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Woman in Red: Magdalene Speaks by Krishna Rose is a book I requested from NetGalley and the review is voluntary. I also researched some of the same aspects listed in this book off and on for a few years. The author researched for 25 years! I came up with some of the same ideas.
This book is not a religious book although it does describe the teachings of Jesus (Jesus) but not in a religious way. If that makes sense. I am atheist and I think everyone, religious or not, will enjoy this! The book starts as Jesu is dying on the cross. Yep, get tissues ready! This takes you into a world where it feels like you are really there due to the skillful writing.
She to this writing, we learn how women are treated, laws, the various religious beliefs, all about the soldiers, wedding ceremonies, funeral ceremonies, and so many more! Great world building!
This book's characters revolve around Jesu, Mary Magdalene, Jesu's mother Mary, their immediate families, and disciplines.
I only had one day to read this, I got it from NetGalley and then count out it was due so soon! Yikes! I read fast but this is one of those books I wanted to linger on, highlight, think through. There is a lot is wonderful lines in here. Great for introspective thoughts. May have to break down and buy it. 
The first 80% of the book I loved! It was intriguing, enjoyable, enlightening, and fascinating. The last 20% was not as interesting to me at all. It may have been the subject matter. Won't share and spoil for other because they may like it. That's why I have it a 4 star and not a 5! Still wonderful! Get the book!
Love the cover! Wow!
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Thank you for the ARC. I tried to like this, but it just couldn't hold my attention. I didn't feel that this was as equally about feminine spirituality as it was about the masculine. Even when not comparing it to other books about Mary Magdalene, I found it boring,
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Krishna Rose took 25 years of researching to bring the untold story of Mary Magdalene. Recently I’ve been drawn to Mary Magdalene on my spiritual journey. This book has opened my eyes. Definitely worth the read.
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This book is about Mary Magdalene and the empowerment of women. It also contains some insight into the story of the crucifixion. 
The author spent twenty some years gathering facts/material for this book. It is interesting and has some different concepts. I can't say I agree with everything. However, the book is intriguing and does get you thinking on some of the points presented.
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