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I have always had an interest in Japanese cuisine so I was very excited to get my hands on this cookbook! I found the recipes to be diverse and easy to follow, I especially loved the step-by-step photos (I wish more cookbooks had this!). The translations were at times not the best, but thanks to the photos and the very detailed recipes, we were able to cook delicious meals ever time!
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I love Japanese food but I've always viewed the cuisine as intricate, something that only people with an in depth understanding of the Japanese culture could make. Well, this book begged to differ! I find it delightfully easy to understand and achievable, even for the likes of me who has never tried their hand at this.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Media Do International, Inc. (Shinsei Publishing) for providing this ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.
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Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange of my honest opinion.

This is a 4.5 cookbook - I am not giving it 5 solely because it could be a tiny bit more aesthetically pleasing, but as a cookbook it has everything you need: a good picture of the final recipe, step by step instructions and pictures, tips and tricks and it's written in both Japanese and English - which means it might help you learn one of the two languages :D. 

Very cool cookbook - it is full of traditional and modern Japanese recipes.
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Unfortunately, it's hard for me to review this book because the digital copy that was sent was formatted in such a way that the images and text were not lining up.
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JAPANESE COOKING RECIPES is for the home chef who wants to learn more about Japanese cooking--and not just the how-to of making specific dishes. The text is in both English and Japanese, which is distracting at first, but one gets used to it.

I always try to cook multiple dishes in a cookbook before I review it, but I was only able to do one in this before my access expired; however, I reviewed quite a few before selecting the one I cooked (Ginger Pork). The reason I'm giving the book three stars is because of the ingredients and the directions provided. For example, the amount of ginger specified for the ginger pork recipe was a half a knob--which is a pretty broad range--and the fact that the temperature for cooking the dish wasn't specified. Did I manage to cook the recipe? Yes, and it was tasty (though it could have used more ginger!), but I'm an experienced cook of dishes with Asian flavors. I wouldn't give this cookbook to someone who is just starting their cooking adventure.

One definite positive of the book was the explanation of what could go wrong and why for different dishes. That's a very handy feature, and useful for recipes beyond the ones in this book.

My thanks to NetGalley for access to the ebook in exchange for my honest review.
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I want to thank netgalley for allowing me to review and blessing me with a Eversion of the book. From beginning to end I enjoyed every word and recipe it had to offer. As a beginner in the kitchen and a lover of Japanese culture I couldn't have had a better time learning from all the recipes the book had to offer. 
This useful cooking guide introduces basic Japanese recipes which you may want to try cooking. Each recipe is accompanied by more than 20 step-by-step photos and useful tips.
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What a lovely book. Full of delicious looking recipes and beautiful pictures. Step by step photographic  and text instructions in both English and Japanese. We learn about equipment needed and how to use it. We learn how to fillet fish, how to make stocks, how to cook rice, ingredients used and how to prepare them, how to make garnishes.

A very nice book - very useful and very user friendly.

Thank you for sending me this ARC.
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This was a great cookbook for cooks who were not very familiar with Japanese recipes.  There are discussions of  basic skills like chopping and descriptions of Japanese ingredients.  The recipes were authentic Japanese, which can be a little different from some of the foods we find in the US.  4 stars.

Thanks to Media Do International, Inc., Shinsei Publishing and NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Many thanks to the author, publishers and Netgalley for a free ARC of this ebook.
Despite numerous attempts on various devices I was unable to download this book. 
I am therefore unable to comment further. I will continue to try to download it and will provide a full review when I succeed.
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Japanese Cooking Recipes gives an extensive look about the art of Japanese Cooking, along with recipes to create a full Japanese feast. This cookbook is about more than just cooking, it's about the culture of prepping and dining. Kawakami also uses the cookbook as a way of learning English or Japanese. Every page has both translations, allowing you to learn the language while you cook. With step by step pictures, and easy to understand directions, I cannot wait to make a full feast for my family, with all our favorites. Chicken karaage, here we come!
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Pleasantly surprised with the level of detail in this cookbook! It begins with the essentials, choosing good kitchenware, how to properly sharpen a knife and how to best cut vegetables. The recipes are great too, I downloaded the book this morning and instantly felt inspired to whip up the mixed vegetables which came out great! I'm excited to make some sushi next. The recipes are easy to follow and include wonderful photos to walk you through each step. I'd highly recommend this to anyone just starting out in cooking as it truly holds your hand throughout and the dishes are great!
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It’s great to see a cookbook that makes it as easy as can be for beginners. However, as an accurate Japanese cookbook, you’ll most likely need to purchase some of the ingredients from specialized shops, but it depends on where you live. The extra tips that accompany each recipe are quite useful (like when telling you not to fan and mix the sushi rice at the same time). A must-have for those interested in real, everyday-life Japanese cuisine and culture. Looking forward to more books like this one. It would be awesome if Kawakami Fumiyo’s next book would have this same format and focus on bread and desserts from Japan! I’m drooling just thinking about it.

