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Rewire Your Anxious Brain for Teens

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I have found the books in this series to be quite helpful in my clinical practice. This one was no exception. I work with many teens with anxiety and it is nice for them to have a workbook to follow so they can practice coping strategies in between sessions. I thought this workbook was nicely organized and relatable to young people. Thank you for the opportunity to review this valuable resource.
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I wish I'd had something like this as a teen! I have Panic Disorder and OCD, and this book has a lot of tips that I had to learn over the course of a lot of therapy sessions. One note, though--some teens with OCD may need more guidance that's specific to their disorder. A lot of the advice in this book is based on CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), which is proven to be super helpful for lots of types of anxiety and depression, but for OCD some of these traditional tips and methodologies can actually make their compulsions and obsessions worse. So if you're thinking of giving this guide to an OCD teen, go right ahead because many of the tips in this would certainly be helpful, but consider also including a book specifically tailored to the OCD experience (preferably one that addresses Exposure and Response Therapy, which is a branch of CBT that teaches OCD folks to face and accept obsessive fears).
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Having three children with different levels of anxiety, this book was a godsend.  Good information that is helpful and easy to understand. Excellent and helpful
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As a therapist, I see a lot of children and teens with anxiety disorders. Our society is a perfect breeding ground for anxiety! While there seems to be a lot of resources for helping kids deal with their emotions, teens are often left out of this process. It's good to see a solid resource designed specifically for the adolescent brain. It's packed with great information to help teens process what their going through and offers concrete strategies and exercises to practice.
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*I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

As a psychologist specialising in Neurosciences with experience on education, I strongly believe this book will be able to help many teenagers manage their anxiety levles. 

From an educational point of view, it offers all possible serious approaches regarding the types of learners. It firstly shows the theory of every aspect of brain functions and areas involved in the process; basically the authors explain what happens inside the brain that makes you anxious and why it happens. 

Then, it indicates the reader to open a journal in which they will analyse what happens within them, so they'll be able to identify the anxious features and beehaviours they may be having. 

After that, the authors suggest exercises that would allow the teenager to realise how harmful a certain emotional response will be for their bodies. 

The last feature I find effective from this book is that it shows examples of pieces of writing done by peers, which makes everything much more credible for them. 

This book is a must for teenagers who feel they need to control their anxiety and for parents or other people close to one who might suffer from anxiety to recommend or offer as a gift.
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This is a great resource for teens, as they struggle so much now that gossip spreads faster thanks to social media.  The author touched on the important issues that affect a teen's mental health and gave realistic tips that teens will actually utilize in order to deal with them.  I work in a middle school and see firsthand how self-esteem and bullying affect teens, along with the other issues discussed in this book.  I highly recommend this to anyone that works with teens or has one at home, as it gives helpful advice that can be passed on to a teen that doesn't want to read this.
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Wow. This book helped so much. I never knew what to do whenever my anxiety hit me and nothing I read online helped either. I tried some of the methods listed in this book and it really, really helped.
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Rewire Your Anxious Brain for Teens by Debra Kissen offers readers chapters that explore how to rewire the teenage brain regarding a variety of different issues from past anxiety and emotional pain to being resilient and confident. The book introduces the different parts of the brain and their function in a very informative and clear manner. There are stories and self-reflections that offer readers an opportunity to interact with the text—as well as—exercises for the reader to do to help rewire his or her brain.
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Anxiety is a truly horrible disorder that influences many people's day to day life. This book not only equips you with the tools to fight it, but explains how it helps, and why you are doing what you are doing. It also gives you scenario's showing how different people reacted in different situations. I know that I will certainly use this book and get a lot out of it. It is also a fantastic read for people who have young family or friends suffering from anxiety, as it allows you to understand what exactly is happening inside their brain. I would absolutely recommend this self help book, as it expands your knowledge on the disorder while helping you to fight it!
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As an adult, I am not the primary audience for this book, but I do work with teens who might be able to use it, and I do suffer from anxiety myself, so I went through the workbook doing the exercises. This isn't something you can read and then put down and hope it solves your problems for you - this does require putting in real work. You have to think about some rough things that might not be so easy to dig up. But if you're willing to put in the work, I think this book can help you find better strategies for dealing with anxiety. The book lays everything out in a way that's clear enough for anyone to understand, and the examples used are all things teens can experience (I'd imagine an adult version might deal with career stress, family stress, etc. in different ways that teens wouldn't be able to relate to). Some of the examples do feel a little contrived, but overall I'd strongly recommend this book, and I think it would be useful for anyone of any age trying to combat anxiety.
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Where was this book 20 years ago when I was sick to my stomach each morning before heading off to school for reasons unbeknownst to me? Hello Anxiety! 

I found this book to be mind blowing and an absolute power tool in coming to terms, understanding, and managing everyday anxiety and occasional panic attacks. 

This book is written in the style of sharing a story, assessing the situation, discussing what is both Physically and mentally occurring, and then doing an exercise to help overcome similar situation in your own life. 

Though online work pages, note taking, journaling and more this book leaves you with a plethora of tools to use in managing your everyday anxiety. By helping teens to understand what is physically happening inside during anxiety/panic attacks it empowers them to take back the control they feel slipping away. 

At 35 this book was life changing for me, I only wish I had it in my teens. I would encourage parents and teens alike to dive deep into this power house novel and don’t forget your highlighter! 

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