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A beautiful book with lovely pictures and tasty recipes. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and recommend to fellow brunch lovers.
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I really enjoyed this book a lot. The characters were clever and engaging, and getting to spend time with them was a treat. I liked the writing too - it was descriptive without ever veering into flowery territory, and I would certainly be interested in reading more work by this author. The cover is great too!
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I tried three recipes from different sections of this book.  You can read my full review and see the recipes I tried here:
3 Stars because the recipes I tried were nice but overall, most of the recipes seemed too time consuming.  I'm pretty comfortable in the kitchen but making three different components to one meal seems like a lot of effort.  And I don't want to spend half my Sunday making breakfast when I could be resting.  I would reserve these recipes for a special occasion.
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Sunday is my favourite brunch place in the whole of London, and so when I heard they were bringing out a cookbook I couldn't wait to get stuck into it. Of course, It's every bit as good as I expected.
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Really loved this so much. First of all the cover. I mean come on in. I’m a sucker for brunch and I’ve loved trying these all out!!
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We love Brunch in my house.  Once this quarantine is over I look forward to having many brunches and using so many of the delicious looking recipes and tips in this beautiful book!
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A cracking cookbook chock full of all the recipes you need to rustle up the best brunch ever.. The recipes are well written and the photography is beautiful. Thank you!
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Let's just say I want to cook all the recipes in this book. Scratch that! I want to eat them all and have a personal chef who treats me with a different brunch recipe daily. 

Fun aside, I love how these recipes were written and how well the techniques were explained. The pictures were gorgeous and the food looked delicious. I think I dog-eared every single page of this cookbook.
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An interesting cookery book on making brunch for yourself from recipes the authors use in their London cafe.

Definitely some interesting recipes in here, which are split into seven chapters:
- eggs
- toast
- waffles, pancakes & fritters
- specialities
- baking
- jams
- drinks

I'd certainly like to try the buttermilk pancakes and the honeycomb butter; both look yummy.

The recipes look easy to follow, though some recipes require you to use other recipes from the book to make the whole dish.  The measurements are in both imperial and metric and comes with plenty of colour photography.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.
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Paging through Alan Turner and Terence Williamson’s Brunch the Sunday Way is an absolute pleasure. Filled with incredible pictures of a sampling of the delicious meals this team provides, it’s a treat for the eyes and had me itching to prepare some of these amazing things!

I enjoyed the authors’ witty explanation of how their restaurant evolved to specializing in Brunch (with a capital “B”). As a New York City resident I can relate to the customers who flock to Sunday to indulge in specialty brunch treats. Brunch is more than just the food served, it’s a social experience and a chance to gather with friends, or just snuggle up with something to read and a great meal.

While some of the ingredients were just too British to appeal on a daily basis, many of them would be a blast to prepare for a special occasion. Many of the recipes are complex, but the information is great to have in one’s wheelhouse, and serves as inspiration for meals I can make at home.
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Brunch is my favourite part of the day and this book was a delight. Even without taking into account the recipes, the book is stunning. I love the layout and the photography, and the meals themselves are amazing. Some of them are certainly more approachable than others - some of the recipes require quite a bit of prep time which is probably not realistic for most people. However as a book to leaf through for brunch inspo this definitely ticks all the boxes.
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After reviewing a number of keto/diet books in a row, this was a refreshing change of pace. Brunch the Sunday Way is a celebration of all things breakfast and brunch. Eggs! Bacon! Toast! I have never been to Sunday, the namesake restaurant, but from the photos and recipes I really feel like I would know what to expect--clean, lots of natural light, and slightly elevated brunch recipes. Everything looks delicious, from salt beef and potato pancakes to son-in-law eggs.
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I was excited to get this book.  I do not live in London and have not heard about the brunches served at the Sunday Café, but recently late morning brunches have become a wonderful way to share time with family and friends and I was delighted to find new recipes.   
I have read some criticism of the recipes in this book that they are way too complicated and take too much time; for me that is not an issue. I love the idea of serving different combinations and challenging the idea of a brunch being more than an extension of a familiar breakfast routine. The comment in the introduction: “focus on doing the classics well, with a modern twist” is an apt description of most of the recipes.   They are varied and certainly do have many ingredients, but almost all of them have components that can be prepared in advance; you could also choose to leave out some of the accompaniments if time was a constraint. 
So how did my recipe testing fare?  My first trial was a real disappointment; I made the Smoked Haddock Rarebit. 100ml of milk with a roux of 25g flour and 25g butter was way too thick. The recipe also says “scatter over the remaining cheese” yet never says to reserve any of the cheese for this. These may be minor errors (add more milk, take out more grated cheese from the fridge) but it does make you worry whether there are other problems in the recipes.
I persevered and was glad I did. English breakfast baked eggs worked well.  I could prepare everything in advance and it was a novel way to serve traditional fare.  The mushrooms and spinach on sourdough toast were not wildly exciting to the palate, but the white bean puree added interesting texture and flavour.
Finally I tried the chicken, bacon jam and cheddar toasted sandwich which was really tasty but 2 free range chicken breasts were way too much for 2 sandwiches, even though I was using a large sourdough loaf to make the sandwiches.
I find it difficult to rate this book. I loved the bacon jam and chilli jam! There are some great ideas which mean it is a book I would keep on my bookshelf, but the issues I had with some of the recipes do not enable me to give it as high a rating as it might deserve.
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By the co-proprietors of the Sunday cafe and restaurant in Islington, where queues form for brunch. This is surely a book for an indulgent foodie with time to spare. It is also a showcase for Sunday.