About the contents:

The first part of the book has very detailed explanations and images about essential cooking utensils and techniques. There’s more than 20 pages dedicated to knives, sharpening, and cutting vegetables and fish. Soup stock and rice cooking are the first recipes to appear, followed by ingredient measuring, cooking methods (simmer, grill, steam, etc), Japanese ingredients, seasonings, etc. Specially liked the extended explanations about the different kinds of miso around Japan as well as soy and sugar varieties. Attention is also paid to the importance of tableware in Japanese cooking as well as decorative cutting, garnishing and seasonal dishes. Last but not least, chopsticks, Japanese tea etiquette and the balance of meals according to their taste, color, and cooking method.

The next 4 parts of the book consist of recipes divided as ‘main dishes’, ‘western and Chinese dishes’, ‘side dishes’ and ‘rice and soup and pickles’. Each recipe has step by step instructions, pictures for every step and instructions in both Japanese and English. I was really happy to see many popular recipes like sukiyaki, tonkatsu and omuraisu but also many others which were new to me, for example: chawanmushi (steamed egg hotchpotch) or red miso soup with clams. Yummm.
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Fumiyo Kawakami's Japanese Cooking Recipes is geared towards both Japanese and English audiences.  It provides the home cook with a grounding in Japanese cooking from the ingredients to Japanese knife techniques to authentic recipes.  The recipes include dishes that fall under "home cooking" - the food that would be eaten on a regular basis such as beef bowls, pickled plums, rice balls, etc.  Kawakami includes a generous number of vegetable, vegetarian and vegan recipes which prove both tasty and not intimidatingly complicated.  This is a great book for someone like me who loves Japanese food but doesn't have the time to make elaborate meals.
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Preparing real Japanese food is fairly elusive in the US, but Fumiyo Kawakami, in her cookbook, Japanese Cooking Recipes explains and shows would be Japanese cooking aficionados just how to prepare Japanese dishes correctly. It’s a fun cookbook to read, and it will help anyone with some new kitchen skills.

One of the most impressive things about this cookbook is that there are fabulous helpful basics such as how to use a knife and how to chop vegetables in the Japanese way. These are illustrated perfectly so that everyone, whether beginning or experienced in the kitchen, can successfully use these skills in their kitchen. There are chapters on ingredients, Japanese cooking methods, and even how to hold chopsticks and the etiquette associated with them to name a few.

The recipes include appetizers, side dishes, main dishes, a few Chinese dishes, and even a primer on sushi with several different mouthwatering varieties. While the recipes are written a bit differently than most of us are used to, there are beautiful photographs of each step of the preparation, as well as written instructions. This is very helpful, and it’s nice to know that these are authentic Japanese dishes that you could actually order in a restaurant in Japan.

One thing to remember is that to successfully produce these recipes, a trip to a good Asian market to pick up the unfamiliar ingredients. 

This is the real deal; everything is written in both Japanese and English, which adds to the charm, but all told, this cookbook is Awesome! Anyone who wants to cook Japanese will want to add this cookbook to their collection.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.
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I am Japanese-American and love to connect with my culture through cooking. These recipes are reminiscent of family meals as a kid and some are new to me! I can't wait to cook through this book.
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What a great book with detailed pictures of techniques, recipes and everything you need to make this Japanese recipes into a success. The cover did not do any justice to what is in this book. Worth every send if you want to cook something different.
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I'm glad to have been able to review this cookbook because Japanese Cuisine is my absolute favourite.

Japanese Cooking Recipes by Kawakami Fumiko is a great resource for anyone who's interested in Japanese cuisine and culture. Some recipe books go just compile into several pages the basic tools and ingredients one might need to cook food from a certain type of cuisine, but Ms. Kawakami goes above and beyond that. Aside from the normal tools and equipment, and basic ingredients, she also includes a chapter on step-by-step (photos included) procedures for basic cooking skills. You could tell this was aimed for beginners since cooking rice is included in the basic skills chapter of the book. The book is in both Japanese and English languages, for anyone who's looking to improve their language skills. 

Aside from that, she also includes a chapter on learning basic japanese seasonings, seasonal fruits, miso from different regions, and Japanese etiquette on eating. Oh and there's tableware and a chapter on tea, too! This book covers every thing you need to know about Japanese cuisine.

I'm definitely inspired to try out several recipes from this book pretty soon. And I am confident that this book will enable me to produce delicious meals.
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This is a brilliant bilingual cookbook with a great range of Japanese recipes.

The recipes have detailed step-by-step instructions with photos to go with each step. 

There is a great sections at the beginning of the book about chopping methods, useful equipment, Japanese plates etc which was really interesting too. 

The loss of one star... is only a personal one - I am a vegetarian and whilst there were vegetarian dishes, I would have liked there to be a "make it vegetarian" style section for meat recipes so that they could easily be adapted. Having said that, the meat Goyza recipe looks amazing and I will be adapting the filling to make them vegetarian and I can't wait to try making some!!
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Everything you need to know Japanese cooking!!! This cookbook is an amazing resource for Japanese cooking with easy to follow recipes. I am so impressed with the details in both preparation but in tools and actual recipe preparations. This is a must have reference guide for both basic and more complex Japanese food preparation. I highly recommend it!

I received this book from NetGalley and Media Do International Inc. for an honest review.
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I'm a huge fan of Japanese food and this is utterly wonderful. There's something for every proficiency level, from beginners to the more advanced cook. Great recipes and pictures to illustrate. 5 stars!
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