. Something Brand is less than thrilled about.

Avery Grant lives is Michigan, but works for a group that lends out their physical therapists when needed, so she's headed to Wyoming to try her hand at helping Brand heal up his leg. Avery is looking forward to the new surroundings since she has a very strained relationship with her father and she's been receiving threatening texts, but the local authorities don't think it's anything to worry about.

As Avery starts her time at the ranch, she finds that Brand is stubborn and that she's going to have her work cut out for her, but she's up to the challenge. She isn't afraid to help with chores and that helps to endear her to the family and Brand begins to take notice too. Slowly he realizes that she's there to help him and he allows her to start the therapy. Will there be more that develops between them?

I really enjoyed this entire family and the interactions between all of the generations. I'm really looking forward to the next book in this series!
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Wow!!! I have to say I was pulled in from page one and hated to see this one end. I loved all the characters and the setting is one I want to visit in person!! I will admit I had figured out the mystery early on, but this isn't a suspense novel it's a love story. One that will have you sighing, smiling, laughing and even cringing at times. I'm so eager to read more in this series. R. C. Ryan is quickly becoming a must buy author for me. She knows how to write great characters and settings that are so real you know they have to exist. I can't wait for the next story. I highly, highly recommend My Kind of Cowboy to everyone!!!
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New series with the Merrick family finds Brand thrown together with Avery to finish his rehab at the ranch and sparks fly.  Always enjoy the family groups this author creates and looking forward to reading about the brothers.  E-book from net galley and publishers with thanks. Opinions are entirely my own.
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I'm rounding up to three stars on this one, but it really was a little bit lower for me. This was a situation where the book just wasn't for me. I know that there have been others who have really enjoyed it, but it fell short.
I liked the main characters, Brand & Avery, and usually forced proximity is great, but I think that this progressed a little too quickly & didn't seem very natural. It went from meeting to kissing real quick, with no real development of the relationship.
There was also a storyline that seemed like it was meant to add some mystery to the book, but I felt like it was a little extra nugget that really wasn't needed. It made the end of the book really weird for me, and instead of being a cowboy romance, felt like it was trying to be a thriller too. Had it been more developed or explained, it could've been better, but I just wasn't super into it.
I did enjoy RC Ryan's writing style, and I thought that the scenes between Brand & Avery were sweet. Avery was a really good character, and the family dynamic with Brand's family was awesome. I loved how close & involved they all were with the ranch (and each other's lives!).
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This was my first book from RC Ryan and I so badly wanted to love it! Forced proximity?? Yes please! Unfortunately the storyline didn’t click for me as much as I had hoped (I tried this after reading And loving Cowboy Come Home, that one gave me book hangover). I may try to finish it at a later date but for now I decided to DNF at 28%
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Bo is at the old butcher ranch and Egan says he will make a fine life here. He has a wife and three sons. Bo and his sister grew up in their grandfathrs house. Family is important to bo . After the birth of his sons bo continued to live on the family ranch.Bos sons are brand,Casey,Jonah. One day six year old brand wakes up to a fire. I was quickly interested in the story. I love the name brand,very cowboy. Some think the fire and loss was revenge. Casey is a vet,Jonah a writer and brand a rancher. Brand has a new physical therapist for his leg who is a beautiful woman. I thought brand was very stubborn. I liked Avery and thought she was smart.
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First Book I've read by this author and I absolutly loved it never wanted to put it down. Avery and Brand had a good chemistry. Actually if I'm being honest Avery found her way into Merricks hearts even the grumpiest of the bunch Ham. This book held me from start to finish I was eating out of this authors hand the whole time, begging to know what happend next. I lost a lot of sleep reading this book cuz I didn't want to put it down for a second. I Hope thier is another book!!

I received an ARC from NetGally and these opinions are my own.
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The book opens with a scene that sets the tone for the story of a hard-working family and of stubborn people. You think it is only going to be Brand instead you find that others in the Merrick family are just as stubborn. This is proofed when his grandmother has requested a private physical therapist to arrive in order to care for his injured leg which of course he did not take care of. He says he is fine but throughout the day he takes breaks when he can away from his brothers especially in order to rest his injured knee, but it really does not help much he is still a grouch.
  When told about the plan he is upset but the grandmother does not care what he thinks. When Avery first arrives from Michigan she is taken back by the beauty of the place and then by the sheer stink when Brand comes in from working all day and is taken back when he sees her for, they all were expecting a male therapist. What Avery does though is gets right in and works with the guys, mucking the stalls and other chores that need to be done this shows Brand she is willing to work and leads him to open up about working with her. 
   What I liked was that having two knee surgeries myself some of the exercises were ones that were taught to me. This story starts off slow but builds up. The characters you get to know, Billy the cook, Liz the sister her story really adds to this book, as well as the foreman Chet who did three tours in Afghanistan. Which character has a purpose and the story flows along.   
  When the author takes you through the person whom she was getting away from she does it in a way that you are not even expecting that person until it is too late. Which only added to the story. Overall a very good book and very much worth the read.
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My Kind of Cowboy has a great premise - after an injury from falling off a horse, Brand is struggling to recover while working on the family ranch. He can’t take any time off for physical therapy so his grandmother brings a physical therapist to them - to live on the ranch for 6 weeks. Avery is a city girl who hasn’t even spent time on a farm so it’s a whole new world to her. Warning: spoilers ahead so stop here if you don’t want to see them. 