The book is divided into seven sections: eggs; toast; waffles, pancakes and fritters; Sunday specialities; baking; jams; and drinks.

Recipes include dishes such as salt cod potato Benedict with poached eggs and Hollandaise,  and buttermilk waffles with cured salmon and wasabi cream cheese...Dishes typically take about an hour to prepare. Ingredients lists are longish, high quality and pretty exotic. Some dishes call for ingredients specified by other recipes in the book, e.g. bacon jam. Recipes are well described and achievable.

The book is very well produced, with plenty of photos, including ones of each finished dish. It's certainly a book to be looked at.

I hesitated when rating. I suspect this book will be more looked at than cooked from. However, for an indulgent special brunch, then with advance planning on ingredients, it certainly seems well within the scope of the enthusiastic cook.
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Beautiful coffee-table book with incredible pictures. The recipes are quite intricate and complex, so they may not be realistic to the average chef (i.e. me),  but the book is stunning nonetheless!
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Brunch the Sunday Way by Alan Turner is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late March.

There's a broad use of Courier font to head a chapter, bright pops of magenta, cyan, and yellow, and extensive, no-doubt paragraphs worth of recipe instruction for basic brunch/breakfast items, plus baked goods, jams, and drinks. Recipe #1 is a ‘twice-cooked’ poached egg, fried in panko? Say no more, I am in. There's a big use of fresh textures and flavors from veg (particularly avocado and tomatoes), spice, and herbs, plus waffles, pancakes, and toasted sandwiches being used as a blank canvas for a brunch chef to work with in sweet and savory ways.
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I’ve been searching to buy the perfect Brunch cooking book for a while and this is the reasons I wanted to read this book when I saw it on Netgalley.

I have a bit of a passion to search for the best brunch spots while I am on Holiday, which goes very well with my passion for coffee. My husband and I did barista and coffee appreciation courses so we do have a bit of knowledge on the subject. As you can imagine, I was intrigued by a new recipe book written by a popular Brunch Spot in London, which happens to be my favorite city. Unfortunately I do not know this restaurant as I’ve never been to that corner of the city. My loss, it seems.

The book is wonderful. The recipes make my mouth water and the pictures are amazing, complementing the deliciously sounding food. 

The book is perfect for brunch aficionados who have some time on their hands and are seasoned cooks. Unfortunately, I lack both the time and the knowledge to make full use of this book. Why I am saying that? Many of the recipes use some ingredients that also need to be prepared in advance. So there are recipes inside recipes. When you have a recipe that needs another 2 or three other ingredients that are not readily available it takes time and effort to get the food ready. The book is probably also useful for other similar establishments who need a bit on inspiration.

I loved reading the book and I hope to try a few of the easier recipes because they sound so delicious.
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After perusing through Brunch the Sunday Way, by chefs and business partners, Alan Turner and Terrence Williamson, it has become a priority to get back to London and eat at one of the most popular brunch restaurants in the area called Sunday. Of course everyone can’t just run to London to savor all of the incredible dishes served at Sunday, so picking up a copy of this beautiful cookbook is a great alternative. This cookbook has incredible photographs of most of the dishes, and just by looking at them, readers will see the genius in the chefs and their innovative dishes. Sometimes chefs get a little carried away and come up with dishes that nobody would really want to eat, let alone prepare at home. That is not the case here. This pair has used imagination to create beautiful dishes with appeal.

Even though some of the dishes are time consuming, they are doable and the instructions are easy-to-follow. The finished product is what counts, and everything tried so far has turned out picture perfect. Some of the best dishes in the book include Pulled Pork on Waffle Benedict (fairly straightforward and ooh so good), an excellent version of granola, Salmon Kedgeree (a beloved English dish worth making outside of the UK), and a fabulous Steak with Sweet Potato Hash, Fried Eggs and Chimichurri. Included are some vegetarian dishes, and dishes using some of the trendy grains. An unexpected favorite turned out to be Crispy Spring Onion Pancakes, which are addicting.

There is something for everyone here, including pancakes and waffles, which turn out light, fluffy, and beautiful. It’s always fun to own a cookbook with recipes from favorite restaurants to make at home, and this one is definitely worth having.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.
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This was a lovely cookbook with some beautiful recipes! I highly recommend for anyone who likes to host brunch or those who enjoy cooking! A wonderful assortment of recipes, from eggs to toasts to sweet desserts! 

Thank you, Quarto Publishing Group and NetGalley, for a digital ARC!
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Excellent book if you want to cook a fancy brunch at home. The authors cover all of their famous recipes from the Sunday Cafe in London. There are options for all tastes from the meat-eaters to the vegetarians and vegans and even some gluten-free choices which made this celiac very happy. Special chapters on eggs, breads and condiments.
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