I was really into that setup - I love forced proximity! I also loved the descriptions of Wyoming and felt I was right there with them. Not to mention all the amazing food descriptions of Billy’s cooking and the wonderful family dynamics between the Merricks.

However ultimately this book didn’t work well for me. There were a lot of side stories and I felt like the actual romance was really underdeveloped. I also felt like there were some plot lines that were opened for no reason. Why did this book start with a description of a fire when Brand was a boy? I assumed this would come back around in the current story but it didn’t.

I also found it pretty unrealistic that Avery was such an amazing ray of sunshine that everyone she came in contact with almost immediately dropped all barriers they had built up for years and told her their secrets. 

And then there’s the suspense thread - Avery receiving threatening texts. I felt like the pacing of this storyline was very weird. It would be completely ignored for big chunks of the book and it just felt very clunky and forced. So we finally get to the climax and Avery shoots Renee with what she thinks is a sedative but is actually a lethal dose of insulin. Does Renee die? I reread the ending 3 times to see if I missed it but I only see that they may be able to save her. 

THEN in the last 5% of the book we also have Avery’s dad suddenly get help from therapy and come to fix his relationship with her. And Brand proposes. And then the epilogue wedding. 

Thank you to Forever for the free book.
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What happens when a cute cowboy meets his physical therapist? This novel! 

If you are a fan of reading Western, cowboy, lighter romances, this one is a great option for your Monthly TBR! 

I really enjoyed how the author brought these two together. It was just the right amount of angst to get their relationship going, and was completely pulled together by the family dynamics and the protection he had over her. Each of them has a traumatic past which slowly brings them into a brighter future, despite the few setbacks they experience throughout the book. 

For a cowboy romance, this one hit the spot! 

I gave this one a 4 out of 5 stars! This is the first I've read from this author, and I can definitely see myself coming back to her.
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I really enjoyed this one, it's a great contemporary western but what else do you expect from R.C. Ryan, she's fantastic at what she does. I love the new family in this series, they each have their hangups but they love each other completely and when Avery Grant walks into their lives they embrace as one of them, well after she proves herself to be worthy of it and vise versa.
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My thoughts ( this review is for My Kind Of Cowboy , since I already read Rebel Cowboy last year )

Would I recommend it?Yes 

Would I read more of this series? Yes 

Would I read more of this author? Yes 

This is the first time I've read this author and she's off to a get start with me, one of the things I loved about this book was the close Brand was to his family and the ones that worked for him so much so that they was family themselves, and the love he and his brothers had for land , history and town . Another thing I loved was how even through it was a slow burning romance it worked for the story and took non thing away from it, in fact it helped bring the story to life and which give each character time to shine and that you got to know them better. As for the main characters themselves I loved them , loved how hard working Brand was and how strong and fearless Avery was and how they seemed to be made for them each other. Other thing that made this story so good was the hint of suspense that mixed in really well the story.It also didn't take anything from the story but helped it as well so much so that where the suspense and the romance started and ending it just seemed to blend together and pulled the story together. With that said I want to say thank you to Forever as well NetGalley for letting me read and review it and for sending me a physical copy of it.
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I really enjoy this author’s cowboy books, as I’ve read her previous series as well! I like the mix of romance and suspense! Brand, cowboy hero, is grumpy, hard working, and doesn’t think he need physical therapy for the leg he injured. Enter Avery our city girl physical therapist! The family believes the grandmother has a man coming! It’s was quite funny to see everyone’s reaction when a woman shows up! (Never judge by a name) At first Brand thinks he is going to show Avery the rancher life & she will go back to the city. That’s not how it goes! Avery proves to be a strong & fast learner! These two have so much chemistry and steam between them I could feel it off the pages!! I loved this story. The brothers were also fantastic! I look forward to their stories! All in all a great romantic suspense!
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader – ☆☆☆☆
M/F Romance

Avery is a physical therapist who needs a change. She loves what she does. Despite her dad's disapproval, Avery knows that what she does makes a difference. When she's called to a ranch out in Montana, she isn't sure what to expect.

Brand is a cowboy, through and through. With a traumatic youth, he and his family have made the best of it and run a very successful ranch. After a fall, Brand has developed a limp and rather than see him suffer with his pain, his grandma has hired a therapist to come to the ranch to help him alleviate his pain.

When Avery arrives, she sees a loving family who only want what's best for each other. It's somewhat foreign to her, as she's an only child and her dad isn't around much. But once she sees the challenge of getting Brand to want to do the exercises, she falls right into her job.

With the beauty of the land and people, Avery falls in love with her surroundings. Brand starts to wonder if Avery might be able to help him after all. With an easy truce starting between them, Avery also wins over his family, which is no small thing.

These two have a sweet romance that just builds with the kindness she shows his family. When an unexpected complication arises, Avery will have to decide whether or not she truly trusts Brand and his family.

I really enjoyed this story and despite the twist not being surprising, it was still a great story.

Triggers: Stalking
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Really enjoyed this highly entertaining, sexy, fun and emotional adventure filled with engaging and exciting charters, witty banter, heart racing twists and undeniable passion. Was a great read from beginning to end.
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